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Bernard Hopkins

The Year in Review: Six Notable Fights in 2014 – Part I — Pacquiao, Hopkins, Froch, More!

By Paul Paparazzi Jones – Photo © (clockwise) Paul “Paparazzi” Jones/ESB; Steve Lopez/ESB; Al Santiago/ImageSantiago; Chris Farina/Top Rank | Illustration – Paul “Paparazzi” Jones

In this two-part review, I chronicle six of the most anticipated bouts of 2014. In Part I, I cover three key fights from the first half of the year. In Part II, I describe three fights from the remainder of the year and list match-ups that deserve honorable mention.

I selected each of these contests based on their ability to produce drama, historical significance, and/or sustained action. In addition, I emphasize tilts with pound-for-pound and title implications. Continue reading

Bernard Hopkins: Lace ‘Em Up, or Hang ‘Em Up?

This past Saturday night, Sergey Kovalev was able to show that his style was indeed something that the older Bernard Hopkins was simply not able to adjust to. Kovalev won every single round, decisively. While he was unable to do any physical damage Hopkins, he did deliver a statement, one advising Hopkins to call it quits.

No matter how you turn it, no matter how you realign it, at this point in time Hopkins would lose to a fighter like Kovalev every time. While Hopkins looked in shape, and showed no lack of stamina or concentration, his savior from hitting the canvas for good was his well chiseled defense. Other than his turtle shell guard, his offense was nowhere to be found. Continue reading

Sergey Kovalev Does The Job And Gives Good Advice

Sergey “Krusher” Kovalev 25-0-1(23KO) managed to bundle up three light heavyweight titles (WBA, IBF, & WBO) with his one-sided win over Bernard Hopkins at the Boardwalk Center, Atlantic City, N.J. The main point of interest, prior to the opening belt, was an expectation that sooner or later the experienced oldster Bernard “Alien” Hopkins 55-7-2 (32KO) would manage to set a trap. When the bait was taken, Hopkins would nail the Russia hard enough to start the ball rolling in his favor. After all, the Krusher, according to Hopkins, was a crude brawler, whose defense was porous, someone ready to be exploited.

The main reason or interest in the fight was Hopkins’ advanced age, and that carried through, even thought the ring action was one-sided. But, unlike other one-sided affairs, there remained the faint hope in the wily old fox. Might he once again shock the boxing world? The odds were against it. The likelihood of an upset grew even fainter when Philly’s own went down from a glancing right hand in the first round. The question of whether Krusher could hurt the veteran was answered. Continue reading

The “Krusher” debunks “The Alien” – a dream match come true or a round by round chronicle of defeat foretold

The pre-fight build up and the suspense had obviously gotten to both Sergey Kovalev and Bernard Hopkins as they showed uncharacteristic body language while waiting for the opening bell on Saturday night at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Kovalev was unusually restless and had an urgent expression while Hopkins’s face was hidden behind his new mask but he looked artificial and stiff walking aimlessly around the ring. Hopkins tried too hard to appear nonchalant and refused to touch gloves with Kovalev who tried to show respect to the veteran but cared little for his mind games.

Round 1- timing is of the essence. Kovalev lost all respect after the bell, he took center ring and stalked Hopkins who openly refused to engage and started trying to buy time while conserving energy. “The Krusher” did not rush forward; he gave Hopkins the courtesy of “feeling him out”, adjusting the range and testing his reflexes. Midway through the round Kovalev’s demeanor changed, he raised his head from behind the guard, his expression softened and he started “walking in the park”, it was his fight already and he knew the reason. Continue reading

Kovalev Grounds “The Alien”

All that Remains is a Win vs. Stevenson to Unify the Light Heavyweight Division

By Justin Jones and Paul “Paparazzi” Jones | Photo © Paul “Paparazzi” Jones – Atlantic City, NJ – Many questioned whether WBO champion Sergey “Krusher” Kovalev (26-0-1, 23 KOs) could defeat future Boxing Hall of Famer and former WBA/IBF champ Bernard “The Alien” Hopkins (55-7-2, 32 KOs) in a Light Heavyweight unification bout. People pointed to Kovalev’s limited competition, the lack of a signature win, and a sizeable gap in experience between the two. Continue reading

Hopkins vs Kovalev: Keys to Victory, Four to Explore, Official Prediction!

