Regis Prograis Talks Devin Haney Cheating With IV’s and Crying about Ryan’s Weight

By Jeepers Isaac - 04/26/2024 - Comments

Regis Prograis roasted Devin Haney about his complaints about Ryan Garcia coming in 3.2 lbs overweight at the weigh-in for their fight last weekend in New York.

Haney Rehydrating to 165

Prograis feels Haney (31-1, 15 KOs) was not one to complain about weight when he rehydrated to an outrageous 165 lbs for their fight on December 9th last year and defeated him by a decision to snag his WBC light welterweight title.

Haney rehydrated 25 lbs from 140 to 165 for the Prograis fight, and he looked huge inside the ring, taking advantage of his size to defeat. Prograis took the loss with a stiff upper lip, not complaining after finding out about Haney’s weight manipulation, which clearly aided him.

Regis says he suspects that Haney used an illegal IV to rehydrate rapidly overnight after making weight at 140 on the Friday before their fight. He says that medical people say that it’s impossible for a person to regain 25 lbs overnight without the use of an IV.

Pot Calling the Kettle Black

“You can’t complain about it if you took the fight,” said Prograis to Fight Hub TV about Haney with his complaining about Ryan Garcia coming 3.2 lbs heavy for their fight last Saturday.

“When you fight at 140 lbs and you blow up 25 lbs overnight, every medical person says you cannot do that naturally. You have to have IVs to do that. You’re not supposed to do IVs, it was illegal. Ryan gave him an extra $1.5M,” said Prograis.

What Haney is failing to remind the fans is Ryan Garcia gave him $1.5 million after losing a bet on making weight. So, why would he make a big production about him coming in overweight when he was given loads of cash to placate him?

That just makes him seem ungrateful, and Haney was already given a gift by Ryan choosing to fight him. If not for that, Haney would have been stuck in a low-paying title defense against Sandor Martin.

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