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Public Enemy

Yeah but at least Orlando Cruz is kickin a lot of Mexican ASS instead of taking pictures in Fishnets as Hookers shove Latex Dildongs up his Poooper like Delafishnets.. LOL

Posted April 7, 2013 8:59 am 

brick city

needs some serious training, he wont go far without it.

Posted April 6, 2013 4:29 pm 


Yep he impressed–he impressed his face on the canvas–poor kid!

Posted April 6, 2013 1:00 pm 

Public Enemy

The kid has the height, some power, physically looks like he could do well boxing, The Name but his lack of boxing skills was pretty obvious.. leaning in every single time. right into the opponents shots.. a lazy jab, winding up to swing wild shots.. he needs to go back to square one and start really training and not use his Dads name to get him a free pass to the front of the line and a guranteed Asswhooopin.. it was hard to watch… My friends son who is about the same size and weight is boxing but has not turned pro yet.. same age would’ve killed this kid… His dad is putting his son in danger.

Posted April 6, 2013 8:05 am 

Public Enemy

Nothing looks shtier in the ring than a tall guy bending over making himself look like a short fighter.. Cintron does the same sht…

Posted April 5, 2013 9:30 pm 

Public Enemy

Sorry but my Boriqua looks like sht.. fighting like a total amatuer.. Bends over too much, doesn’t throw straight shots.. needs to go learn to Box.. it is what it is…

Posted April 5, 2013 9:28 pm 


Maysonet is garbage

Posted April 5, 2013 9:21 pm 

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