Daniel Edouard learns boxing the Old Fashioned Boxing

30.11.04 - By Coach Tim - American based boxers don’t like traveling abroad to fight. The perception of questionable decisions and anti-American crowds leads fighters to believe that the deck is stacked against them. Whether it is perceived hostility or not, bouts frequently end in decisions that favor home town fighters. It happens abroad and it happens in the states. Still there maybe just enough room for Daniel “The Haitian Sensation” Edouard, the current USBA and WBA Fedacentro Middleweight Champion, to slip in under the home town radar and get a fair shake.

On August 27, 2004 Edouard knocked out the highly favored Willie “The Gladiator” Gibbs on his way to stirring up fight of the year buzz, winning the vacant USBA middleweight title, and tossing himself firmly into the middle weight mix. He’s no stranger to fight of the year honors having previously received middleweight fight of the year acclaim for his 2003 bout with Miguel Espino. continue

Krasniqi and Hoffmann fighting for heavyweight world title shot

30.11.04 - Berlin – It will be the moment of truth for two German heavyweights on Saturday, Dec. 4. When European champion Luan Krasniqi is defending his title against Timo Hoffmann at Estrel Convention Center in Berlin the winner is hoping for a world title shot in 2005. "If Luan wins on Saturday he will move up the rankings of the sanctioning bodies. This could get him a world title shot in the near future”, promoter Klaus-Peter Kohl said. continue

The taste of blood is still fresh as Green lays in wait for Beyer

30.11.04 - By Eddy Manning: Danny Green may be better than most at playing the waiting game these days, it has been almost 16 months since Green travelled to Germany for what would go down as one of the worst and most controversially disputed decisions in recent years. Challenging for the WBC Super middleweight title against hometown hero Markus Beyer, Green came in as an underdog and belted to Markus Beyer what nobody had ever before. What resulted was a 5th Round disqualification victory for Beyer and an angry Danny Green searching for answers.

After demoralising belting including two knockdowns and a near stoppage, Danny Green was still leaving Germany empty handed. It was such a beating that Green gave Beyer that after the fight Beyer played with the thought of taking a year of boxing. For Green this would not have mattered in the slightest as it has been well over that since Green was smeared with the blood of the German champion. continue

Froch gets behind gun amnesty

30.11.04 - Nottingham’s British and Commonwealth super middleweight champion Carl Froch has got behind a gun amnesty in his hometown that follows the tragic shooting and death of local girl Danielle Beccan on October 9th. continue

Erik Morales - Living in the Shadow

30.11.04 - By Shane Rhinewald: We have all heard the story before. The destitute youth, lonely orphan, and impoverished outcast rise up against incredible odds to generate incredible wealth, wield unimaginable powers, and take revenge upon those that ridiculed them. Oliver Twist proved the value of perseverance in overcoming his upbringing and Cinderella upstaged her evil stepsisters. The fairytale story of Erik Morales and Marco Antonio Barrera, however, does not end so simply.

Morales, born in the ghettoes of Tijuana Mexico, has managed to amass wealth and fame throughout an illustrious eleven year career, but he has never vanquished his version of an evil stepsister in Barrera. Barrera, born into a middleclass family in Mexico City, lived a privileged life compared to Morales. For him, boxing was never do or die. He never had to sleep in a shoddy apartment or train in the grime of a Tijuana gym. Instead, Barrera lived a city life that Morales, living in the fringes of Mexico, could only have dreamed of. continue

Thirlwall to make up for lost time

30.11.04 - Former ABA champion Matthew Thirlwall has set his sights on a big 2005 following several recent, unjust, setbacks. The bad times started for the 24-year-old in September when he lost a scandalous points decision to Walsall’s Jason Collins. He vowed bounce back with a win, only for his November comeback opponent Michael Monaghan to withdraw on the day of the fight. continue

Sharkie's Machine: Barrera Vs. Morales Part III

11.29.04 - By Frank Gonzalez Jr. - Saturday night at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Marco Antonio Barrera brought his 58-4-0-41 KO's record into the ring to face him ultimate nemesis, Erik Morales (47-1-0-34 KO's) for a third time. The sole loss on Erik's record is compliments of Barrera, who came with four losses on his own record, one-compliments of Morales.

The fight was on HBO's PPV and many fans, young, old or struggling financially couldn't afford to pay $50 to see their favorite fighters go at it so I'll do my best to give an accurate and unbiased account of what transpired in the main event.

These guys made each other famous with their two historic battles in 2000 and again in 2002, where each won a controversial decision over the other. This third fight would break the tie and name the better fighter-for the moment anyway. Morales and Barrera are NOT friends. In fact, they do not like each other one bit. And unlike so many hyped up "Bad Blood" fight promotions; their disdain for each other is sincere. continue

Fawaz Nasir Returns To Action December 11 In Germany

29.11.04 - Undefeated Danish middleweight prospect Fawaz Nasir (6-0, 3 KOs) returns to the ring, ending a one-year lay-off, on December 11 at the Lausitz Arena in Cottbus, Germany on a SES Boxing promotion headlined by the Robert Stieglitz vs Alexander Zaitsev IBF Intercontinental supermiddleweight showdown. continue

Klitschko Has More on His Mind than Boxing

11.29.04 - By Umar ben-Ivan Lee: When Vitali Klitschko steps into the ring December 11th to face the man from Brixton, London, Danny Williams, he will have more on his mind than defending the most prestigious title in all of sports.

"I was very close to canceling the fight, but we want to bring the message in my fight to the world about what is going on in Ukraine," Vitali told AP writer Tam Dahlberg. Recently both brothers met with a number of local New York boxing writers wearing the orange colors of Ukrainian Presidential candidate Viktor Yushchenko.This was before the Ukrainian Presidential election in which Viktor Yanukovych allegedly defeated the liberal democrat Yushchenko. continue

Guinn, Liakhovich, Juarez Conference Quotes

29.11.04 - ATLANTIC CITY, NJ, Bally's Atlantic City, in association with Main Events, will present a sensational fight card highlighted by featherweights Rocky Juarez vs. Guty Espadas and heavyweights Dominick Guinn vs. Serguei Lyakhovich. The evening of live boxing, which will be televised nationally on ESPN2's "Friday Night Fights: Main Events Special," will take place in Bally's Atlantic City's Main Ballroom located on the sixth floor on Friday, December 3. continue

Erik Morales – A Psychological Breakdown

11.29.04 - By Matthew Hurley: His defiant, unsportsmanlike reaction should not have been unexpected. Marco Antonio Barrera attempted to shake hands with Erik Morales after defeating him by a majority decision but Morales would have none of it. To the end, “El Terrible” would continue to hate his nemesis and everything he represents until the day he dies. Such is the divisive line that separates their stations in life. Put simply, Morales hates Barrera because he embodies everything Erik has never had.

There they were, their greatness as fighters already established, their rivalry distinguished in the win column by, perhaps, two or three rounds out of thirty-six – and still Erik seethed. It wasn’t a humbling experience for Erik that he lost the third match in their wonderful trilogy, it was a colossal kick in the balls and he simply could not accept it. He was supposed to win. In his heart, he felt he was fighting for the underprivileged of his country. continue

Lacy/Sheika Showtime Conf. Call Quotes

11.29.04 - Six fighters with a combined 185 professional boxing victories and 148 knockouts will fight for three title belts on SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING Saturday, Dec. 4, at 9 p.m. ET/PT (delayed on West Coast) from Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. In the main event, former World Boxing Association (WBA) Super Featherweight Champion Joel Casamayor (31-2, 19 KOs) will attempt to win his second world title when he steps up in weight to challenge two-time World Boxing Council (WBC) Lightweight Champion Jose Luis Castillo (50-6-1, 45 KO) continue

Barrera One Ups Morales In Rubber Match

11.28.04 - By Frank Lotierzo - - Thank you Marco Antonio Barrera and Erik Morales. Thank you for three outstanding/great fights, in a trilogy that will go down as one of boxing's best and most fierce rivalries. Three times in the last four years Erik Morales and Marco Antonio Barrera have fought for the championship of each other. And in all three fights a world title was at stake, not to mention bragging rights as the best Mexican fighter of the era. Which in the case of these two future hall-of-famers, the WBC title may have been just icing on the cake.

In the Barrera-Morales trilogy, boxing history acquired 36 rounds of wealth over the course of three fights. All three fights were fought at the next higher weight, and in each fight both fighters fought every minute of every round. It's fights and match ups like Barrera-Morales why boxing has a core group of fans that will always exist. And it's also why, myself included, boxing fans will endure a lousy under card and sometimes a terrible main event. Because you never know when you'll get the next Toney-Jirov or Gatti-Ward I. Although in fairness to Barrera and Morales, we knew based off the body of work they've put together during their careers and against each other that they would deliver a spectacular fight. continue

Daniel Cadman: Slick to stick

11.28.04 - For the time being at least, rising middleweight star Daniel Cadman will be keeping the nickname ‘Mr Slick’ following a poll conducted by his local newspaper the Cheshunt Mercury. Readers were asked whether the moniker – recommended by the Hennessy Sports promotional team - should stay or go ahead of Cadman’s win on the Hennessy Sports ‘Born To Do It’ promotion at the Wembley Conference Centre on November 12th. continue


11.28.04 - By Wray Edwards: The English language is rich in adjectives and superlatives, but even attempting to use the best of them somehow seems a futile quest when reporting the conclusion of this great rivalry. Marco Barrera stood in and laid waste to the dour predictions of his many detractors. Shaking off any negative effects that might have accrued from his loss to Manny Pacquiao, and leaping over Ayala, Barrera landed squarely on his feet in front of his gateway to victorious destiny: Erik Morales.

All he had to do was solve the puzzle of Morales’ great skills; to unlock this last barrier, and swing wide the gates to his new and expanding career horizons. The pre-fight “wisdom” was that Ayala was no challenge, that the Pac Man’s victory might have started him downhill, that his brave step up to Jr. Lightweight was ill advised, and that Erik’s youth by two years were all signs and signals of approaching doom. Sometimes, if you squint your eyes, you can almost see a family resemblance between Barrera and Kostya Tszyu. continue

World champ Jose Rivera eyes De La Hoya’s return to welterweight

WORCESTER, Mass. (November 29, 2004) – World Boxing Association welterweight champion “El Gallo” Jose Antonio Rivera’s (37-3-1, 24 KOs) is optimistic about the news that the “Golden Boy” – Oscar De La Hoya – will soon return to the 147-pound welterweight division. continue

Barrera Defeats Morales and History Records Him as the Better Fighter

11.28.04 - By Umar ben-Ivan Lee: Most of the boxing world believed that Marco Antonio Barrera was a shot fighter after his eleven-round beating at the hands of Manny Pacquiao in San Antonio last year. Scoring big wins over Jesus Chavez and Carlos Hernandez this year it appeared that Erik Morales was on his way up as one of boxings pound for pound best and Barrera had seen better days.

For financial reasons, the third fight was signed, Oscar De La Hoya and Bob Arum saw the economic potential in a rubber-match between the two gladiators who both owned one victory respectively. Fight fans were eager to see the completion of this trilogy, the Mexican equivalent to Gatti-Ward with fighters of ten times the talent-level. continue

Return of the King :: Barrera deteats Morales in climax of their Historic Trilogy :: Larios retains Crown with Win Over Hussein

It was a night to remember last Saturday at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas as Marco Antonio Barrera and Erik Morales concluded their historic trilogy before a packed house that cheered wildly with every punch thrown by these two Mexican greats. When the smoke had cleared, it was Mexico City’s Barrera who emerged victorious with a well-deserved 12 round decision, earning “The Baby Faced Assassin” a world title in his third weight class, this time at 130 pounds. continue

A Big Finish for Women's Boxing

11.27.04 - By Bernie McCoy: The announcement of a bout scheduled for early December has given the sport of Women's boxing a chance to finish the year on a high note. On December 10 at the Foxwoods Resorts in Connecticut, Englishwoman Jane Couch will defend her IWBF Light Welterweight title in a return bout with Jaime Clampitt.

This bout comes at a time when the sport has lingered in a state of almost self-imposed malaise. "Self imposed" since the sport continues to experience a series of mismatches and manipulations by top-ranked fighters seemingly intent on studiously avoiding climbing into the ring with the other top fighters in their weight divisions. The result has been a surfeit of glorified sparring sessions being masqueraded as championship fights, boxers fighting twice within a week or ten days against overmatched opponents and fighters continually matched against the same opponent twice and sometimes three bouts in succession. The Couch/Clampitt bout, if history is any indication, has a good chance of providing a welcome respite to this trend. continue


11.27.04 - By Wray Edwards: HBO’s unlisted replay of the first two fights between Mexico City’s Antonio Barrera and Tijuana’s Erik Morales was an invaluable prelude to tonight’s Mexican mayhem. Since both fighters are from the same country, there is no nationalistic or even ethnic dynamic in this final contest between the two great boxers. There are, however, two differences between them – one small and the other quite large. The often mentioned difference in social origins is incidental and insignificant. continue

Vitali Klitschko vs. Danny Williams: Another blowout for Klitschko?

11.26.04 - By Chris Ambs: WBC heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko (34-2, 33 KOs), will be defending his title against British heavyweight Danny Williams on December 11th, 2004. In his last fight, Danny Williams (32-3, 27 KOs), of London, England, made things interesting when he survived the early assault from Mike Tyson to come from behind and knock him out in the 4th round on July 31, 2004. Something almost nobody gave Williams a shot at accomplishing, considering his history of choking in big fights. The odds might not have been 27-1, but Williams was in Buster Douglas’s Shoes, none the less. The fight ended after Williams landed 25 unanswered bombs and finally put a tired, and injured Tyson on the canvas with one of them.

