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Floyd Mayweather Jr

Andre Berto: Dedicating Floyd Fight to ‘Those Who Believe in the Underdog’

When he steps between the ropes to face P4P star Floyd Mayweather at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on September 12th, Florida’s Andre Berto will most likely be one of the only men on the planet who actually believes he has what it takes to crack the “May-Vinci Code” and win the fight.

A disappointing candidate in the eyes of most right thinking fans for Floyd’s 49th, and ostensibly ‘final’ fight, Berto will enter with some online odds makers as much 1/200 against, but has promised those numbers are misguided, and that he has what it takes to upset those odds, and do what 46 men before him have failed to do. Continue reading

Floyd Mayweather, Badou Jack, Ishe Smith Open Media Quotes, Videos, Photos

Floyd “Money” Mayweather (48-0, 26 KOs) opened up the Mayweather Boxing Club on Wednesday for his last media day ever as he prepares for the last fight of a celebrated 19-year career. He will defend his WBC and WBA Welterweight World Championships against power-punching, two-time welterweight world champion Andre Berto (30-3, 23 KOs) on Saturday, Sept. 12 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, live on SHOWTIME PPV® (8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT).

If triumphant, Mayweather would match the record of the late heavyweight champion Rocky Marciano, who retired in April 1956 with a record of 49-0. Continue reading

BoxNation to show Mayweather vs. Berto and Jack vs. Groves on 9/12

LONDON (24 August) – Boxing superstar and the best pound-for-pound fighter on the planet Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather will end his iconic career live and exclusive on the world’s number one boxing channel BoxNation when he takes on Haitian hard-hitter Andre Berto on September 12.

The unbeaten Mayweather will hang up his gloves following the Berto clash after an illustrious 19-year career which has seen him capture world titles in five different weight divisions and be regarded as one of the very best in boxing history. Continue reading

Will Andre Berto REALLY Be Floyd’s Last Fight? Leonard Ellerbe says “Yes, That’s a Fact”

Floyd Mayweather’s assertions that Andre Berto will be the final fight of his illustrious career have caused many to raise a cynical eyebrow, certain that the P4P boss won’t be able to withstand the temptation of yet more filthy lucre as well as a shot at bolstering his claim as the self professed “best ever” by beating Rocky Marciano’s hallowed 49-0 unblemished slate with a 50th contest next year.

One man who insists that won’t be the case is Floyd’s right hand man and confidant, Leonard Ellerbe, the “official” mouthpiece of the outfit, who remains steadfast in his belief that we will see no more Mayweather after September 12th. Continue reading

Mayweather: Everybody is Overlooking Berto / The Betting Odds Should be Closer

Watching the latter day Floyd Mayweather in interviews and at media scrums is a little bit like watching a small child who has been told by it’s mother – “think carefully before you speak,” such are the deliberate pauses for careful consideration every time he opens his mouth these days.

The delay each time he’s asked a question grows more amusing every time he is interviewed, and if there were silence you’d probably hear the sound of distant tumbleweed blowing around inside his skull such is the intellectual capacity of the media-trained, self-professed “Best Ever.” Continue reading

Win A Trip To Mayweather-Berto In Las Vegas

ALL ACCESS Mayweather Moments Sweepstakes will offer fans a chance to relive some unforgettable moments from the Emmy® Award-winning series ALL ACCESS and the opportunity to win a VIP trip to the Sept. 12 showdown between Floyd Mayweather and Andre Berto at MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

The bracket sweepstakes from SHOWTIME Sports celebrates the sixth and final fight of a record-breaking deal between Mayweather and Showtime Networks Inc., as Mayweather takes on Berto in what is expected to be the last bout of his Hall of Fame career. Continue reading

Rhonda, Now You’ve Gone Too Far

Rhonda Rousey has proven to be one of the most exciting personalities in sports. She has a sharp mind and proves to be a good person to interview. She never backs away from tough questions, and never backs done when challenged. So far she has been perfect in the sport of caged fighting. The most impressive part of her undefeated record is how quickly she dispatches her foes. Her opponents know she’s famous for a particular “arm bar” type submission hold. But, knowing that and preventing it from happening are two different things.

However, to believe she could actually beat someone like Floyd Mayweather, Jr. is amusing. The suggestion comes with the caveat that it be a no rules brawl. Rousey attempts to convince her fans and others that Floyd would be at a big disadvantage in such a contest. A “no rules” contest would lesson or eliminate Floyd’s superior boxing skills. Continue reading

Floyd Mayweather Junior lists his top-5 fighters of all-time

Much has been made of the recent top-five unbeaten superstar Floyd Mayweather Junior came out with in terms of his picks for the five best fighters in boxing history. For those fans that missed it, Mayweather – currently, of course, 48-0 and closing in on his 49th and “final” fight, against huge underdog Andre Berto in September – listed the following top-5:

1: Floyd Mayweather Junior (wow, what a surprise!)

2: Roberto Duran

3: Pernell Whitaker

4: Julio Cesar Chavez

5: Muhammad Ali Continue reading

Mayweather 49-0: Boxing History Dumbed Down

1955 was also the year that bid a sad adieu to screen icon James Dean. The Rebel without a cause would meet his maker on Route 466 when, on September 30th, his Porsche 550 ‘Little Bastard’ car careered off the highway attempting to avoid Donald Turnopspeed’s Ford Tudor. The film world mourned and still does. Ray Kroc started the McDonalds fast food chain and Bill Haley’s ‘Rock around the Clock’ had music lovers dancing off the Big Mac’s and fries. But 1955 would also be a landmark year for the world of boxing when heavyweight champion Rocky Marciano went 49-0 to set, what would become, the longest standing championship record in the history of the sport. Continue reading

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