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I got what you intend, appreciate it for posting .Woh I am lucky to find this website through google. I was walking down the street wearing glasses when the prescription ran out. by Steven Wright. bdcdbeaakbkegfbf

Posted May 3, 2014 5:32 am 

Mick the Marmalizer

Xelloss: Thanks mate, I wasn’t sure.

Posted November 8, 2013 6:34 pm 


At Mick: No idea about the Oz stuff. I dont know anything about Towers or his situation, but DMX likely correct. From what I know about international and travel protocol in general, if Towers was a member of an “organization” that was recognized as criminal then by default the paperwork packet receives different scrutiny and is subject to different standards and processes – known affiliation with listed criminal org can hamper your travel even without having served time. Its a different animal altogether than having just been in a fistfight.

Murray can get a P1 in the USA no problem even having been in a fight. Just needs to have a boxing sanctioning body and event promoters vouch for him and the event(s) planned in writing. He can visit no problem, it was just a “work” issue.

Posted November 8, 2013 4:37 pm 

Pat Mustard

Hearns promised a great undercard for the PPV, there’s big British names but they’re all fighting cans so what’s the point?

Posted November 8, 2013 3:58 pm 

boxing barlow

Murray vrs ggg please!

Posted November 8, 2013 3:29 pm 


DMX- not a shabby analysis. hard to fault. mundane dwarfs mosely, and lets face it……Moseley is finished. me also thinks that he needs a KO to win. I think the fight will be lacklustre. by the way, do u agree with me that danny green has zero natural talent and has incredibly well to go so far (be honest mate)

Posted November 8, 2013 11:04 am 


Mosely knows this
He is coming back under to chase the KO
Mundine hasn’t made LM for 2 Years
I think although Mundine has all the physical advantages in height, reach , age etc
So did Margarito
Shane has to overcome a spearing jab, the long arms and clinches to thump away at the body
If he can do that, he can get the stoppage
Mundine will weaken after 8 hard rounds
Mosely has to throw EVERYTHING
If it goes to the Judges, he will lose

Posted November 8, 2013 9:43 am 


@DMX – “I will be cheering for Shane, but think due to his size think Mundine may nick it in a Great fight”

I have a bad feeling about how this fight is going to go. Mosley isn’t the greatest “chaser” in the world (i.e. see the Mora fight for example), so I think Mundine is likely to play spoiler, and being that he’s running the promotion, the ref will allow as much clinching as necessary.
I’d be surprised if Mosley walks away the victor (and it’ll likely be by KO if he does).

Posted November 8, 2013 9:20 am 


yep, it most certainly was not a premature stoppage. I concur that you are a funny storyteller though

Posted November 8, 2013 8:01 am 


Hahaha Oh DMX I love some of your posts, especially those short stories just recently. But C’mon, a premature stoppage….Oh my goodness….Towers was still on queer street and that was 15 sec after he got hit almost over the ropes.

Posted November 8, 2013 7:15 am 


DMX – mundine is not hated because he is half aboriginal, he is hated because he is a wanker, that is the only reason. mundine has a lot of natural talent, unfortunetly he was not able to become anything. danny green has absolutely no natural talent, zero. it is nothing short of astonishing that he has gone as far as he has. mundine is a scumbag. the guy evenm hung out with sheikh al hilaly just after that prick made his famous “uncovered meat” statement. his piss poor attitude destroyed his rugby rep’ career, oh and let us not forget his comment days after sept 11, when he said “America deserved it, they bought it on themselves” (not a good career move. its such a shame, because if mundine wasn’t such a pratt, he could have been a national treasure, never drank or smoked, never done drugs, does a lot for charity, loved by all westies in Sydney. mundine could have united this country. instead he behaves like a petulant brat and earns the scorn of an entire nation. I wonder if he had his time again, would he do any different??? nice chatting with ya mate, seeya again, cheers

Posted November 8, 2013 4:58 am 


Think it was the seriousness of the charges
Murray had a fight with a club doorman/ bouncer
(Who hasn’t)
Towers was involved with a Gang that kidnapped a guy and tortured him with hot irons etc
(Although in fairness, Towers was not involved in the actual torture)

Posted November 8, 2013 4:24 am 

Mick the Marmalizer

Xelloss: My point is that both Murray & Towers have served time for violent crimes, so how come Murray got a visa while Towers was refused?