It wasn’t the first time it had happened to Tyson, but it was special for Williams, none the less, as his career had been unremarkable up to the moment of his knockout victory. Before his bout with Tyson, Williams had recently been defeated by British heavyweight Michael Sprott on January 24, 2004, in Wembley, England. Often called a talented but lazy fighter in the past, Williams says his critics got it wrong. continue

Lacy & Birmingham Arrive in Las Vegas TODAY for World Title Defense

LAS VEGAS, NV (November 28, 2004) “ He was the first member of the 2000 U.S. Olympic team to win a world title and now undefeated IBF super middleweight champion JEFF "LEFT HOOK" LACY will become the first member of that same Olympic team to defend a world title “ all within an eight-week span! Lacy and his trainer, Dan Birmingham, are scheduled to arrive in Las Vegas Today! as they conclude their final week of preparation. continue

Felix Sturm faces ex champ Cherifi on Dec. 4

11.26.04 - Berlin– 448 days after capturing the WBO middleweight world title Felix Sturm returns to the place of biggest victory: The Estrel Convention Center of Berlin where he entered the ring as a late substitute in September 2003 and beat reigning 160 lb. champion Hector Velaczo by split decision over twelve rounds.. continue

Sycuan Hosts Vazquez World Title Fight Dec 28

11.26.04 - International Boxing Federation Association junior featherweight champion Israel Vasquez defends his title under the Sycuan Ringside Promotions banner for the first time when he meets undefeated and No. 1-ranked contender Art Simonyan Tuesday, Dec. 28, at the Sycuan Resort & Casino in El Cajon, Calif. continue

Rules Changes, For The Game's Sake?

11.25.04 - By Aidan Monaghan: For various reasons, boxing isn't nearly what it once was, particularly of late. With the sport largely being sustained by fading stars of years past and current newcomers just not capturing the publics imagination, the last thing the sport can use is a feature championship match, on a feature card in the media capitol of the world, turning into an agonizingly boring 12 round clinch-fest. continue

Evander Holyfield - Time for him to hang up the gloves

11.25.04 - By Jim Amato: In watching the broadcast of the recent Winky Wright-Shane Mosley contest, HBO showed highlights from the recent heavyweight card that featured wins by Chris Byrd, "Rock" Rahman and John Ruiz. It also showed highlights of Larry Donald's one sided decision victory over Evander Holyfield. This fight prompted the NYSAC to level an indefinite suspension on Holyfield. HBO commentators Larry Merchant and Roy Jones Jr. praised the action of the commission. I'm not so sure.

Something needs to be done to protect the fighters. I could not agree more. I just did not feel that the NYSAC went about it in a proper manner. Even if the suspension is upheld, what is to stop Evander from boxing in a state that does not honor the ruling ? Aaron Pryor did this when he fought in Wisconson some years back. Some states are not that strongly regulated. continue


11.25.04 - The challenger for Alex Arthur's IBF Intercontinental Super-Featherweight title Nazareno Ruiz has promised to carve up the Edinburgh star ahead of their fight at the Meadowbank Sports Centre on Friday 3 December. Amazin' Alex headlines the Sports Network show with the second defence of his title against the dangerous Argentinian who is relishing the prospect of beating Arthur in his home city. continue

Freitas vs Saucedo on Dec. 11

11.25.04 - Promoter Art Pelullo/Banner Promotions will present a sensational fight card on Saturday, December 11, 2004, at Ginasio Ibirapuera in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The event will be televised live on GLOBOSAT pay-per-view in Brazil. It will also be televised live in South America and Central America, and on tape-delay throughout Europe and Asia. continue

Stephanie "The Golden Girl" Jaramillo to fight Sumya "Island Girl" Anani

11.25.04 - With one week notice, it's seems crazy for Stephanie Jaramillo to fight Sumya Anani. Anani holds WIBA, IFBA, IBA, and GBU titles. In 2003 Ring Magazine ranked her as the BEST pound-for-pound boxer. She is currently ranked number one in just about everything. The fight is scheduled for December 3, 2004 in Kansas City, MO. continue

It’s that time of year..time to give thanks

11.25.04 - By Dave Wilcox: It’s Thanksgiving time , and I’m tired of being a negative guy. So I figured November is the perfect time to put all the negatives aside and focus on the positives. Here is what I’m thankful for in Boxing. (In no particular order). continue


ERIE, PA, (November 24, 2004) -- Michael Acri, promoter for former IBF lightweight champion and current undefeated jr. welterweight contender PAUL "The Pittsburgh Kid" SPADAFORA, announced today that Spadafora is scheduled to undergo surgery, December 1, to remove two bone spurs from his left elbow. Spadafora, 38-0-1 (15 KOs), from Pittsburgh, PA, is currently world-rated No. 5 by the WBC and No. 6 by the IBF. continue

Barrera-Morales: A make or break fight for Barrera

11.24.04 - By Patrick Corcoran: Boxing fans sometimes seem to think that the story of great boxing trilogies begins and ends with Mohammad Ali and Joe Frazier. And what a great trio of brawls it was (at least, I and III were both damn good; II was in fact a bit of a snore). The two timeless greats brought out the best in each other in the ring, and the Ali-Frazier series deserves the countless number of articles and books devoted to it in the years since the Thrilla in Manila. continue

Morales vs. Barrera III:The Final Chapter Is About To Be Written

11.24.04 - By Chris Ireland - - When fighters enter the ring for a third time against their hated arch rival, a drama is created -- one that is unequaled in any other sport. For fans, watching the final chapter being written right before their eyes provides a feeling of victory regardless of the final scoring. For the fighters, a third and final fight is a defining career moment. continue


11.24.04 - Rising featherweight star KEVIN 'MIGHTY' MITCHELL has been added to Ricky Hatton's undercard at the ExCel in London Docklands on December 11. The teenage terror from Dagenham blew away Frenchman Alain Rakow in the first round last Saturday night at the York Hall - recording his fifth opening round KO in eleven starts - to confirm his place on the big night. continue

Guys Meant For Network TV

11.23.04 - By Chris Acosta: There's a lot about the sports world that has soured many fans. I loved football as a kid only to be disappointed later on when free agencies created a revolving door of opportunism and effectively eliminated the team concept. America's supposedly favorite pastime, baseball, has hung itself with strike-happy crybabies who demand ridiculous salaries as if they were saving our very lives. Meanwhile, there are troops fighting overseas in the name of (insert your suspected motive here) for a tiny fraction of what they make. I won't even go into basketball which has always received a sky-high level of fan worship that continues to puzzle me.

Boxing's troubles have always been more openly documented, largely in part because of a history rooted with links to the mob which tends to put the sport at an unfair disadvantage. There are the other political corruptions that we have just come to accept as part of the package and since we all know what those are, there's no reason to elaborate any further. There is one aspect of boxing that is equally troubling however, and while not often categorized along with the more prominent problems, does impact boxing's accessibility and future. PPV is a huge money maker, an institution that makes so much sense that it's crossed over into the nonsensical world of pro wrestling, a sport that boxing would rather not share any kind of bond with. continue

Hasim Rahman - Destined For...?

11.23.04 - By Chris Acosta: If there was ever a wildcard in the heavyweight division, it really is the man they call "The Rock". Hasim Rahman's career has had more ups and downs than an adult movie, which makes for interesting predictions. When he's motivated, he can be a threatening presence capable of buying anyone a cab to La-La Land. When he's just not "feeling it", he's a potential stepping stone for anyone with more ambition.

After dispatching Kali Meehan with a barrage of thumping power punches on Don Kings mega- heavyweight fight card two weeks ago, there was a buzz that he was back and looking better than ever and that everyone had better watch out. But by now, we should know better. It's true that Rahman has a tremendous jab and heavy right hand. It's true that he has a huge heart and underrated boxing skills. It's true that he is strong and as athletic as a big man would want to be.Now for more truths. It's true that his discipline is sketchy. It's true that his chin has this troubling knack for deciding when it wants to hold up. It's true that he lost to John Ruiz. continue

Corrie Sanders makes comeback for Universum on Jan. 15

11.23.04 - Hamburg – South African heavyweight contender Corrie Sanders will make a determined comeback to the boxing ring. "I want to become world champion again", Sanders announced, who won the WBO crown in 2003 by knocking out Wladimir Klitschko, later vacated the title and lost a WBC world title shot against Vitali Klitschko.

Sanders believes that despite being 38 years old he is still one of the most dangerous heavyweights in the world.

"People call me The Sniper. Everyone knows why. I'm faster than most other heavyweights and I land my counter punches suddenly and precisely." continue

Hatton/Oliveira: HITMAN TAKES AIM!

11.23.04 - WBU World Light-Welterweight Champion Ricky Hatton is planning a precise-punching campaign against experienced American Ray Oliveira at the ExCel in London Dockland's on December 11. The Manchester 'Hitman' is renown for his all-action attacking style that focuses on brutal body-punching but for this fight he knows he can't steam in recklessly and has to deliver accurate and devastating shots to breakdown Oliveira's watertight guard.

"I've studied plenty of video tapes of Oliveira and in each fight I have seen he has shown great defensive skills and knows how to keep his chin tucked in and his body covered up. That's why he has never been stopped in his 58-fight career," said Hatton. continue

Q & A with IBF Champ Kassim Ouma

11.22.04 - By Ike Enwereuzor - - The new IBF junior Middleweight champion Kassim "The Dream" Ouma is looking for a unification showdown with WBC/WBA champion Winky Wright or WBO champ Daniel Santos. Ouma was ringside at the Wright-Mosley rematch fight in Las Vegas to challenge the winner of Wright-Mosley. Here is what the IBF junior middleweight champ had to say... continue

With Mosley Behind Him, Wright Looks To Trinidad!

11.22.04 - By Frank Lotierzo - - After winning a majority decision in his rematch with Shane Mosley and retaining his WBA and WBC Junior Middleweight titles, Winky Wright was asked by HBO's Larry Merchant who he'd like to fight next. The two names that Wright mentioned were undisputed Middleweight Champion Bernard Hopkins and former WBC Champ Felix Trinidad. And it was Trinidad who Wright stressed the most as the fighter he would like to face next.

I remember last December at the Hopkins-Joppy triple header when I spoke to Trinidad and he said he was coming back. It was due to a brief conversation between Trinidad and Wright that prompted me to ask Trinidad if he was fighting again. continue

Roy Jones Jr.'s Square Ring & Goossen Tutor Sign Andre Ward

11.22.04 - Andre Ward captured the hearts of the United States this Summer with the sole Gold medal-winning performance at the 2004 Olympics in Athens, Greece, making him the first US Olympic Gold medal winner since 1996. Now Ward is poised to make his mark on the pro game, and Goossen Tutor Promotions and Roy Jones Jr.'s Square Ring are pleased to announce the signing of this future superstar to a promotional contract. continue

Elder vs Burton on ShoBox, Dec.17: Second, And Third Chances...

11.22.04 - By Joseph Buro: Without a doubt, the biggest attractions this year on ESPN2’s Friday Night Fights have been the lightweights. 2004 saw Edner Cherry engage in an all-out war with hard-hitting Antonio Ramirez, in which both fighters were floored over the course of a five-round TKO victory for Cherry. Juan Diaz followed up his victory over Lavka Sim with an entertaining defense of his title over contender Julian Lorcy. Ebo Elder hit the airwaves twice with a win over then unbeaten Oscar Diaz, and then brawled with spoiler Fernando Trejo before receiving the nod. continue

Kostya Tszyu: "A Very Special Win"

11.21.04 - By Kostya Tszyu: Dear Tszyu Crew, It has been two weeks since my win over Sharmba Mitchell in Phoenix and the days have just flown by. I am enjoying my holiday now with my family and reflecting on what I have achieved.

The success of this fight was not only mine, but belongs to each and every one of you in the Tszyu Crew. You are all so inspirational to me. The e-mails and faxes sent to me in the two weeks leading up to the fight, and particularly those I received on the morning of the fight, helped me so much. I read each and every one and they helped motivate me to be at my best for my return. I was flying after reading your words. I was so pleased to read your comments and they helped me believe. All of our actions come from our mind and it made me believe that I was doing the right things to succeed. continue

Wayne Alexander Wants The Wright Stuff

11.21.04 - Britain's number one light-middleweight WAYNE ALEXANDER is gunning after the world's best Ronald 'Winky' Wright following the American's victory over Shane Mosley last Saturday night. The former British and European Champion from Croydon wants a showdown with Wright to prove who is the best in the division and is confident of emerging the winner. continue

Bobby Czyz commentator for new boxing series!