1-HopkinsKovalevWeighIn_HoganphotosIn only a few hours, fight fans around the world will get a chance to see potential history as the legendary Bernard Hopkins (55-6-2, 32KOs) takes on the very dangerous Sergey Kovalev (25-0, 23KOs). Few in the sport have stepped up to take such a challenge. Weeks away from age 50, one warrior took the bout without flinching. For Kovalev, a resume short on credibility has led to many questions. Most which will be answered by the final bell. As we prepare for this showdown, we’ll take a look at “Keys to Victory”, “Four to Explore”, and an “Official Prediction”:


For Hopkins, this is a very dangerous fight. Rarely has ever been hit flush, but it’s even more rare to see him hit often. Kovalev has been trained to attack without fear. Hopkins wasn’t able to get in his head with pre-fight antics, but fans can expect that to change in the ring. Hopkins is known for setting traps and frustrating an opponent early with clinches and a cunning defense. He will need to bait Kovalev and get him to open up, taking that opportunity to countershot with precision punches, mainly his patented lead right hand. This will make Kovalev hesitant to fire. If Hopkins can frustrate Kovalev early, the entire dynamics of the fight changes, and Hopkins can cruise to victory. Continue reading

Bernard Hopkins – pushing the limits and defying the odds in challenging Sergey Kovalev

Hopkins has crammed himself into a tight spot and eve his most optimistic fans will hardly be at ease on Saturday night. This should be a simple fight from strategic point of view and a straightforward game plan for both boxers. The clash of styles is almost a stereotype and you can’t really surprise Hopkins with a move unless you put him down and you won’t make Kovalev hesitate unless you take his best shots and remain on your feet.

Hopkins prides himself in his mental game and “secret service” approach in studying his opponent’s intimate personal traits and sniffing out weaknesses. Knowing every dirty trick in the book and blindsiding referees could work when he is evenly matched and needs to unsettle an opponent. Antics and tricks aside, there is no gimmick against functional speed and ambidextrous power. Continue reading

Hopkins – Kovalev: Hollywood Couldn’t Write it

@FKSportsBlog – The moment it was announced the Bernard Hopkins would face Sergey Kovalev on November 8th at Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City, my first thought was that of trepidation for the oldest world champion in boxing history, 2 weeks shy of his 50th birthday. That’s the knee jerk reaction, which must have been experienced by almost every boxing fan and professional to such a perverse match-up when looked at with conventional logic.

Make no mistake; Bernard Hopkins 55-6-2 (32 KO’s) is taking on a challenge measurable against any feat attempted in boxing history. This is a 49-year-old man, who has not registered a knockout in 10 years (Hopkins KO’d Oscar De Hoya at the MGM Grand Las Vegas in 2004), faced with Kovalev 25-0-1 (23 KO’s) the most ferocious puncher in the world of boxing. (With the possible exception of Gennady Golovkin) Continue reading

Left-Hook Lounge Radio: Hopkins vs Kovalev Preview (In-Studio Guest “Iceman” John Scully)

Left-Hook Lounge Radio goes live tonight at 9ET/6PT! EastSideBoxing’s Vivek “Vito” Wallace, joined by trainer/analyst “Iceman” John Scully, will break down tomorrow night’s clash between Bernard Hopkins (55-6-2, 32KO’s) and Sergey Kovalev (25-0, 23KO’s). For the ageless wonder, Bernard Hopkins, Father-time is at the doorstep knocking. Could this be the night it finally breaks in? Call in live at 949.943.1665 or follow this link to hear what they think!

(Vivek “Vito” Wallace can be reached at 954.770.9807, [email protected], Instagram (ViveksView), Twitter @vivekwallace747), and Facebook) Continue reading

Bernard Hopkins believes that he has no place on boxing’s pound-for-pound list

The world’s oldest ever world champion Bernard Hopkins believes that he has no place on boxing’s pound-for-pound list.

The current WBA and IBF light-heavyweight world champion is gearing up to face hard-hitting Sergey Kovalev this Saturday night on BoxNation in an edge of the seat unification clash, which will also see the Russian’s WBO belt up for grabs. Continue reading