Posted November 8, 2013 4:15 am 


Thank you Pie Chucker for the kind words
A little bit of venomous humour to get the message across never hurt anyone

Mundine plays the Villain role extremely well and has made Anthony millions, by this blind hatred that most of white Australia has for him
I mention Mundine to workmates, and that’s it . . . .
The look of hate that comes over them , their pupils dilate, beads of sweat form on their foreheads, their top lip curl up before they explode into a expletive tirade
I find it hilarious
It defies logic

Yes I would love to see Mundine v Greeen have another go, but it will never happen now
Hard training, dieting and dedication to his craft have shown Mundine moving down the weights picking up titles as he goes
Greens laziness, love of beer, bbq’d food, cream cakes and body building have shown that he has blown up in weight, and is now 4 weight divisions above his nemesis

I did have tickets to Mundine v Mosely I
And I will be at the rearranged fight, but that is for the opportunity to see Shane Mosely
I will be cheering for Shane,
but think due to his size think Mundine may nick it in a Great fight

Posted November 8, 2013 4:02 am 


that should be Big Daddy Browne not Tower
Tower was stopped prematurely in their recent fight

Posted November 8, 2013 1:05 am 


Mundine v Mosely is a far more competitive fight than Murray v Woods
Kantsidis (one of my favourite fighters) is shot to bits
Tower would basically box an exhibition

Mosley v Mundine
There is far more on the line
Mosely returning and fearing a dodgy decision will go for the KO from the opening bell
Australia’s biggest fight since Fenech v Nelson II

Woods is a club fighter, with little or no defence
Murray would have smashed him to pieces , cut him, dropped him and stopped him in less than 4 x Rounds

Mundine is laughing because two of the people he hates the most (Fenech and Woods)
He has totally p!ssed on their parade

Posted November 8, 2013 12:53 am 


It’s a shame that the Aussie card fell through. It would of been a decent night. Murray vs Wood, in which Murray would of won but the awkward brawler in Wood, would of made it an uncomfortable fight for Murray. Also Katsidis was going to be on the card and Lucas Browne was going to back up from his demolition of Towers. Now the public gets the unwanted bout of Mosely vs Mundine 2 weeks earlier. What a joke!!!!!!

Posted November 8, 2013 12:25 am 


Good to see Murray will stay busy after what happened…

Posted November 7, 2013 8:36 pm 

Old School Rules

Hopefully they can scrape up someone decent on 3 weeks notice. Preferably put him in with someone with good power so he can prepare for Golovkin.

Posted November 7, 2013 7:11 pm 


At Mick: Since Murray is a UK citizen, he can travel to pretty much anywhere in the British Commonwealth – which of course Australia is a part of, and actually even the EU and work in “sporting events” without needing any particular consular approval. To “work” in the US, a bit more paperwork is required.

As far as Murray taking this undercard fight to get another title shot in 2014… all he has to do is raise his hand if he wants to face GGG for two belts in Monaco Feb 1st.

Posted November 7, 2013 7:09 pm 

Mick the Marmalizer

I’d like to know a little bit more regarding the international visa system. Murray get’s refused a visa to fight in the USA, but granted one to box in Australia. Meanwhile Richard Towers is turned down to fight “Big Daddy”Browne in Oz & Mike Tyson can travel the World. What gives??………..

Posted November 7, 2013 6:56 pm 

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Martin Murray added to Froch-Groves bill after Wood fight collapses

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