11.21.04 - Hitz Boxing is pleased to announce their deal with the all-new Comcast Sportsnet Chicago, a station that reaches over five million homes in the area. Each month, Hitz Boxing will produce a two-hour show entitled “Punch TV”, which the company likes to describe as “Pro boxing with a reality twist.” Heading up the broadcast team will be three-time world champion Bobby Czyz and the undisputed king of Chicago Sports Radio, Mike North of WSCR 670 AM “The Score.” continue

Part 1 - The Top 5 British Fighters Of All Time

11.21.04 - By Phydos Sergiou: British boxing has a long history of great fights and great fighters. Indeed, John Graham Chambers under the patronage of the Eighth Marquis of Queensberry (John Sholto Douglas) wrote the first rules of boxing in 1865. Separated by water from Europe and the United States, this island nation has produced many notable fighters from among its feisty peoples. From its earliest days as a seafaring nation to the present time, the people of England have always been willing to take on all comers. This is a short list comprised of those boxers who, in my opinion, have been our greatest prize fighters. continue

2004 AAPRP Medical Conference Recap

11.21.04 - The American Association of Professional Ringside Physician’s (AAPRP) Medical Conference was held November 10-14, 2004 at the Miami Wyndham Resort in Miami Beach, Florida. Over 130 doctors, members and guests attended this year’s program on boxing safety. The conference was also attended by Middleweight Champion, Mr. Bernard Hopkins, Light Heavyweight Champion, Mr. Glencoffee Johnson, Heavyweight Contender, Mr. Joe Mesi and long time fight doctor, Dr. Ferdie Pacheco. continue

Donelson: View From the Bay in Vegas

11.21.04 - By Tom Donelson: Winky Wright beat Shane Mosley. That is the headline for Saturday night fight. But in every fight, there are opportunities missed and opportunities taken advantage of. The story of this fight shows that little things matter. Al Bernstein quipped after the fight, “Mosley left hook landed at will but he did not take full advantage.” That may have been the story. Before the fight, it was unanimous conclusion that Winky Wright would win. Or almost unanimous conclusion. continue

An Open Letter To Anthony 'The Man' Mundine

11.21.04 - Dear Anthony, Before you left for Denmark to watch the WBA title fight between Kessler and Siaca you rightly stated that your bout versus the winner of that fight would be make or break. You were absolutely right in that regard. Your scheduled fight with the Dane Mikkel Kessler will be a career defining fight for you. Win it, and the vast majority of the division will fear you, lose it badly, and your entire career will most likely be on the ropes.

I don't pretend to know your intentions for calling out Danny Green this past week, and to be honest I don't particularly care. With so much at stake in your next fight, I would have thought it made much more sense for you to focus all of your energy on Kessler, and Kessler alone. continue

Jose Luis Garcia: The forgotten Heavyweight

11.21.04 - By Jim Amato: There may have never been a more talent rich period in the heavyweight division then from 1968 to 1978. With Muhammad Ali (a.k.a. Cassius Clay) on the sidelines due to his draft case, other big men emerged. They would compete with each other on an almost equal basis for the next decade. Joe Frazier had risen to the top of the heap but the level below him would remain as mainstays in the ratings for years to come. continue

The Next Great Champ Winner to Fight in 8-Round Bout

11.21.04 - BDSSP's Fall Spectacular continues as the show celebrates Fight Week. The week kicks off as FSN and BDSSP come together to showcase the conclusion to THE NEXT GREAT CHAMP as the winner of the show, Otis Griffin (9-1) gets the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to fight in an IBO title fight. continue

Wright-Mosley II: Doing Things The Wright Way

11.20.04 - By Wray Edwards: That's why they're called Boxing Matches. When two men of equal skill and stature face each other in the Ring, and leave everything they've got right there, you see greatness. No cumulative record, no belts, no reputation, no Hall of Fame destiny means anything at all between the first and last bells. There is career "great" and fight "great." The former is often debatable, the latter much less so.

"Sugar" Shane Mosley, 33, lean, mean and under a new trainer (Joe Goosen), as his father sat with the crowd for the first time, hoped to wrest the WBC and WBA light middleweight titles from his patented foe thirty-two year-old Ronald "Winkey" Wright. Mosley, from Pomona, California was intent on avenging his loss to Wright in March of this year at the same Mandalay Bay arena where tonight's fight took place. Shane, a 13/5 underdog was working off of a rough patch in his career which boasted only one bright spot, his September 13th, 2003 UD over Oscar De La Hoya at the MGM Grand. continue

Binkowski and Bonin Headline "Thanksgiving Eve Ramada Rumble"

11.20.04 - For Midwest fight fans, it's become as much as a tradition as turkey and football, and on Wednesday, November 24, live from the Ramada Plaza Hotel in Rosemont, Hitz Boxing is pleased to present the 12th annual Thanksgiving Eve Ramada Rumble. continue

Fres Oquendo Gets Back in the Mix

11.20.04 - After watching from ringside last Saturday night in New York City's Madison Square Garden at the Don King Productions' Battle for Supremacy, "Fast" Fres Oquendo declared himself more than ready to get back in the mix towards a heavyweight world title shot. continue

Bernard Hopkins to join Oscar De La Hoya and Golden Boy Promotions!

LOS ANGELES, November 20 - The year was 1919, almost 85 years ago, when four legendary actors decided that it was time to set a new direction for the entertainment industry. Charlie Chaplin, Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks and D.W. Griffith - the biggest names in the industry at that time - formed United Artists, a move that revolutionized the movie business forever.

Today, Oscar De La Hoya and Bernard Hopkins are pleased to announce their own bold move to revolutionize the boxing industry, as the two future Hall of Famers are joining forces to resurrect the sport of boxing and give fighters a platform from which they can fulfill their dreams of becoming world champions. continue

Troy Wins Another War: Roland Upsets Mendoza

11.20.04 - By Wray Edwards: It's Friday night and "SHOWBOX" is in Detroit, Michigan for their second outing of the new season. This night Steve and the boys brought two well-matched fighters to go ten big ones in a tiny sixteen foot ring. Twenty-nine year old, local fighter Troy Roland from Howard City (Grand Rapids), Michigan encountered Epifanio Mendoza from Columbia. continue

John Ruiz calls for heavyweight tournament

11.20.04 – After overcoming a bad call regarding a knockdown in the second round and being penalized a point in the fourth round (the first point reduction of his pro career and after being repeatedly and blatantly fouled by his opponent with no deductions by the referee), last Saturday night WBA heavyweight champion John Ruiz overcame a four-point deficit to win a unanimous decision against Andrew Golota. continue

Shane Mosley-Winky Wright II: Preview By A.Tarver and Glen Johnson

LOS ANGELES, November 20 - On Saturday, December 18, live from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, Antonio Tarver will face Glen Johnson in a 12 round championship bout that will determine, once and for all, who is the best 175-pound fighter in the world. Both Tarver and Johnson took time out of their busy training schedules this week to break down another highly anticipated bout, this Saturday’s junior middleweight championship rematch between champion Winky Wright and challenger "Sugar" Shane Mosley. Here’s what the two best light heavyweights in the world had to say about Wright-Mosley II ... continue

ESPN2 Friday Night Fights Main Events Special Friday, Dec. 3 Featuring Rocky Juarez and Dominick Guinn

11.20.04 - Heavyweight Dominick Guinn and featherweight Rocky Juarez will appear in co-feature bouts on ESPN2 Friday Night Fights Main Events Special Friday, Dec. 3 at 9:30 p.m. ET from Bally's Atlantic City's Main Ballroom. Joe Tessitore and Teddy Atlas will be ringside for the second card of the ESPN / Main Events new promotional agreement, the next of which is scheduled for January 21, 2005. continue

2000 silver medal winner Sultan Ibragimov to headline in Brighton Beach

11.20.04 - Who said that MSG should be the only home for professional boxing in New York? Who said that Brooklyn has no venue for a huge boxing crowd? Who ever said that was wrong and we will prove it again on Saturday, December 11, 2004. In a historical building of Atlantic Oceana located at 1129 Brighton Beach Avenue in Brooklyn boxing fans would see the Russian sensation and silver Olympic medallist Sultan Ibragimov (13-0-11 KO's) defending the WBO Asia-Pacific Heavyweight title vs. James "Hurricane" Walton (19-5-10 KO's). continue

Bojorquez To Face New Opponent Nov. 22

11.19.04 - The highly anticipated bout between jr. middleweights Carlos Bojorquez and Eddie Sanchez has been scratched due to an injury suffered by Sanchez during his preparation for this coming November 22nd battle. Sanchez's manager, Lou Masina, informed Thompson Boxing Promotions' matchmaker, Alex Camponovo, that Eddie sustained a jaw injury while sparring. continue

CES signs US Olympian Jason Estrada; Pro debut Dec. 10

PROVIDENCE, Rhode Island (November 19, 2004) – U.S. Olympic super heavyweight Jason Estrada today signed a promotional contract with Jimmy Burchfield’s Classic Entertainment & Sports, Inc. He will make his pro debut December 10 in “Bragging Rights,” on CN8/The Comcast Network, at Foxwoods Resort Casino. continue

Time for Junior Witter to Practice what He Preaches

11.19.04 - By Andrew Mullinder: It appears Junior Witter’s ability to combine switch-hitting unorthodoxy, defensive brilliance, and devastatingly selective heavy-handed punching, has left most qualified observers as comprehensively convinced of his world class credentials as his recently demolished opponents. Since 'stinking the house out' against Zab Judah in 2000, the 30 year old Englishman has progressed on an impressive run of 15 consecutive stoppage victories. Witter, by shear weight of numbers, has demonstrated his mastery over European level competition -- and it seems he would like us all to notice.

A matter of days after he had unveiled his full range of two fisted hooking, lead uppercuts, and bolo punches to cut, utterly demoralise, and stop Krzysztof Bienias in the second round of his European Title Defence, Witter had offered his opinion on a whole range of subjects centred around the talent rich 140lb division. continue

Rowland Outlasts Mendoza for 10-Round Unanimous Decision

11.18.04 - Troy Rowland got off the canvas to take a unanimous 10-round decision, scored 97-92 (twice) and 96-93, over Epifanio Mendoza Friday on "ShoBox: The New Generation." In the welterweight co- feature from the Michigan State Fairgrounds in Detroit, Mich., Shamone Alvarez easily defeated Mohammed Kayongo with a first-round knockout. continue

Winky on "I, Max" - Hosted by Max Kellerman - Friday at 6 PM

11.18.04 - WINKY WRIGHT will appear on "I, Max," - hosted by Max Kellerman FRIDAY! November 19, 6 P.M. ET in all time zones. Wright will be discussing his world title defense rematch against two-time Oscar De La Hoya conqueror SUGAR SHANE MOSLEY, a world champion in three different weight divisions. continue

“Bragging Rights” Press Conference

PROVIDENCE, RI (November 18, 2004) – Jimmy Burchfield’s Classic Entertainment & Sports, Inc. (CES) held a press conference today at Dave & Buster’s to officially announce its December 10th “Bragging Rights” pro boxing show, promoted by in association with Foxwoods Resort Casino and CN8, The Comcast Network at Foxwoods in Mashantucket, Connecticut. continue

Jermain Taylor Training Camp Update

11.18.04 - With less than three weeks to go until fight night, Jermain “Bad Intentions” Taylor is entering the home stretch in his preparations for his Saturday, December 4, 2004 bout with former three time World Middleweight Champion William Joppy at Barton Coliseum in Little Rock, AR. It is said that fights are won or lost in training camp. continue

Evander Holyfield - The Empty Chair

11.18.04 - By Geoff McKay: In a small room sits a round table, with ten seats. The men at this table sit in casual conversation. They talk about times gone by, about great deeds, feats of heroism, and succeeding against all odds.

Jack Johnson, the first Black heavyweight champion of the world, is there. Jack Dempsey and Joe Louis also sit at this table. Rocky Marciano, the only man to retire undefeated, and George Foreman, the Olympic Gold medalist are present as well. Joe Frazier is there, although he has taken special care to seat himself as far as possible from his arch nemesis, Muhammad Ali. The two other faces in the room belong to the Easton Assassin, Larry Holmes, and John L. Sullivan, the man who bridged the gap between bare knuckle and gloved boxing. continue

Skelton vs Long: Skelton Packs Out York Hall

11.18.04 - British and Commonwealth Heavyweight Champion MATT SKELTON will defend his titles against KEITH LONG in front of a sell out crowd at Bethnal Green's York Hall tomorrow night (Friday 19 November). The exciting powerhouse from Bedford has sold out the famous fight venue once again as hopeful fight fans clammer to get their hands on any spare tickets not wanting to miss the action and electric atmosphere. continue

Golden Boy Promotions signs Abner Mares

LOS ANGELES, November 18 – A member of the 2004 Mexican Olympic team and already a star in the land of his birth, 18-year-old junior featherweight Abner Mares is now prepared to make his mark in professional boxing, making this an important day for Golden Boy Promotions, which is pleased to announce the signing of Mares to a promotional contract. continue

Jhonny Gonzalez to headline Boxeo De Oro

11.18.04 – Even though they check in at just 118 pounds each, bantamweights Jhonny Gonzalez and Gabriel Elizondo pack heavyweight excitement into each of their bouts. On Thursday, November 18, in the main event of HBO Latino’s hit series “Oscar De La Hoya Presents Boxeo De Oro”, Gonzalez and Elizondo will meet for the NABO Bantamweight crown at the American Bank Center in Corpus Christi, Texas. continue

Lee Meager continues transformation

11.18.04 - Lee Meager will make the next step in his transition under Hennessy Sports from raw novice to leading lightweight contender when he challenges Danny Hunt for the English title at the York Hall on Friday night. Company head Mick Hennessy signed ‘The Macho Man’ back in 2000 despite the fact that he had limited amateur grounding. continue

Kelsey Jeffries: Walking the Talk

11.18.04 - By Bernie McCoy: The first thing to know about Kelsey Jeffries is that she does not, ever, "walk the walk and talk the talk." Unlike some of her ringmates in the sport of Women's boxing, Jeffries is content to let her actions in the ring speak for her and her actions speak volumes. It's just one more way that Kelsey Jeffries is unique in a unique sport, she's one of the few fighters who "walks the talk."

