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Floyd Mayweather Jr

Mayweather/Pac: Why Floyd Has No Chance…

I have heard a lot of hype about this fight, lots of hoopla, people saying stuff about the camps, psychology, trainers, drug testing, networks and so on. I have not seen much about the actual skills of the boxer when pitted against each other. What I have seen is how Mayweather will win and how faded Manny Pacquiao is. Well, I think Pacquiao will win and nobody has really said much about the details of how Pacquiao will win, which is silly because he has a great chance, this is my opinion.

Pacman’s offence, as usual, is the key to him winning specifically his punch output combined with his accuracy and most importantly his footwork; Floyd has never fought anyone with the combined output and accuracy. Manny has a high output and because of the speed which he can deliver punches he is very accurate for a person that throws that many punches. Continue reading

Left-Hook Lounge Radio Presents: Mayweather vs Pacquiao – Randall Bailey Special In-Studio Guest Today

Check out Left Hook Lounge Radio on BlogTalkRadio LIVE tonight at 9ET/6PT, hosted by Boxing247 / East Side Boxing resident scribe Vivek “Vito” Wallace. Left Hook Lounge Radio kicks off a full 30 days of live radio coverage breaking down Mayweather vs Pacquiao with some of the best minds in the business. Continue reading

May 2nd…Mayweather/Pacquiao – Will It Be Fraud or Floyd?

I had some computer problems recently. After weeks of stop-start connectivity, my laptop called it a day and I found myself staring at something called ‘a television’ with someone called ‘a wife’. It was terribly disorientating so I had to decide if it was time to visit the barman or the techie who lived down the lane and the latter would prove to be cheaper. A young guy with face fluff and mop-top set to work and, before I could say ten pints of Guinness my good man, new life was bestowed on my coffee stained computer and I was spared another trip to rehab. As I hadn’t accessed fight updates in nearly a week, I was eager to get all the news so you can understand my bitter disappointment when the first post I saw was Manny Pacquiao out cold following the JMM punch and an idiotic banner that read “What time is it? It’s Pacquiao O Clock”. Continue reading

Video: Mayweather Sr responds to reports Zab Judah knocked out Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Befitting the unprecedented nature of this mega-fight, a bout that is expected to be the richest in boxing history, Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao were given the royal treatment Wednesday at a gala press conference at Nokia Theatre at LA Live.

A glitzy, Hollywood-style red carpet—comparable to that of Hollywood’s biggest award shows—was rolled out to welcome the fighters and afford access to more than 700 credentialed media members from around the world. Among the formidable press core were dozens of television and radio crews and literally hundreds of newspaper columnists, boxing writers, and news, entertainment and sports reporters. Even the Goodyear Blimp flew above to mark the occasion as the top-two fighters of this generation, Mayweather and Pacquiao, went face-to-face for the first time prior to their epic welterweight world championship unification bout Saturday, May 2, at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. Continue reading

Pacman vs TBE – What’s the Matter?

The incessant chatter has gone beyond “shooting the breeze”. Voices of disharmony hope to gain support for their viewpoint. Much of their utterings, gossip, and jawboning drifts off into the land of piddling. That should come as no surprise to us, because it would seem that anyone who has ever laced on a pair of boxing gloves, or helped someone else do so has been asked to give his 2cents. There’s no need for him to elbow to the front either. He just needs to hang tight and quicker than later someone will shove a mic under his nose and try to capture the elusive essence of the upcoming May 2nd mega event. Unfortunately, the public is discovering the camera is shaky and so are the opinions. Continue reading

Official: Sky will show Mayweather-Pacquiao in UK – fee £19.95

It’s official: Sky Sports will exclusively televise the May 2nd mega-fight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao on Box Office, with Sky today announcing how they have been awarded exclusive live T.V rights in the U.K.

After a fierce bidding war between Sky, BoxNation and BT Sports, Sky have emerged victorious and they promise a lengthy series of build-up shows to further wet the appetite of fight fans in the days and weeks preceding the welterweight title showdown.

Now, to the biggest question the fans have been asking: how much will it cost to watch the fight in the comfort of one’s armchair? Sky have announced how the fight will be priced at £19.95, which is only a small amount above their regular Box Office fee of £17.95. This is sure to please a lot of people, especially after there had been rumours the fight would carry with it a pay-per-view price tag of anywhere from £30 to £49.99. Continue reading

Roach: “We will make him to be as competitive as we would want him to be”

Both Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. have a long lasting relationship, except theirs is not a good fluffy one; instead it consists of strong dislike and social competition.

Pacquiao, while having a shaky past, one filled with cheating, gambling, drinking, and other character tarnishing activities, has always been trying to earn the approval of his fellow man. He was always closely involved in local politics, charities, and actively participated in helping the people every time a natural disaster touched Philippines. After holding a position of a congressman, there were rumors that he is now aiming at elevating his position in the government. A good Samaritan, a loyal husband, and a religious leader, Pacquiao has become a man people can be proud of. Continue reading

Mayweather/Pacquiao – From Whence Comes The Hate

The contract have been agreed on and signed, a date has been set for the fight, competing cable networks with broadcasting rights of the fights of the two pugilistic competitors have reached agreement on who will air what and when, and we wait in gleeful anticipation for May 2 when this will reach its final culmination in the ring. In the interim, the usual coverage and promoting has gotten into full swing, but with variations that are not exactly standard in this process. But then again, it is a Floyd Mayweather Jr. fight, a boxer who seem to generate more hate and hostility from a boxing public not seen in the US since Cassius Clay refused to step forward on the 28th of April 1967 to be inducted into the US army, citing religious reasons for his objection. No, I certainly am not inferring that Floyd Mayweather Jr. is a current day replica of Muhammed Ali. I am contending there are similarities in the visceral expositions of hate and hostility directed at him, as that which we saw during that Muhammed Ali era. Continue reading

Ariza may work out for Floyd Mayweather

The reports coming out of the Mayweather Boxing Club, have Floyd showing more punching power while sparring than he’s had in the recent past. Jeff Mayweather, uncle of the P4P king has spoken about a recent 3 round sparring session between Mayweather and Zab Judah, that his nephew dominated and “beat Judah up”. Reports from a couple of weeks back had Mayweather stopping a sparring partner with a body shot. Uncle Jeff said he initially believed that his nephew brought former Pacquiao strength and conditioning coach Alex Ariza in as psychological ploy against the Pacquiao camp.

What’s funny here is that Ariza is now doing strength and conditioning training for Floyd Mayweather. What’s also funny is how suspicious many of the Mayweather naysayers (haters) have become regarding that relationship. I say funny because the inference is that Ariza could be up to no good, even though it was great when Ariza worked for Pacquiao. Continue reading