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Stiverne: Wilder won’t make it past the 6th round

(Photo credit: Naoki Fakuda) Tonight’s fight between WBC heavyweight champion Bermane Stiverne (24-1-1, 21 KOs) and his hard-hitting challenger Deontay Wilder (32-0, 32 KOs) will be a short one, according to Stiverne. The 36-year-old Stiverne expects to get the inexperienced Wilder out of there by the 6th round by knocking him out in a painful fashion.

Stiverne notes that Deontay has positives in his game such as his power and height, but he feels that he’s not ready to step up so quickly at this juncture in his career.

“I think he’s [Wilder] a fraud. I don’t think he deserves to be fighting for the title and that’s why not with it,” Stiverne said via “But what is worse is that he is not even ready to fight at this level. I would be surprised if this fight goes more than 5 or 6 rounds.” Continue reading

Monroe out-slicks Vera

In the main bout of ESPN’s Friday Night Fights, 2014 Boxcino middleweight champion Willie “El Mongoose” Monroe Junior (19-1, 6 kos) scored a ten round unanimous decision over Brian Vera (23-9, 14 kos) at the Turning Stone Resort and Casino in Verona.

The slick New York southpaw could hardly have been more impressive as he dominated the 33 year old Texan veteran putting on a wonderful exhibition of boxing. Continue reading

Stiverne with 20lb weight advantage over Deontay Wilder

(Photo credit: Esther Lin/Showtime) A slightly flabby looking WBC heavyweight champion Bermane Stiverne (24-1-1, 21 KOs) weighed in 20 pounds heavier than his opponent Deontay Wilder (32-0, 32 KOs) on Friday at the weigh-in for their fight on Saturday night at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada. Stiverne weighed in at 239 pounds. However, he looked like he was carrying around at least 20-30 pounds of extra fat on his frame that obviously won’t help him much on Saturday night.

In contrast, Deontay Wilder weighed in at a lean 219 pounds, but there was no fat at all on his frame. Basically both guys weigh the same if you take away the extra fat that Stiverne is carrying around. Continue reading

Pacquiao sends a message to Floyd Mayweather Jr: “Sign the contract!”

While in NYC, Manny Pacquiao was approached by TMZ, and asked if there was anything he could say to Mayweather Jr., what would it be?

“Sign the contract,” replied Pacquiao.

Indeed, if there is a contract to sign, team Mayweather Jr. should listen to the public and finalize the fight that simply has no more room for postponement. While there is still significant interest in the fight, most believe that there is a threshold, and once reached, their bout will no longer bring in as much profit as everyone currently expects.

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Mayweather-Pacquiao – Espinoza: ” If we were running a race we would still have a ways to go”

In an interview with USA Today, Showtime’s Stephen Espinoza has made it clear that while both sides want the fight to happen, finalizing the deal is not yet around the corner.

“We’re making meaningful progress but if we were running a race we would still have a ways to go. Everyone is trying to get to the finish line as soon as possible,” said Espinoza via Continue reading

Bermane Stiverne: You will never ever hear about Deontay Wilder after this fight

(Photo credit: Naoki Fakuda) If everything goes right for WBC heavyweight champion Bermane Stiverne (24-1-1, 21 KOs) he’ll be putting an end to the Deontay Wilder (32-0, 32 KOs) hype and sending him off into obscurity after giving him an embarrassing thrashing at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Stiverne figures that if he knocks the 6’7” Deontay Wilder in shocking fashion, Deontay will be forgotten by boxing fans after this fight and written off as a serious heavyweight contender. As it is, Deontay has been compared frequently with 6’7” American heavyweight Michael Grant, who started off his career with a near identical record of 31-0. Continue reading

Wladimir Klitschko vs. Shannon Briggs in Munich, Germany?

In a recent interview with RTL, Wladimir Klitschko’s manager Bernd Boente has stated that the Ukrainian champion has reserved a fight venue is Munich, Germany just in case their negotiations with camp Jennings for April 25th in New York don’t pan out.

Hearing this sort of news a few months back, I would call the bluff. Of all the heavyweight bouts out there, Klitschko vs. Briggs was not fathomable. But as the popular belief of hard work paying off goes, it looks as though Briggs’s efforts are showing results.

In an interview with the same television channel RTL, Wladimir himself declared that he would like to fight another American besides Jennings: Shannon Briggs. Continue reading

Deontay Wilder: The fans can’t fight for you, Stiverne

(Photo credit: Esther Lin/Showtime) Heavyweight Deontay Wilder (32-0, 32 KOs) thinks that WBC heavyweight champion Bermane Stiverne (24-1-1, 21 KOs) has gained confidence from the support from the boxing fans who are pulling for to beat the tall 6’7” American this Saturday night at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Deontay doesn’t care what the fans are saying, because he feels he’s going to expose the 6’2” Haitian heavyweight as a mediocre heavyweight when he blasts him out in front of the MGM Grand crowd. Continue reading

Deontay Wilder interested in facing Tyson Fury after Stiverne fight

(Photo credit: Esther Lin/Showtime) Deontay Wilder (32-0, 32 KOs) hasn’t yet finished his business with WBC heavyweight champion Bermane Stiverne (24-1-1, 21 KOs) for this Saturday night, but already Deontay is looking past the fight towards a showdown with Britain’s Tyson Fury. Deontay is up for the clash with Fury if he can’t get a bout against IBF/IBO/WBA/WBO heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko.

That’s the fight that Deontay really wants, but he’d settle for a fight against Fury. However, the one problem with that is Fury is the WBO mandatory challenger for Klitschko, and it’s unlikely he’ll take a fight against Deontay before he gets the Klitschko fight. It’s too dangerous, and Fury won’t want to take the chance that he gets whipped by Deontay before he gets his payday fight against Wladimir. Continue reading

Mayweather-Pacquiao fight close to being done

Sam Watson, a close associate of Al Haymon, says that the Floyd Mayweather Jr vs. Manny Pacquiao fight is close to being done. It’s being worked on, and they’re at the part where they’re trying to iron out the Showtime and HBO deal. Both networks will likely be televising the fight on pay per view on the same night.

This part of the deal is going to be tricky, and one can only hope that they don’t mess things up. Pacquiao has reportedly agreed to a 60-40 split of the money. Continue reading