With Kelsey Jeffries there's no calling out fighters. Instead, Jeffries determines who is the best available opponent, urges her team to make the fight and climbs into the ring. It's a very efficient manner with which to run a career and, as a result, Kelsey Jeffries maintains a career that places her in the top echelon of the sport. With Jeffries there is no thought to avoiding a quality fighter in her featherweight class or building up a bloated record against "walkover" opposition. continue

Dawson-Daniels, Couch-Clampitt headline CES’ Dec. 10 show

11.18.04 – Two world championship matches headline “Bragging Rights,” promoted by Jimmy Burchfield’s Classic Entertainment & Sports, Inc. (CES), in association with Foxwoods Resort Casino and CN8, The Comcast Network Friday night, December 10 at Foxwoods in Mashantucket, Connecticut. continue

Cruz vs. Rios Headlines Friday's "CMX Boxeo de Campeones"

LAS VEGAS, NV (November 17, 2004) – Now into its fifth full month of production, “CMX Boxeo de Campeones”-- presented by CMXsports and promoted by Guilty Boxing -- returns Tomorrow! Friday, November 19, LIVE from The Orleans Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, NV. continue

AL "Speedy" Gonzales Returns To Chicago on Dec.10

11.17.04 - Few people in boxing have as good an insight to this weekend's junior middleweight championship bout between "Sugar" Shane Mosley and Winky Wright as does junior welterweight contender AL "SPEEDY" Gonzales, 15-1-1 (7KO's). Having been in the Mosley camp at Joe Goossen's gym in Van Nuys, California for the past five weeks "SPEEDY" has been around world champion caliber fighters and gained years of experience in a short time. continue

Hey, Look Over There!

11.17.04 - By Chris Acosta: Have you ever wondered how many big name bouts are quietly de-valued by one of the contestants being at less than his best because of outside distractions? Distraction is one of the biggest intangibles in the game other than the usual suspects that tilt betting odds like one guy just being better than the other. Incidentally, I'd bet that if odds makers really wanted to up their winning percentages, that they might consider hiring private investigators to check and see what kinds of distractions each boxer is dealing with leading up to fight time. continue

Is Vitali Klitschko Out Of Chris Byrd's Reach?

11.17.04 - By Frank Lotierzo - - If he was just a few inches taller and a little heavier with just a little more punch, he could beat the fighter who is considered the man to beat in the division. Conversely, if the fighter considered the man to beat wasn't so much bigger he wouldn't be the man to beat. I'm talking about a potential match between IBF heavyweight champ Chris Byrd and WBC champ Vitali Klitschko.

As of November 10th USA Today Ranks the top-ten heavyweights as follows, 1-Vitali Klitschko 2-Chris Byrd 3-James Toney 4-John Ruiz 5-Hasim Rahman 6-Andrew Golota 7-Jameel McCline 8-Lamon Brewster 9-Fres Oquendo 10-Monte Barrett. As of this writing, if forced to make the case for the top heavyweight fighter in boxing, it would have to be either Vitali Klitschko or Chris Byrd, with John Ruiz a solid third. continue

Hernandez vs Ramirez on Klitschko-Williams undercard

NEW YORK (Nov. 17, 2004) - In his first bout since his memorable battle with WBC/IBF Champion Erik Morales, former IBF junior lightweight champion Carlos “Famoso’’ Hernandez will return to the ring to face former NABF champion Juan Carlos “Ranchero’’ Ramirez on the Vitali Klitschko-Danny Williams undercard Saturday, Dec. 11, from The Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, live on HBO Pay-Per-View. continue

Junior Witter mystified by potential Floyd Mayweather Jr opponents

11.17.04 - Junior Witter has responded with indignation to suggestions that Floyd Mayweather Junior will face Lovemore N'dou, Stevie Johnston or Muhamat Abdulaev on his upcoming HBO date. “Floyd is letting himself down by considering opponents of this calibre,” began Junior. continue

Norman "Stoney" Stone issues public apology

BOSTON, Mass. (November 16, 2004) – Norman “Stoney” Stone, manager/head trainer for World Boxing Association heavyweight champion John “The Quietman” Ruiz, has issued a public apology for his behavior last Saturday night during the Ruiz-Andrew Golota fight at Madison Square Garden. Ruiz successfully defended his title, winning a unanimous 12-round decision. continue

"Mighty" Mike Arnaoutis returns on December 17

11.16.04 - Cestus Management's junior welterweight sensation "Mighty" Mike Arnaoutis is back in the gym and in the midst of his second week of hard sparring in preparation for his return to the ShoBox: The New Generation series, scheduled to be broadcast live on the ShowTime network on December 17, 2004. continue

Staking Chris Byrd´s Claim

11.16.04 - By Chris Acosta: If Chris Byrd were a movie, he'd be the artsy fartsy independent movie you'd have to see ten times before finally getting it. If he were advice, he'd be a parent saying to their kids, "Don't smoke, drink or have pre-marital sex." If he were a rock band, he'd be about personal triumph and not death and despair.

There's a lot about Chris Byrd that just doesn't seem very fun or risky.The facts will tell us that a heavyweight with little knockout power will not last in a division usually dependent on strength and the ability to end a fight with one blow. continue

James Toney Back In Training Next Month For Feb. Return!

LOS ANGELES, November 16th – The heavyweight division thought they were getting a longer reprieve from the onrushing train known as James Toney, but with the cast now off his torn left bicep and after receiving the green light from his doctor last Thursday to resume boxing training next month, beware, because “Lights Out” is hungrier than ever to add a ton full of heavyweights to his resume. continue

Chagaev, Petkovic Victorious

11.16.04 - By Fabian Weber – The Hamburg based Spotlight Boxing promotion likes to treat new paths and do things a bit differently than most others: This time it was the first professional boxing event at the German North Sea coast. In Cuxhaven, a popular German seaside resort, about 800 spectators witnessed the before last Spotlight show of an eventful and busy year 2004. continue

Andrew Golota: Finally he is a True Champion

11.16.04 - By Izyaslav “Slava” Koza - - To be perfectly honest, I despised Andrew Golota ever since that utterly shameful disgraceful performance he put on against Riddick Bowe in Madison Square Garden (twice, no less!). I am not one of his yuppy fan boys that thinks the Tyson and Lewis fights were some sort of warped dream, where the “foul pole’s” Vaseline bottle got the better of him and he lost. continue

Vassiliy Jirov vs. Michael Moorer Dec. 9th on 'BDSSP'

11.16.04 – They are former world champions who have each excelled in two weight divisions. But after their heavyweight battle on Thursday, December 9 at the Pechanga Resort and Casino in Temecula, California, only one can move forward in the world heavyweight rankings. Will it be two-time heavyweight and former light heavyweight champion Michael Moorer, or former cruiserweight king Vassiliy Jirov? continue

Hopkins-Eastman: Howard Eastman Set for Shot at Executioner’s Crown!

11.16.04 - By Andrew Mullinder: It has been reported by the well respected BBC news website, that Bernard Hopkins will defend his Undisputed Middleweight crown against Howard Eastman on February 19th next year. Eastman, 33, from Battersea, England, has been the WBC’s mandatory Middleweight challenger for quite some time and, perhaps more importantly, is recognised by the Ring Magazine as the best Middleweight in the World after Hopkins.

Hopkins appears to agree with the Englishman’s ranking: “Eastman will be a tough fight, although a lot of people are saying it will be an easy option...what I have seen confirms that Eastman is a true world-class Middleweight." While Hopkins has an obligation to make sure the possible fight is presented as a genuine contest, it is also true that he could have selected much easier opponents than Eastman, who has been widely accepted as the best Middleweight in Europe for several years, and improves markedly as the quality of his opposition increases in standard. continue

Froch: Barney is talking Blarney

11.16.04 - Britain’s most talented sportsperson Carl Froch has treated Matthew Barney’s recent offer to fight him with scepticism. “It all sounds like a bit of hot air to me,” began the British, Commonwealth and European champion. “I have got a feeling it is all talk and that Barney is trying to jump on the Carl Froch bandwagon to get a bit of publicity. continue

Redefining The "Battle For Supremacy"

11.16.04 - By Frank Lotierzo - - Now that the "Battle For Supremacy" is over, what do we know now that we didn't before? Nothing, as in not one single thing. Before the heavyweight card was announced, there were two underlying thoughts regarding the division. One being Vitali Klitschko is the most formidable heavyweight in the world and the fighter to beat in the division. The other being four-time heavyweight champ Evander Holyfield is finished as a serious title contender.

After seeing the WBA and IBF heavyweight titles fights at Madison Square Garden this weekend, WBC champ Vitali Klitschko is still the fighter to beat in the division. And by no means is that a shot at either John Ruiz or Chris Byrd. Despite the controversial decisions in some of their recent title defenses, Ruiz and Byrd are worthy of the titles they hold. However, both would be underdogs against Klitschko. continue

Battle for Mediocrity – Don King’s Heavyweight Extravaganza

11.15.04 – By J.B. - Battle for Supremacy? Battle for Mediocrity was more like it. With four heavyweight bouts on the card, I naively expected to see at least one exciting fight in this heavyweight smorgasbord. Instead I spent four hours wondering why I was wasting perfectly good dvds to record the evening’s events. continue

Golota-Ruiz: Rambling thoughts on a boring fight

By Chris Ireland - - On November 13, I spent $49.95 on the gigantic Pay-Per-View featuring John Ruiz vs. Andrew Golota in the main event. It happened to be my luck that the sound went out on my television the day of the big event. Depending on what kind of mood Larry Merchant is in, sometimes that's a good thing. But on that particular night, it wasn't, because during the feature bout of the evening, there seemed to be a constant distraction going on in the crowd. Without the voice of Jim Lampley to tell me what was going on, I was left to guess throughout the fight what was going on. continue

Morales-Barrera 3 – The True Superfight Of The Year

11.14.04 - By Matthew Hurley: On November 27th Erik Morales and Marco Antonio Barrera will engage in the third and final chapter of their epic trilogy. The routes these two great fighters have traveled since their first classic fight in 2000, won by Morales, have been markedly different, yet both paths led them towards a collision course once again.

After defeating Morales on a close, split decision in their rematch Barrera defeated a tired Johnny Tapia by decision and then knocked out a shop-worn and over-matched Kevin Kelley in the fourth round. Regarded by many at the time as at, or near the top of the pound for pound heap he then took on Filipino whirlwind Manny Pacquiao and was beaten nearly senseless and stopped in the eleventh round. continue

Williamson jabs his way by McCall!

11.14.04- The opening bout on Don King's heavyweight extravaganza "Battle For Supremacy" saw DaVarryl Williamson (21-3, 17) put on a boxing clinic in route to a unanimous decision over former WBC World Champion, Oliver McCall (41-8, 31). The 6’4” Williamson used fancy footwork, and a long hard jab to keep the always dangerous McCall off balance. Williamson took the unanimous decision by scores of 97-94 and 96-94, twice, handing McCall his first loss since 1997, a span of fourteen fights. continue

Andrew Golota: Cursed?

11.14.04 - By Jose Sanchez: On paper, Andrew Golota looks like a natural to be a top heavyweight of any era. After all, he is big, powerful, surprisingly light on his feet and possesses good hand speed. Golota, of course, is also one of the better boxers in the division technically. Why then has Golota always come up short when he has stepped up his efforts to capture a world heavyweight title? Certainly one part of the puzzle is the fact that all though physically Golota may be the mold for the perfect heavyweight, there is little question that mentally he is not.

He has a tendency to get anxious, panic, and then do things such as headbutt intentionally, punch at his opponents privates, even biting an opponent on the neck with what we assume is his best vampire impersonation. It is not just in the ring that we know Mr. Golota has something of an eccentric character. continue

Heavyweights At The Garden - Ruiz-Golota Quotes From NYC

11.14.04 - JOHN RUIZ: “After that first round, he was getting away with a lot of stuff. He could do whatever he wanted to and I had to be on my best behavior. After they threw out Stoney, that motivated me. Every fight is tough. Golota came to fight. I was focused and that is what I did to win the fight.” continue

Back for his Belts: Hasim Rahman

11.14.04 - By Shane Rhinewald: The heavyweight division should take heed. Hasim Rahman has returned again. On Saturday night Rahman battered newly regarded Kali Meehan for four straight rounds, using his power on the inside to stun the Aussie newcomer. Meehan, most well known for losing a close and controversial decision to WBO champion Lamon Brewster, could do nothing to keep the shorter, stronger Baltimore native off him. Rahman established his control early by pressing the taller Meehan and connecting with numerous power shots. After seeing their fighter take too much punishment, Meehan’s corner threw in the towel after the fourth. continue

Fawaz Nasir to re-launch his professional career

11.14.04 - It was kept a close secret for a few weeks, but now it was finally made official and public: Rising Danish middleweight Fawaz Nasir is on track to re-launch his promising professional career and has signed a three-year contract with Olaf Schroeder’s German management company Fight Production in cooperation with young Danish manager Henrik Risum. continue

Compu-Clinch Stats Ruiz/Golota 156

11.14.04 - By Wray Edwards: “If you keep doing that, you’re going to hurt yourself.” With those words, Randy Neuman pretty much summed up the unbelievably messy encounter between John Ruiz and Andrew Golota at Madison Square Garden last night. The ref had his hands full just trying to keep the trainers from going at it so there would be time and space for Ruiz and Golota to do what they did. It all started just at the end of Round One as the fighters did not seem interested in the three minute limitation on rounds.

