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Boxing Barlow. A very accurate assessment.Thx.

Posted June 28, 2013 8:08 pm 

James Drury-Payne

Well said mate. Spot on!!!! A very very accurate and well written comment

Posted June 28, 2013 1:51 pm 

boxing barlow

I’ve never really been a massive fan of Steve Collins’ career other than having a lot of admiration for achieving what he did in the sport with less talent that others around at the same time as him. However my opinion of him went down dramatically after seeing the recent program on sky sports where other top super middles, Calzaghe, Jones Jr, Eubank, Woodall and him sat down and discussed in depth their careers. What surprised me was the huge chip on his shoulder that Collins had, and the lack of humility. From a knowledgeable fans point if view. The two real stand out talents at the table by a mile were Calzaghe and Jones Jnr. Both however had the class not to brag too much about their achievements. Eubank was probably the fighter who was more of an enigma. A guy who had serious talent and skills but who’s career was mapped out by domestic battles with world class fighters Benn and Watson. How would Eubank have faired against Tony and Jones Jr? Well according to the humble Eubank they would have hammered him and he had no interest in fighting them. I actually dispute whether Eubank really means this or whether he just prefers to promote himself in a classier way by exhibiting admirable qualities in his personality. Either way you cant help but like the guy who was for so many years hated by so many. Yet Collins stood out as having an awful problem with almost everyone in the room. For me in his career, Collins caught both Eubank and Benn at the right time. To put these fights into perspective the Nigel Benn that fought Collins had just come of a points loss for Sugar Boy Malinga. Whilst a competent fighter there was no way a peak Nigel Benn would have be outboxed by the Malinga’s of this world. And whilst Collins recorded two wins against Eubank there is no doubt in my mind that Eubanks career was seriously in decline. The Collins fights were part of a ridiculous 10 fights in two years road show Eubank put on to make himself as much money as possible before he had to retire. And both of these fight were very close. I actually scored the second fight to Eubank by a round or could have given a draw at a push. When you look at the rest of Collins’ career every time he stepped in the ring with a classy fighter he got beat. Mike McCallum (who was beat by Jones Jr) outclassed him. Reggie Johnson (who was beat by Jones Jr) beat him. And so did Kalambay. So on reflection Steve Collins’ career doesn’t look that great to me when you compare him to the top guys around in his era. And from watching this show I really got the opinion that Collins felt this himself, and like he still had something to prove. The biggest fight he could have capitalized on at the end of his career he missed. He seemed to think that Roy Jones not wanting to fight him is his get out of jail card for career panning out the way it did. He was quick to suggest that it was the only fight out there he and the public wanted to see. Now as a fan at that time whilst I would have tuned into a Collins Jones Jr fight the reality was that there were far bigger fish for Jones to fry and if we were to criticize Jones for any fights not happening it would be fights with Hopkins and Calzaghe when they were really at their peaks, not Steve Collins. The second agenda Collins had was to defend his decision to not take the fight that really could have been a career defining fight which was against Calzaghe. I’ve seen interviews with Collins where he made excuses about being injured for not facing Joe. Yet on this program he concentrated on Joe not being a big enough name at the time. Now whilst at the time Joe was not the Calzaghe we all know now, those in the boxing world knew him to be a serious star in the making and most of the rumors around at the time were more along the lines of Collins being scared of fighting Joe. Either way after the way Joe handled Eubank compared to Collins there was no doubt that Joe had really arrived in the division and was more than a worthy adversary for Collins. Who would have won if they fought? We all know it would have been a total shut out win for Calzaghe. And Collins knows this too, however he has not the class to admit it, unlike Benn and Eubank who have both put on record that Calzaghe would have beaten them at their peaks. Through the interview Collins talked up a future fight with Jones Jr. I found the whole thing to be a bit sad and desperate really, and my opinion of Collins is about as low as you can get. He had a great career and should be proud of what he done in the sport. But he should also be a relist when reviewing his impart on the sport. This was something done by Woodall who’s comments were sport on in reflecting on his career and his comments about other sat at the table. Whilst not being a superstar like the others his career is also to be proud of and he commands respect with his knowledge demonstrated by his comments on boxing. Unfortunately this can not be said for Collins, and I presume this is why we see little of him on our TV screen these days….

Posted June 28, 2013 9:30 am 

boxing barlow

this working?

Posted June 28, 2013 9:30 am 

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