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And to the last Anon poster.. I’m pretty sure you have never seen either of these three guys fight if you think that Wilder will beat both Fury and Price. Deontay Wilder has fed upon bums for his entire professional career. In Wilder’s last outing he beat some absolute turd (Manswell) and looked unskilled doing it and then called out the Klitschkos. He told them dont run or dont hide or something… I felt embarrassed for him. When someone actually gets into the ring with power and some talent and taps that chin with any force.. he’s gonna be shell shocked from all the “all you can eat bum buffet” he’s been dining on.

Posted December 1, 2012 8:06 pm 


Johnson goes into spoiling mode when he see’s he is outclassed and starts stinking up the fight. He did that against Vitali too. What do you do when the other guy is just there to survive and is really good at it.

Posted December 1, 2012 8:04 pm 


Johnson offered less than a sparring partner to Fury. That was pathetic and proves nothing.

Posted December 1, 2012 7:58 pm 


This fight is meaningless. Fury is nothing special and Johnson is old. Classis case of a never has been fighting a never will be. Fury is delusional if he thinks he could beat Wlad. The reality is that both Fury and Price are overrated and only popular because of the British boxing media. Deontay Wilder mops the floor with either one of these stiffs from across the pond.

Posted December 1, 2012 6:58 pm 


The thing that made this fight was Johnson’s performance against Tor Hammer in “Prizefighter” … Did Johnson can that fight to lure in a big name heavyweight? That kind of thing has been done before when guys have a very hard time cracking the top ranks. Look terrible in one fight so you can get a bigger one.

Or maybe Johnson has slowed down a ton and that was the real KJ.

Posted December 1, 2012 6:48 pm 


This is a good fight, interesting.

Posted December 1, 2012 6:25 pm 



Posted December 1, 2012 6:20 pm 

Round 1

I think Johnson could be to clever for Fury, points either fighter.

Posted December 1, 2012 6:13 pm 


Chris eubank v pryce is on now. Just after ten

Posted December 1, 2012 5:30 pm 


when is this fight happening, thought it was supposed to start half an hour ago

Posted December 1, 2012 5:29 pm 



Posted December 1, 2012 5:25 pm 


Guys the winner fights the winner between arreole and stivernr for the shot at vitali. This has been announced all week. We know what happens for the winner

Posted December 1, 2012 5:23 pm 


Fury is much better then this writer gives him credit for. He’ll wreck Price and does have good power. He rattled Chisora, which besides for Haye no one else has done. His chin is above average, but not a rock and he moves well for his size. I he is young and I think he needs to get a bit more experience, but he did start out fighting decent clubfighters from the get go which most fighters don’t until their 10th or so fight so he does have a bit more experience then his 19-0 record would indicate.

Posted December 1, 2012 5:08 pm 


Johnson is hilariously dumb. Pretty sure fury wins this

Posted December 1, 2012 5:01 pm 


Be careful what you wish for!

Posted December 1, 2012 4:57 pm 


If Fury wins tonight I hope he stays away from the k-bros. He should look at the big picture and not jump the gun.

Posted December 1, 2012 4:26 pm 


and after loosing to one of the Kbros, it’s over and he retires with a bloody face and a mountain of dough …. not bad for twentysomething years of age.

Posted December 1, 2012 4:18 pm 

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Tyson Fury faces Kevin Johnson tonight; wants one of the Klitschkos next

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