Ruiz was in his favorite boxing stance with his arms wrapped around Andrew at the bell. Golota, trying to get “un-hugged” zipped a right uppercut which prompted John to return a left and a right followed by a right from Golota. All the while Randy is doing his best to wedge himself between the two. continue

"Season's Beatings": Taylor-Joppy on Dec 4

11.14.04 - Jermain "Bad Intentions" Taylor returns home to Little Rock, Arkansas, to defend his WBC Continental Americas Middleweight Title against former three-time World Middleweight Champion William Joppy on Saturday night, December 4, at Barton Coliseum, when DiBella Entertainment presents "Season's Beatings." The announcement was made today by DBE president Lou DiBella. continue

Sharkie's Machine: Robbery At Madison Square Garden

11.14.04 - By Frank Gonzalez Jr.: Saturday night in NYC, Andrew Golota returned to the place that made him famous-Madison Square Garden, where eight years ago, he fought former Heavyweight Champion, Riddick Bowe in a fight that made him famous. He lost to Bowe in a fight he was winning because of repeated low blows. This time, eight years later, the opponent was WBA Champion, John Ruiz. It's said that, 'styles make fights' and the combination of Ruiz and Golota promised to be a wild event.

Ruiz' style is awkward and hard on the eyes but he wins fights. He's a scrappy fighter who doesn't get as much credit as he deserves for his tenacity in the ring and the heart he brings to the ring. continue

Diaz and Gonzales head 8 Count show on Dec.10

11.14.04 - Dominic Pesoli and 8 Count Productions along with Miller Lite is proud to announce details of the "The Best in Chicago Boxing" a year end spectacular on Friday, December 10th at the world famous Aragon Ballroom as they continue to bring Chicagoland the highest quality boxing events showcasing Chicago's best and fastest rising prospects. Tickets, starting at $25 are on sale now by calling 312-226-5800. continue

Byrd Outhustles McCline

11.13.04 - By Rev. Marc Axelrod: The pattern for a Chris Byrd fight the past couple of years has been established. Byrd gets outboxed and outpunched and outhustled for five
or six rounds. He begins to turn it up in the middle rounds, and then he closes the show with a fusillade of flurries to the head of the befuddled opponent,and ekes out a narrow decision.

It happened again last night against his good buddy, Jameel McCline. Of course,with friends like that, who needs enemies, as Jameel fought very well early on. He landed long rights to Chris' belly in the first two rounds, and floored Chris at the end of round two with a looping right to the side of the head. continue

Ruiz-Golota: Ruiz Wins Ugly ... Again

11.13.04 - By Rev. Marc Axelrod: This was an ugly fight to watch and an ugly fight to score. Larry Merchant didn't even fill out his scorecard for the last five rounds. But when it was all said and done, John Ruiz had rallied from an early deficit to score a unanimous decision over Andrew Golota, a decision which was roundly booed by many in attendance, who felt that Golota had done enough to deserve the decision. continue

Larry Donald Pounds out a Decision Win over Holyfield

11.13.04 - By Rev. Marc Axelrod: The Real Deal needs to pack it in. Larry Donald beat Evander Holyfield all over the ring tonight. Holyfield looked every one of his 42 years, as he was outfought and outsped all night long. Donald stood his ground and consistently landed left-right combinations. He even shook Holyfield in the 8th round and 9th rounds, and it looked briefly as if Larry Donald could win by TKO. But Holyfield hung in there, and landed a terrific overhand right in the 10th round that shook Donald. It was the one round of the fight that you could reasonably score for Holyfield. But Evander did not have the energy to follow up. He stunned Larry again with an overhand right in round 11, but that was all had left in the tank. All three judges had Donald ahead by wide margins: 119-109 twice and 118-109.

But the saddest part of the evening was the post fight interview when Larry Merchant asked Evander Holyfield if he would fight on, and Evander said, "Why not?" continue

Brilliant Barnes Produces Career Best to Hammer Hare

11.13.04 - By Andrew Mullinder: Unbeaten English prospect, David Barnes, defended his British Welterweight Championship against the more experienced James Hare and produced a career best performance to stop his opponent in Halifax, England tonight. In a fight billed as an even contest between two cute counter-punchers, the quickly maturing British Champion, undefeated in 15, managed to raise the level of his boxing to new heights by dominating, flooring, then stopping the former Commonwealth and WBF Welterweight belt holder at 1:41 of the sixth round. continue

Michalczewski returns to the ring against Tiozzo on Feb. 26

11.13.04 – The Tiger returns where he stopped one year ago: Right at the top. On February 26 the 36-year-old record keeping former world champion will challenge for the WBA light heavyweight title. His opponent at Color Line Arena of Hamburg, Germany, will be 35-year-old Frenchman Fabrice Tiozzo who captured the crown of the World Boxing Association in March from Silvio Branco.

„I’ve been thinking deeply about whether I should box again or not“, Michalczewski explained in front of a large croud of journalists and camera teams at Wednesday’s press conference in the spacious hall 1 of the Cinemaxx cinema in Hamburg-Dammtor. continue

Mosley: "I will personally teach Wright the definition of 'term limit'"

11.13.04 - Two-time Oscar De La Hoya conqueror SUGAR SHANE MOSLEY took time out of his training schedule to address world super welterweight champion Winky Wright's recent remarks about their upcoming world title rematch, Saturday, November 20, at Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino. HBO will televise the Gary Shaw Productions, LLC-promoted event live, beginning at 9:45 P.M. ET / 6:45 P.M. PT. continue

Chagaev, Petkovic headline Spotlight event on Nov. 16

11.13.04 – Russian heavyweight Ruslan Chagaev, 13-0 (11), and German cruiserweight Alexander Petkovic, 29-2-3 (15), headline a fightcard next Tuesday, Nov. 16, in Cuxhaven, Germany. The hard punching 26-year-old Chagaev nicknamed “White Tyson” is facing Croatian Asmir Vojnovic, 22-5-1 (12). continue

IF Jameel McCline Is Big Time He'll Defeat Chris Byrd

11.13.04 - By Frank Lotierzo - - He's five inches taller, has an eight inch advantage in reach, and out weighs his opponent by at least sixty pounds. The fighter just described is heavyweight contender Jameel McCline 31-3-3 (19) who is fighting IBF heavyweight Champ Chris Byrd 37-2-1 (20) this Saturday night. Byrd has been the IBF champ for just under two years. In December of 2002 he fought former heavyweight champ Evander Holyfield in Atlantic City for the vacant IBF title. Byrd out boxed Holyfield over 12 rounds and won a unanimous decision to claim the title. continue

Vitali Klitschko too much for Danny Williams

11.13.04 - By Geoff McKay: History has shown us that trying to predict the outcome of a professional boxing match is difficult to say the least, especially when the contestants are heavyweights. continue

Larry Donald Ready For Evander Holyfield

11.12.04 - By Ike Enwereuzor - - At a public workout at Kingsway Boxing Gym NYC former NABO heavyweight champion Larry "Legend" Donald of Cincinnati, Ohio now (39-2-2) 23KO's speaks about his upcoming battle with former undisputed champion Evander Holyfield on November 13, at Madison Square Garden. Donald started amateur boxing at early age, with an outstanding amateur record of 54-4, he was a two-time Golden Gloves National champion and a two-time Ohio State Boxing champion. continue

Kali ‘Checkmate’ Meehan Interview

11.12.04 - By Tony Nobbs: After dropping a hotly disputed split verdict to Lamon Brewster for the WBO belt on September 4, Australasian heavyweight Kali ‘Checkmate’ Meehan gets his second opportunity in the big league when he faces off with former world champion Hasim Rahman at Madison Square Garden on November 13. Currently back training in Sydney, the 34 year old New Zealand born Kali took the time to speak to Eastside on October 15. continue

Preview: Ruiz-Golota, Byrd-McCline, Rahman-Meehan, Holyfield-Donald

11.12.04 - By Paul Ruby: I’m going to watch this Saturday’s heavyweight card from Madison Square Garden for the same reason people that many watch NASCAR racing (or Nextel Cup, to be politically correct about it) – I know something bad is going to happen and I want to be there when it does. To the promoter’s credit, he has managed to assemble a number of exciting and entertaining fighters on one card taking place at a great venue. continue

Chris Byrd Interview

11.12.04 - By Ike Enwereuzor - IBF heavyweight champion Chris Byrd (37-2-1) 20KO's had a public workout at Kingsway Boxing Gym New York City to promote his upcoming title defense fight against No.1 mandatory challenger Jameel McCline on November 13 at Madison Square Garden, Live on pay-per-view.

Chris Byrd won his first world championship on April 1, 2000 against Vitali Klitschko in Berlin, Germany before lossing the WBO belt to younger brother Wladimir Klitschko six months later. In December 2002, Chris captured his second world title, this time the IBF belt against four-time world champion Evander "Real Deal" Holyfield now (38-7-2) 25KO's. continue

Paul Briggs to support Kali Meehan in NYC

11.12.04 - ON Corporation, the exclusive management of WBC NO 1 rated Light Heavyweight boxer Paul “Hurricane” Briggs, today confirmed that Paul Briggs will be at Madison Square Garden in New York on Saturday November 13 to walk into the ring with his good friend and fellow Australian top contender Kali Meehan when he takes on Hasim Rahman. Briggs said: “I am so excited to be going to New York to support my friend Kali Meehan and to be ringside at Battle for Supremacy on November 13 at Madison Square Garden” continue

Weights From Madison Square Garden, New York

11.12.04 - Photo: David M. Warr/DKP - It was a wild scene Thursday in the lobby of the Theater at Madison Square Garden with nearly a ton (over a ton with promoter Don King!) of heavyweights weighing-in for the New York State Athletic Commission in anticipation of four epic heavyweight clashes -- two featuring current world heavyweight titleholders and the two other bouts featuring former world heavyweight champions -- at Madison Square Garden and on HBO Pay-Per-View on Saturday (9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT). continue

Dmitriy Salita to Headline "Broadway Boxing" on Nov. 18

11.12.04 - DiBella Entertainment’s Broadway Boxing Presented by Mohegan Sun will once again showcase a bevy of New York City stars on the rise in the seventh installment of the series which will be headlined by Brooklyn’s Jewish unbeaten junior welterweight sensation Dmitriy Salita (19-0, 11 KO's) vs. Paul Delgado (12-4-1, 2 KO’s) on Thursday night, November 18, at the Grand Ballroom at Manhattan Center. continue

John Ruiz Trainer "Stoney" Stone: "It’s not going past eight rounds"

11.12.04 - By Ron DiMichele: Saturday night at Madison Square Garden, WBA Heavyweight Champion John Ruiz faces Polish strongman Andrew Golota for all the WBA Heavyweight marbles. Golota says he will stay away from the brawling Ruiz and box. Not likely. Unless your name is Roy Jones Jr (2003 version) or Chris Byrd, you’re going to be fighting Ruiz’s fight. And Brother, it ain’t no fox trot.

“I have to work my whole game plan,” said John Ruiz at a recent media workout. “Try to get inside, work inside, and throw combinations.” continue

Will Jameel McCline Catch Up With The Flight Of Byrd?

11.12.04 - By Janne Romppainen: Say what you want about the promoter Don King but a fact is that he again puts up an excellent card of heavyweight action that has made plenty of boxing fans salivating weeks beforehand. The show includes no less than six solid heavyweight fights, two of them being for title belts, five out of them including top-15 contenders and the sixth one a former world champ. continue

John "The Quiet Man" Ruiz: He's Everything Andrew Golota Isn't

11.12.04 - By Frank Lotierzo - - This past August when the Ruiz-Golota WBA Heavyweight title fight was announced for November 13th, I wrote an article titled "Ruiz-Golota, One Can't and One Won't." That was my first thought when I heard the fight was official. Obviously "One Can't" was a reference to John Ruiz 40-5-1, since that is how he is wrongly perceived by some. And "One Won't" was reference to Golota 38-4-1 quitting in some of his bigger and more high profile fights versus the World's upper-tier heavyweight's.

After thinking about this fight for a couple months, I think I was too rough on Ruiz. When comparing the character of John Ruiz and Andrew Golota, it's not even close. And that's not taking a shot at Golota, it's just stating facts. continue

Meehan-Rahman: Kali ready for "The Rock"

11.12.04 - By Patrick Corcoran: As an overhyped fight on an overhyped fight card, the Kali Meehan-Hasim Rahman bout is not drawing a great deal of attention. For good reason, too; after a three-month span that has brought us Hopkins-De La Hoya, Jones-Johnson, Corrales-Freitas, and, most memorably, Mayorga-Trinidad, it’s a bit hard to get juiced up about two heavyweights like Rahman and Meehan. continue

Witter planning an early night

11.12.04 - Junior Witter is planning his 15th early night on the bounce when he defends his European Light Welterweight Title against Poland’s Krzysztof Bienias on the Hennessy Sports November 12th ‘Born To Do It’ promotion at the Wembley Conference Centre. “I have knocked out my last fourteen opponents,” said the 30-year-old from Bradford. “Bienias is going exactly the same way.” continue

Klitschko vs. Williams: Who Is the Real Deal?

11.11.04- By Chris Ireland: On December 11, Danny Williams and Vitali Klitschko will square-off for the heavyweight title. The general consensus is that Williams will be exposed as a fighter who's only big win came over an injured and shot Mike Tyson, and that World Champion Klitschko will take advantage of his opponent's sometimes fragile mind and score a KO. What they're forgetting is that Klitschko's recent victories may be a mirage as well.

It's pretty easy to imagine Kirk Johnson and Corrie Sanders doing their roadwork, getting tired, then heading to Bubba's All You Can Eat Buffet to cool down. continue

Final Presser Quotes: Holyfield, Ruiz, Byrd, Golota & Rahman

11.11.04 - Evander Holyfield: “It's been 20 years almost to the day since I made my pro debut and I'm honored to be back here [in Madison Square Garden.] This is a crossroads fight for me and I look forward to being unpisputedchampion again. If I win, I will fight again until I win a world heavyweight championship” continue

A Special Night Of Professional Boxing At The Atlantic Oceana In Brooklyn

11.11.04 - Final Forum Promoter Sal Musimeci and Matchmaker Sampson Lewkowicz are proud to present a Special Night of Professional Boxing at the Atlantic Oceana in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn on Saturday, December 11th 2004. Appearing in the show will be the Russian sensation and silver medallist Sultan Ibragimov defending the WBO Asia-Pacific Heavyweight title vs. James "Hurricane" Walton and Timur Ibragimov defending the WBC Fecabox International Heavyweight Title vs. Billy Douglas Jr. continue

What Ever Happened To Kirkland Laing?

11.11.04 - By Phydos Sergiou: This is a story of Glory and Ruin. In his youth, Kirkland Laing was a British and the European welterweight champion and arguably the best fighter from Britain to never win a world title. I remember him as a flash stunningly skillful welterweight with ample power and more skill than I had ever seen in a fighter; and this was the era of Sugar Ray, The Hitman and the Marvelous One. continue

Brendan Ingle: Witter still not at prime

11.11.04 - Legendary trainer Brendan Ingle believes that British, Commonwealth and European light welterweight champion Junior Witter is still not at his prime, even though he is already every bit as good as his former charge Naseem Hamed. Ingle said: “You have to remember that Naz was brilliant because he had a lot of time spent on him. We had him from the age of 7. continue

Middleweights: Who's The Greatest?

10.11.04 – By Vaughn M. Featherstone (Bigboscoe): The debate of "Who is the greatest Champion" of any given division will grow as greatness is acheived by certain fighters. With Bernard Hopkins proving that he is definitely the greatest Middleweight of his day, many will dispute that he may not be the greatest Middleweight of all time although he has surpassed the Middleweight defense record as well as stay at a high level of competitiveness for over ten years.

But, what defines greatness? Is it the record numbers of defenses, level of competition and success rate, or career defining fights? continue

The Vampire" Rises on Friday's CMX Boxeo de Campeones

10.11.04 - Now into its fifth full month of production, “CMX Boxeo de Campeones”-- presented by CMXsports and promoted by Guilty Boxing -- returns Friday, November 12, LIVE from a NEW VENUE -- EL Foro -- in Tijuana, Mexico. Two-time WBC FECARBOX champion Luis "Vampiro" Arceo makes his third main event appearance on "CMX Boxeo de Campeones," when he rumbles with crosstown rival Alejandro "El Camaron" Pena. continue

Juarez-Espadas/Guinn-Lyakhovich Headline ESPN2 Friday Night Fights

10.11.04 - Bally's Atlantic City, in association with Main Events, will present a sensational fight card highlighted by featherweights Rocky Juarez vs. Guty Espadas and heavyweights Dominick Guinn vs. Sergei Lyakhovich. The evening of live boxing, which will be televised nationally on ESPN2's "Friday Night Fights," will take place in Bally's Atlantic City's Main Ballroom located on the sixth floor on Friday, December 3. continue

All Charges Dismissed: "Justice Prevails" In Vanda's Case

10.11.04 - ON MONDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 2004 all charges filed against MATT "THE PREDATOR" VANDA were dismissed by the State of Minnesota, stated EARL GRAY, Esquire of St. Paul, Minnesota, VANDA’s attorney. VANDA a professional boxer from St Paul, Minnesota has a record of 31-1 and is scheduled to headline a professional boxing show Friday Night with another St. Paul prospect, undefeated JASON LITZAU, 11-0 at the St. Paul Armory. continue

Winky Wright: "This incumbent is staying in office"

10.11.04 - Winky Wright, the first undisputed super welterweight champion in 29 years and the first-ever three-belt 154-pound world champion, arrived in Las Vegas tonight to begin his last 10-days of training before his world title defense rematch against two-time Oscar De La Hoya conqueror Sugar Shane Mosley. continue

O’Donnell calls on fans for assistance/‘Mr Slick’ to stick?

10.11.04 - Light welterweight talent John O’Donnell has again asked for help in selecting a tub-thumping ring walk tune. The Light welterweight initially asked members of to come up with suggestions, but has been less than impressed! “It seems that the website users agreed with the promotional team here at Hennessy Sports,” said the former Junior Olympic champion. continue

Williamson vs. McCall on "Supremacy" Undercard

10.11.04 - DaVarryl ‘Touch of Sleep’ Williamson (20-3) will return to action just six weeks after his disappointing, and questionable loss to Wladimir Klitschko (41-3) on October 2, 2004. Williamson had stated numerous times since the Klitschko bout that he wanted to stay busy, and ideally wanted a rematch with Klitschko, and though he will not be getting his rematch, he is being given an opportunity to jump into the upper echelon of the heavyweight division. continue

Tszyu vs. Mayweather Jr - The Fight That Needs To Happen...Now!

10.11.04 - By Chris Acosta: No one was more surprised than myself at the complete domination of Sharmba Mitchell at the hands of Kostya Tszyu. In a previous article, I picked Mitchell to win by the 10th round, my basis being that an inactive fighter shouldn't be able to beat an active one. After Felix Trinidad's destructive return, many folks pointed out that "Tito" had been off for nearly two years and still returned to form, looking far fresher than expected yet I held firm in my opinion of Tszyu's forthcoming demise. My argument was that his hiatus wasn't voluntary as was Trinidad's but forced upon him through injury. I thought the odds of overcoming not one, but two consecutive setbacks would further diminish the Aussies skills and light a fire of retribution under Mitchell. continue

The Fighting Jews Are Coming To Brooklyn, NY

10.11.04 - Direct from the Israeli Army to Brooklyn on a Ten Day Leave...December 11th will be a special night indeed for the Jewish community of New York and boxing fans. For the first time in American boxing history three Israeli boxers will be appearing in one show. The special event will feature three Israeli soldiers who have been granted a special ten-day leave from the IDF in order to compete in this event. Merhav "the Sergeant" Mohar, Nimrod Koren and Israels only female professional boxer Hagar Schmuefeld. continue

Tarver vs. Johnson: Press Conference Quotes

10.11.04 - On Saturday, December 18, live from STAPLES Center, Antonio Tarver will face Glen Johnson in a 12 round championship bout that will determine, once and for all, who is the best 175-pound fighter in the world.Tarver-Johnson, which is presented by Star Boxing, in association with Goossen Tutor Promotions, will be televised live on HBO World Championship Boxing beginning at 6pm ET / 9pm PT. A press conference to officially announce this matchup was held Tuesday at the STAPLES Center. Here’s what both warriors had to say... continue

Junior Witter: Boxing kept me on the straight and narrow!

10.11.04 - Junior Witter has revealed how boxing has steered him away from the many troubles that beset the youth in his hometown. “For as long as I can remember there has been tension in Bradford,” said the 30-year-old, who defends his European title against Krzysztof Bienias at the Wembley Conference Centre on Friday night’s Hennessy Sports ‘Born To Do It’ promotion. continue

Tarvis Simms turns down fight against Chad Dawson

10.11.04 – “Tarvis Simms is scared to fight Chad Dawson,” promoter Jimmy Burchfield (Classic Entertainment & Sports, Inc. president) fumed. “He should wear yellow trunks, or maybe a skirt. All he does is trash talk, telling everybody what he’d do to Dawson, but Simms has turned down what most likely is the most lucrative purse of his career to fight Chad.” continue

Australia: Sam Soliman & Michael Katsidis Impressive!

09.11.04 - By Tony Nobbs - Unbeaten 2000 Olympian Michael ‘Rocky’ Katsidis took his run to 14 straight, twelve inside the route, with a dominating stoppage over Argentine veteran Sergio Liendo (62-21-3, 31 KO) in his hometown of Toowoomba, Queensland on Saturday night. In what trainer-manager Brendan Smith labelled a “beautiful boxing exhibition” Katsidis, 24, captured the vacant IBF Pan Pacific Lightweight belt. continue

Don King Invites Polish and Australian Leaders to MSG

09.11.04 - Promoter Don King has implored Polish President Aleksander Kwasniewski and The Honorable John Howard, Prime Minister of Australia, to show their support for their countrymen by attending his heavyweight Rendezvous with Destiny: Battle for Supremacy boxing event at Madison Square Garden on Saturday night. continue

Antonio Tarver and Glencoffe Johnson Relinquish Title Belts!

09.11.04 - A world championship belt is something all fighters dream of attaining. Antonio Tarver and Glen Johnson worked for years to finally earn that distinction and the recognition that goes with being a world champion. Unfortunately real world necessities sometimes interfere with the dreams in professional sports and fighters are forced to make decisions of a business nature to better the lives of their families. continue

Sharkie's Machine: Tszyu Finishes Mitchell in Three

09.11.04 - by Frank Gonzalez Jr - Saturday night at the Glendale Arena in Arizona, 140-pound Champion Kostya Tszyu (31-1-1-24 KO’s) returned to the ring after 22-months away. There would be no tune up fights and no more wasted time. Tszyu was not back to play games—but to fight top fighters.

On the menu was Sharmba Mitchell, the IBF Interim Champion, who had earned his way there. A knee injury ended his chances in their first fight back in 2001. The chance for redemption finally arrived for Sharmba, who after so much talk and obsession was finally getting his much-wanted rematch with Tszyu after a three-year wait. continue

"Battle For Supremacy" - Heavyweight Quotes

09.11.04 - CHRIS BYRD: “Jameel McCline and me are good friends. Our wives are good friends. But this is a competition. And I am really looking forward to the fight. Style-wise, I love this match-up. Jameel is the biggest, most athletic guy I have ever fought. I think when the fans first see us in the ring, they will think he will beat me easily. But I know how to fight big guys and by the third or fourth round, it will be a different story. continue

Alex Arthur Promises Capital Cracker

09.11.04 - Edinburgh super-featherweight star Alex Arthur returns to action in quick-time when he headlines the Meadowbank Sports Centre on Friday 3 December and has promised a capital cracker Arthur, who was only in action just over two weeks ago with a victory over Eric Odumase in his home city, will defend his IBF Intercontinental title against a challenger to be named. continue

Carl Froch weighs up his options/Thirlwall gets Monaghan

09.11.04 - British and Commonwealth super middleweight champion Carl Froch is considering making the European title an imminent target given the lack of suitable domestic contenders. "I had hoped to win the British title outright by making three successful defences," the 27-year-old began. "But that is proving difficult so I may have to already move on to bigger things. continue

Spartacus out to down ‘The Daddy’/ Barrett promises a blood and guts affair

09.11.04 - Ipswich warrior Spartacus has vowed to make the first defence of his English light heavyweight title in style when he takes on Peter ‘The Daddy’ Haymer on November 12th at the Wembley Conference Centre. “Crash, bang, wallop. It should be a case of job done, next!“ appraised the 27-year-old. continue

Olajide-Gardner Title Bout Headlines Wright-Mosley Undercard

09.11.04 - USBA jr. middleweight champion and top-10 contender TOKUNBO OLAJIDE and former world title challenger IAN GARDNER will duke it out for the vacant NABO and NABC 154-pound titles, in the co-feature of Melee at Mandalay Bay– The Rematch: Winky Wright vs. Sugar Shane Mosley II, Saturday, November 20, at Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino continue

Gilbert Martinez Battles Sherman “The Tank” Williams on Nov.18

08.11.04 - Silicon Valley Sports & Entertainment (SVS&E) and Sugar Ray Leonard Boxing announced today that Miller Lite Fight Night at the Tank continues professional boxing action at HP Pavilion at San Jose on Thursday, Nov. 18 at 7:30 p.m. Featured in the evening’s main event will be Gilbert Martinez (18-8-2, 7 KO’s) and Sherman “The Tank” Williams (24-9-1, 13 KO’s) in 10 rounds. continue

Oliveira promises to school Hatton Dec. 11 in London

08.11.04 – “I’m going to school Ricky Hatton like I did Vivian Harris,” promises ‘Sucra’ Ray Oliveira. Hatton (37-0, 27 KOs) defends his WBU light welterweight title for the 15th time December 11 in London against cagey Oliveira in what Hatton has termed as a “tune-up fight” for his IBF mandatory against champion Kosta Tszyu sometime in 2005. continue

Stainless Steel Fighters: Tszyu/Mitchell

08.11.04 - By Wray Edwards: Here’s hoping that Trinidad and Tszyu are not starting a fad by staying out of the ring for almost two years and then coming back better than ever. Kostya demonstrated that ring rust is just not in his vocabulary as he polished off Sharmba in less than three rounds tonight. As the two fighters squared of in Glendale, Arizona, few had predicted what was to happen in the next eight minutes and fifty-five seconds.

After three years apart the two fighters finally met in the ring, both having rehabilitated themselves from injuries. Mitchell, having kept active in the ring by fighting several successful bouts (while Kostya, 30-1-1 [24] did not campaign) was expected to have the early advantage over Tszy. continue

“ShoBox” To Feature Middleweight Clash And Battle Of Unbeaten Welterweights

08.11.04 - The talented Troy Rowland will take his next step toward a world title shot when he takes on WBO No. 13 middleweight contender Epifanio Mendoza in a 10-round rumble, Friday, Nov. 19, on the SHOWTIME boxing series, “ShoBox: The New Generation.” continue

Barrett and Corcoran look forward to hometown appearances

08.11.04 - Francis Barrett and Billy Corcoran have particular reason to look forward to the Hennessy Sports ‘Born To Do It’ promotion at the Wembley Conference Centre on Friday November 12th. Both will be boxing in front of a raucous hometown crowd; Corcoran for the first time ever, Barrett for the first time with a title on the line. continue

Lenny Daws promises big things

07.11.04 - Light welterweight Lenny Daws has promised to win titles for his loyal band of fans that have recently become known as the ‘Morden Massive.’ “Regardless of whenever and wherever I fight, the usual suspects always get coaches together and come and support me,” said the 25-year-old.” continue

It’s official: Scott Pemberton No. 1 contender in WBC

PROVIDENCE, Rhode Island (November 7, 2004) – The World Boxing Council has officially installed Scott “The Sandman” Pemberton as its No. 1 contender. Pemberton (29-3-1) is the reigning NABC, NABF and IBU super middleweight champion. He must wait for the winner of the Markus Beyer (WBC champion)-Danny Green (WBC Interim champion) fight in 2005. continue

Eleazar Contreras Dominates "Goyo" Vargas To Win Title; Also Full Undercard Coverage At Grand Casino Coushatta

07.11.04 - By Carlos Kalinchuk: In the Main Event, Eleazar Contreras 23-4-2 (9 KO’s) captured the NABF Lightweight Title against Gregorio “Goyo” Vargas 45-8-1 (31 KO’s) of Mexico after twelve tough rounds. Even though Contreras won, Vargas did not go quietly as he fought his heart out. Contreras punished him badly but Vargas' steel chin kept him in the fight long after many thought he'd be in the dressing room or at the slot machines in the casino. The only time the fight looked in jeopardy of ending early was when Contreras suffered a cut to his left eye towards the closing seconds of round 10. Fortunately, Contreras' corner was able to stop the bleeding as he closed the remaining two rounds strong. The official scores were 119-109, 117-111, and 115-113 all in favor of Contreras. continue

Hopkins Advises Golota!

07.11.04 - By Scoop Malinowski: Pound-for-pound boxing number one Bernard Hopkins recently had a warrior-to-warrior conversation with heavyweight hopeful Andrew Golota. The undisputed Middleweight king had but one bit of simple counsel for Golota, who challenges John Ruiz for the WBA Heavyweight title on November 13th on pay-per-view at Madison Square Garden. Hopkins advised Golota, "Just stay focused." continue

Tyson and Hopkins: the Double Standard

07.11.04 - By Izyaslav “Slava” Koza - - Before I begin, I just want to acknowledge once again that I am a fan of both Mike Tyson and Bernard Hopkins. They come into each fight prepared and try to win, which is something an honest fight fan cannot question. The focus of the article, as most people who read my articles, know, usually, has to do with competition. In my opinion, there is no greater way to judge a fighter then by the likes of who he has fought. It’s the measuring stick I use to determine the amount of praise I think a fighter deserves. continue

Tszyu returns with a bang and Mitchell goes Thud

07.11.04 – By Eddy Manning: The word impressive could only be used as a mere understatement when summing up IBF Junior Welterweight champion Kostya Tszyu’s performance tonight. In three short but very sweet rounds Tszyu disposed of possibly his most dangerous threat in recent years, knocking out southpaw Sharmba Mitchell in 2:48 of round three. continue

Kostya Tszyu Obliterates Sharmba Mitchell in Three!

06.11.04 - By Rev. Marc Axelrod: World Junior Welterweight champion Kostya Tszyu looked every bit as impressive after his layoff as Felix Trinidad did after his. In less than three full rounds, Tszyu drilled Mitchell to the canvas four times and registered a tremendous third round knockout over the top contender in the division.

Tszyu punched with patience and precision, and Sharmba never recovered from the first right hand lead that wobbled him near the end of the second round. Both fighters came into the ring looking determined and ready. Mitchell was warmly received as he was introduced to the fight crowd in Glendale, Arizona. But Kosta Tszyu was roundly booed by the audience. But on this night, this was the heaviest opposition Tszyu would receive... continue

Comeback King Kostya Tszyu Stops Sharmba Mitchell

06.11.04 - In his first start in 22 months, Kostya "The Thunder Down Under" Tszyu showed why he not only is recognized as the world's best 140-pounder but also is regarded as one of the best boxers pound for pound in the sport when he successfully defended his IBF junior welterweight title with an impressive, shockingly easy third-round knockout over IBF Interim Champion Sharmba Mitchell Saturday on SHOWTIME. continue

My thoughts on both Juan Diaz and Kostya Tszyu

06.11.04 - By Tom Donelson: Baby Bull Juan Diaz is a perpetual machine, arms always moving and accurately hitting their target. Diaz is one of those guys who you can love. He is wiser than his 20 years of age and when he marches into the ring, he is all business. continue

Little Big Man Forgot to Box

06.11.04 - By J.B. - One can understand Sharmba “Little Big Man” Mitchell’s desire for a quick and decisive victory over Kostya Tszyu. Mitchell has waited over three years for redemption. Unfortunately, in his haste he neglected to bring his most valuable weapon into the ring – his boxing skills. continue

Tszyu vs Mitchell: Even I didn’t Expect That!

06.11.04 - By Izyaslav “Slava” Koza - - Well, what can I say besides the fact that, even though I picked Tszyu to win, I will be honest and admit that he exceeded my expectations tonight. Objectively speaking, Kostya came back after 2 years off, and ripped Mitchell like “Fido rips a chew toy.” continue

James Butler Finds Permanent Housing At Men's Central Jail

06.11.04 - By Fiona Manning: He once was called The Harlem Hammer. Now he is Felony Case #BA27315801 – Murder In The First Degree.

As of 12.45pm Monday afternoon, James Butler was also “permanently housed” at Men’s Central Jail on No Visitation status in downtown Los Angeles, where he awaits his fate in his next court date at 8.30am on November 23 at Los Angles Municipal Court’s Division 32 in the Hall of Justice in downtown LA. continue

Max Kellerman- Carrying On

06.11.04 - By Matthew Hurley: Since the day he debuted on ESPN’s Friday Night Fights Max Kellerman became a polarizing personality in the boxing world. You either loved his energetic style or you viewed him as an arrogant punk who simply lucked out and found himself pontificating on a grand stage. But one thing that can’t be denied is his love for the fight game and it’s many practitioners. Love him or loathe him, Max brought a youthful energy back to boxing and the broadcast booth. And it was much needed. continue

Little Big Man Looks Out to 'Zoo'- Tszyu vs. Mitchell II

05.11.04 – By Vincent van der Steen: On the 6th of November 2004 the boxing world will look out to one of the most anticipated rematches of recent years. On that night Sharmba ‘Little Big Man’ Mitchell – 55-3 (30) – will seek to avenge the 7th round technical knockout he suffered on the 3rd of February 2001 at the hands of Kostya ‘the Thunder from Down Under’ Tszyu – 30-1 (24) – in their WBC/WBA unification fight. continue

Bojorquez-Sanchez on Nov 22

05.11.04 - Every fighter takes immense risks when they set foot inside the ring. Every fighter wants to prove himself further as the bell rings; and on November 22nd, two gallant opponents will prove this statement to be accurate as they meet in a crossroads battle. Former IBA Champion and IBF contender Carlos “El Elegante” Bojorquez will face number-nine IBF ranked Eddie “La Flecha” Sanchez in a new “Path to Glory” Boxing Extravaganza from the Doubletree Hotel in Ontario. continue

Congratulations Main Events!

05.11.04 - Oscar de la Hoya and the entire Team of Golden Boy Promotions want to extend their sincere congratulations to Main Events for the successful launch of their first show in a series of step-up ESPN events. Said de la Hoya “Given today’s state of boxing, its takes people like Kathy Duva and Carl Moretti to bring innovation to the sport. Rather than being dragged down by, much negativity involving boxing, they keep coming up with ways to give the sport and most importantly the athletes much needed visibility. continue

Diaz Wins Retains Title In Blistering 12 Rounder!

05.11.04 - Carlos "Stiff-jab" Kalinchuk @ ringside -
- Photo Gallery - Last night, Juan “Baby Bull” Diaz 26-0 gave his usual effort as he fought with aggression for all twelve rounds to earn a unanimous decision victory against the very formidable Julien Lorcy 56-3-2. Although not many gave Lorcy much of a shot, Lorcy came to fight as both mixed it up throughout the night.

In the end though, it was Diaz’s assault that had Lorcy backing up and unable to go toe to toe or fight on the inside for long periods. As a result, Diaz retains his WBA Lightweight title. Stay tuned for more to come! continue

Witter: "When I Land Flush Its Lights Out"

05.11.04 - The BBC filmed an exclusive trailer on Wednesday to promote Junior Witter’s European light welterweight title defence against Poland’s Krzysztof Bienias on the Hennessy Sports November 12th ‘Born To Do It’ promotion at the Wembley Conference Centre. Sheffield’s Meadowhall Shopping Centre was the location. Junior’s punch power was the theme. “I don’t want to reveal too much to ruin the surprise,” said Junior. “But let’s just say that the trailer proves I am the hardest hitting 140 pounder in the world. continue

Tszyu-Mitchell, Guzman-Licona Showtime Press Conf. Quotes

05.11.04 - Two of boxing's most talented pound-for-pound fighters will square off in a highly anticipated rematch when IBF "Super" 140-Pound Champion Kostya Tszyu defends his title against Interim IBF Junior Welterweight Champion Sharmba Mitchell Saturday, Nov. 6, 2004, on SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING. In the co-feature, World Boxing Organization (WBO) Junior Featherweight Champion Joan Guzman will defend his title for the second time when he takes on WBO No. 13 contender Marcos Licona. continue

Antonio Tarver-Glen Johnson On HBO / December 18

LOS ANGELES, November, 5 – To be the best. It’s something that Antonio Tarver and Glen Johnson have worked years and years to achieve, with much of that time being spent away from the spotlight, sweating in gyms, fighting on undercards, waiting for the opportunity to shine. Those opportunities arrived in 2004, and both fighters made the most of them. Now, on Saturday, December 18, the last major fight of the year may be the most important one, as Tarver and Johnson will battle it out live at Los Angeles STAPLES Center, not only for total supremacy at 175 pounds, but for the likely title of ‘Fighter of the Year.’ continue

Junior Witter wants Floyd Mayweather Junior

05.11.04 - British, Commonwealth and European light welterweight champion Junior Witter has issued a no nonsense challenge to Floyd Mayweather Junior, arguably the world’s best pound for pound fighter. “Come on Pretty Boy, lets get it on,” said Witter, who defends his European Title against Poland’s Krzysztof Bienias on the November 12th Hennessy Sports ‘Born To Do It’ promotion at the Wembley Conference Centre. continue

Hall of Fame Flags at Half-Staff for Jimmy McLarnin

CANASTOTA, NY – NOVEMBER 5, 2004 – The International Boxing Hall of Fame announced its flags will fly at half-staff in memory of 2-time welterweight champion Jimmy "Baby Face" McLarnin. He passed away Thursday, October 28th at the age of 96. Born in Ireland, "Baby Face" McLarnin grew up in Vancouver, Canada. Under the guidance of manager Pop Foster, McLarnin turned pro in 1923 and in 1933 won the world welterweight title from Young Corbett III. continue

Vitali Klitschko-Danny Williams Press Conference Quotes

04.11.04 - A Press conference to formally announce the upcoming Klitschko-Williams world heavyweight championship fight on Saturday, Dec. 11, at Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas on HBO Pay-Per-View (9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT) was held Thursday in Los Angeles. Klitschko (34-2, 33 KOs) will make his first World Boxing Council (WBC) heavyweight title defense when he takes on contender and the man who knocked out Mike Tyson, Williams. K2 Promotions, Inc., and Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino will present the event. In the top undercard bouts on the HBO PPV telecast, unbeaten Miguel Cotto (21-0, 17 KOs) will defend his WBO junior welterweight crown against hard-hitting former WBA/WBO 140-pound champion Randall Bailey (28-4, 27 KOs), former IBF junior lightweight titleholder Carlos “Famous” Hernandez (40-4-1, 24 KOs) will box an opponent to be announced and former IBF lightweight kingpin Javier Jauregui (48-11-2, 34 KOs) will box FECARBOX 130-pound champion Carlos Navarro. The telecast is being produced and distributed by HBO Pay-Per-View. continue

Bunema Headlines Denver Title Bout Doubleheader on November 19th

04.11.04 - Promoter Ryan Madden of Lyon Sports Group, Inc. in conjunction with local promoter Aurelio Martinez, is bringing a double-header WBC sensation to Denver on Nov. 19 at the National Western Complex, Expo Hall II. WBC Super Welterweight Continental Americas Champion Alex Bunema will defend his title against Alberto Mercedes; continue

Tszyu: "It's Fight Time!"

04.11.04 - By Kostya Tszyu: We only have two days now until fight night with our final media press conference on Thursday and weigh-in on Friday here in Phoenix in the USA. All the training I have done over the last fourteen weeks has prepared me for this fight with Sharmba Mitchell. The training has been very tough and it has made me even tougher! continue

Late Klitschko-Williamson Analysis

04.11.04 - By Scoop Malinowski: Finally got to review the tape of Wladimir Klitschko vs. DaVarryl Williamson and I was stunned to see Klitschko looked MUCH better than I had heard from fans and even respected boxing experts. continue

Stargazing On Showtime!

04.11.04 - The stars will be coming out for Saturday's SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING fight card in Phoenix. Among those expected to attend the show are film star Russell Crowe, former undisputed heavyweight champion Mike Tyson and legendary rock star David Bowie. continue

Katsidis & Soliman In Action Saturday Night

04.11.04 - By Tony Nobbs: World rated Australian’s Michael ‘Rocky’ Katsidis and Sam Soliman face South American opponents on Saturday night in the Clive Berghofer Recreation Centre at the University of Southern Queensland in Toowoomba. Home boy Katsidis (13-0, 11 KO’s), the WBO # 8 at 140 pounds, headlines against experienced Argentine Sergio Liendo (62-20-3, 31 KO) for the IBF Pan Pacific Lightweight belt. continue

Q&A: Ronald "Winky" Wright

04.11.04 - By Ike Enwereuzor , Undisputed junior middleweight king Ronald "Winky" Wright (47-3) 25KO's of St Petersburg, Florida is currently preparing for the much anticipated rematch with former world champion "Sugar" Shane Mosley (39-4) on November 20 at Mandalay Bay Casino, Las Vegas, NV.

Wright, the highly skilled southpaw trained by Dan Burmingham won a unanimous decision over Mosley in their first meeting, which took place in March of 2004. continue

Brian Minto, Mike Marrone and Raymond Biggs Jr return to battle

04.11.04 - Duva Boxing is proud to announce that three of Duva Boxing’s newest signups and brightest young prospects who will now be fighting under their promotional banner will be putting their impressive skills on display again soon, as heavyweights Brian Minto, and Mike Marrone, as well as welterweight Raymond Biggs Jr. are all scheduled for upcoming appearances. continue

World Boxing Council News - WBC to strip Tarver?

04.11.04 - From WBC President Jose Sulaiman: "Friday, November 5, is the deadline for Antonio Tarver to decide, as far as the WBC is concerned, if he's going to sign the contract for the mandatory defense against official challenger Paul Briggs, or leave the green and gold WBC championship belt. continue

Q & A with Al Bernstein

04.11.04 - By Ron DiMichele: Boxing analyst, Al Bernstein, has been a familiar face to fight fans for over two decades. The voice of ESPN’s Top Rank Boxing Series for almost twenty years, Al has won numerous broadcasting awards and has been a part of many of boxing’s most memorable fights, including: Marvin Hagler-Thomas Hearns, Marvin Hagler-Sugar Ray Leonard, Evander Holyfield-Buster Douglas, and Sugar Ray Leonard-Roberto Duran to name a few. Al currently hosts ‘Bernstein on Boxing’ on Classic Sports and is a ringside analyst for Showtime Championship Boxing. Al recently took a few moments to share his views and insights with Eastside Boxing. continue

Honorio-Abelyan Headline Friday's "CMX Boxeo de Campeones"

LAS VEGAS, NV (November 4, 2004) – Now into its fifth full month of production, “CMX Boxeo de Campeones”-- presented by CMXsports and promoted by Guilty Boxing -- returns This Friday November 5, LIVE from The Gold Coast Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, NV. continue

Gardner Gets Title Shot November 20th Against Olajide

04.11.04 - Cappiello promotions announced today that junior middleweight contender Ian "The Cobra" Gardner, 17-1, 7ko, will be stepping up and taking on fellow once beaten Tukombo Olajide, 20-1. 17ko. The fight, which is not expected to make the HBO telecast, will be on the undercard of the undisputed title fight between Shane Mosley and Winky Wright at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. continue

Showtime Conf. Call Quotes: Sharmba Mitchell

03.11.04 - Two of boxing's most talented pound-for-pound fighters will square off in a highly anticipated rematch when IBF "Super" 140-Pound Champion Kostya Tszyu defends his title against Interim IBF Junior Welterweight Champion Sharmba Mitchell Saturday, Nov. 6, 2004, on SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING. In the co-feature, WBO Junior Featherweight Champion Joan Guzman will defend his title for the second time when he takes on WBO No. 13 contender Marcos Licona. SHOWTIME will televise both world title fights from the Glendale Arena in Phoenix, Ariz., at 9 p.m. ET/PT. (delayed on West Coast). Millenium Events, Inc., in association with Gary Shaw Productions, LLC, will present the fight card. continue

Paul Briggs Signs with Don King

03.11.04 - World Boxing Council No.1-rated 175-pound contender Paul Briggs signed a promotional agreement with Don King Productions today. This is the first time Briggs has signed with a promoter. “I have shunned all offers from promoters for the last three years,” Briggs said from King’s South Florida office, “because I wanted to become the No. 1 light heavyweight mandatory challenger to make sure I would be a top priority for any promoter. continue

Barker looking forward to London debut

03.11.04 - Former amateur star Darren Barker is looking forward to his first professional appearance in London when he boxes on the Hennessy Sports ‘Born To Do It’ promotion at the Wembley Conference Centre on November 12th. The Barnet boy first stepped through the ropes without a vest back in September at the Nottingham Arena when impressively dominating former world title challenger Howard Clarke over six lively rounds. continue

Wright - Mosley II Media Ballot

LAS VEGAS, NV (Election Day 2004) -- Incumbent WINKY WRIGHT, the first undisputed super welterweight champion in 29 years, and his challenger, SUGAR SHANE MOSLEY, a world champion in three different weight divisions, thrown out of office by Wright last March, return to the ring for their word title rematch, Saturday, November 20 at Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, NV. Promoted by Gary Shaw Productions, LLC, the fight will be televised live by HBO, beginning at
9:45 P.M. ET / 6:45 P.M. PT.

"The only difference between the rematch and the original fight will be the duration, not the result," stated southpaw Wright, a favorite of the left. "I am going to punch his ballot hard November 20!" continue

Lonnie Bradley Returns Nov 19th

02.11.04 - Philadelphia, PA - Ringway Promotions today announced that former WBO Middleweight Champion, Lonnie Bradley (29-1-1 21ko’s) will face off against local favorite Jameel Wilson (13-6-1 8ko’s) in an 8-round co-feature on November 19, 2004 at the Legendary Blue Horizon in Philadelphia, PA. continue

Vitali Klitschko reveals steroid use

02.11.04 - WBC heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko (34-2, 33 KO’s) has admitted to using steroids in his autobiography that has just been released in Germany. In the autobiography, Vitali reveals using steroids after aggravating a leg injury that he had previously sustained during a kick-boxing bout. continue

Interview with Mario Veit

02.11.04 - By Fabian Weber - - On November 6th German super middleweight contender Mario Veit, 44-1 (22), will be facing one of the strongest opponents of his career. The 30-year-old man from Hamburg will defend his WBO 168 lb. interim world title against American Charles Brewer, 40-9 (28), a former IBF world champion now ranked number 1 by the World Boxing Organization.

Brewer and Veit have a common opponent: Welchman Joe Calzaghe who beat them both. The winner of the duel between Veit and and Brewer would be in line to face Calzaghe again. continue

David Barnes Targets James Hare

02.11.04 - British Welterweight Champion David Barnes is confident that he will retain his title against James Hare on 12 November at the Northbridge Leisure Centre in Halifax. Barnes and Hare face each other in real 'trade' fight that is sure to excite the capacity crowd in attendance and produce the expected fireworks between the two best 147-pounder's in Britain. continue

David Walker looking to get back into title picture

02.11.04 - Former two-weight Southern Area champion David Walker is looking to get back amongst the titles in 2005. Kid Dynamite appears on the Hennessy Sports ‘Born To Do It’ promotion on November 12th at the Wembley Conference Centre in just his third fight since his unsuccessful challenge for the European Title against Roman Karmazin last year. continue

Juan Diaz On His Upcoming Fight With Julien Lorcy...

“…he covers up whenever you put pressure on him and so the more pressure I put on him the less he’s going to punch!”

01.11.04 - By Carlos "Stiff-jab" Kalinchuk: With just five days away from defending his WBA Lightweight Championship Title, Juan “Baby Bull” Diaz 25-0 (12 KO’s) sat down with Eastside Boxing to share his thoughts on his upcoming fight with Julien “Bobo” Lorcy 56-3-2 at the SBC Center in San Antonio Texas. Of course we asked him about a variety of other topics as well. This is a good read. continue

This Saturday; Eleazar Contreras vs Goyo Vargas In Title Fight Plus Mia St. John and Valerie Mahfood At Grand Casino Coushatta

01.11.04 – By Carlos “Stiff-jab” Kalinchuk: This Saturday The Grand Casino Coushatta in association with Bayou Promotions, LLC located in Kinder Louisiana will present Knockouts at Coushatta V. The card will be Grand Casinos fifth exciting boxing installment and will feature Eleazar Contreras 23-4-2 (9 KO’s) against Gregorio “Goyo” Vargas 45-8-1 (31 KO’s) of Mexico. They are scheduled to go twelve rounds for the NABF Lightweight Title. continue

Jose Diaz, Steps Out Of Older Brothers Spotlight This Thursday!

01.11.04 - By Carlos “Stiff-jab” Kalinchuk: This Thursday at the SBC Center in San Antonio Texas, as part of ESPN’s anticipated fight card featuring Main Event Juan Diaz and Julien Lorcy, the younger Diaz will take another step towards emerging from his brothers shadow as he’ll be featured in a scheduled four round Bantamweight fight. Jose Diaz is currently 4-0 (2 KO’s) and he’ll be fighting Tony Espinosa 2-5 of Colorado. With his aggressive style, he’ll be sure to create a similar if not larger following as he brother. I caught up with him recently in preparation for this fight. continue

It's Strictly Kosher…Dmitriy Salita Returns on Nov. 18

01.11.04 - Undefeated Jewish Junior Welterweight Dmitriy "Star of David" Salita to Headline DiBella Entertainment's Broadway Boxing Presented by Mohegan Sun on Thursday, November 18, at Grand Ballroom at the Manhattan Center. continue

The Klitschkos – Either You Love ‘em or You Hate ‘em

01.11.04 – By J.B. - For boxing fans in America there seems to be no middle ground when it comes to the Dr.’s Klitschko. In this ideological stalemate, both sides defend their position with a desperate ferocity reminiscent of the Western Front. No one is willing to set aside their preconceived notions about the boxers and venture into “no man’s land” for a frank discussion and reality check.

What is it about these two men that inspire such divisiveness among American boxing fans? Certainly, their size and intelligence play a role in the debate. Awestruck fans gaze upon them as if they were the eighth wonder of the world – a pair of modern day Colossus’ of Rhodes, poised to dominate the heavyweight division. continue

Bozy to take Barrett into the trenches

01.11.04 - Northampton’s Alan Bosworth has vowed to take Francis Barrett into the trenches when the two meet on November 12th at the Wembley Conference Centre for the EU light welterweight title. “This is going to be an all out war,” began Bosworth, 17(5)-13-2.. continue


Promoter Frank Warren today (1 November) announced that WBO World Super-Middleweight champion Joe Calzaghe has signed a new managerial and promotional agreement with Sports Network. Calzaghe, unbeaten in 38 fights and the longest reigning world champion in British boxing,defended his title successfully for the fifteenth time against Kabary Salem in Edinburgh last month.

The 32-year-old Welshman joins British heavyweight star Danny Williams, who challenges Vitali Klitschko for his WBC World Heavyweight Title next month in Las Vegas, in re-signing with Warren. continue

Conference Call Transcript: Hasim Rahman, Kali Meehan

01.11.04 - Hasim Rahman: They haven’t been the worst opponents in the world, and, secondly, I would like to say that they just got me back on a rhythm in terms of keeping my body in shape and taking my body to the next level. And that’s exactly what I did to get to the title in the first place. I had to take those types of fights to work my way up the ladder and do what no other prospect would do. I feel like I am the best prospect in the game, and now I want to be champion [again]. After this fight, I will go on to win the world title. continue

Conference Call Transcript: Evander Holyfield, Larry Donald

01.11.04 - EVANDER HOLYFIELD: I think the layoff has helped me. It gave me a chance to realistically go back and look at my past fights and that would let me know if I am willing to pay the price that is necessary. People have to make that decision for themselves if it helped me after this fight.

The adjustment is that I changed trainers, which is a great thing. A lot had to do with it. I have a trainer that knows me. He worked with me back in the George Benton days. He realizes what I can do and he believes in me. It’s amazing when you get in the ring’ A lot has to do with what someone expects of you. continue

Q&A With Sam "King" Soliman

01.11.04 - Ike Enwereuzor - IBF Pan Pacific middleweight champion Sam "King" Soliman (27-7 9KO's) is expected to trade blows with Colombian Diego Castillo (21-2 18KO's) on November 6, in Queensland, Australia. Soliman now ranked IBF number-one mandatory challenger is calling out undisputed middleweight king, Bernard Hopkins, former world champion Felix Trinidad and all top middleweights in the world. Here's what "King" Sam Soliman had to say.. continue

Conference Call Transcript: John Ruiz, Andrew Golota

01.11.04 - SAM COLONNA: You have to be careful of John Ruiz. He’s a dirty fighter, you have to be careful, he hits behind the head, he hits low. When Andrew does that he gets disqualified. When John Ruiz does it, he finds a way not to get disqualified and win the fight. Against John Ruiz, we are going to be prepared for anything he does. We have been training with four or five different sparring partners. In fact, we had to hire two more [sparring partners] because two of them fell out because Andrew was hurting them. We have been training for the last three months and have been doing everything to win this fight.

NORMAN STONE: I never heard that comment once. It’s just the opposite. Golota clubs, he punches behind the head, he hits below the belt. I don’t know where Sam’s coming from but… continue



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