Punch-Tech Sports’ Wireless Punch Tracking Gloves Set to Revolutionize Boxing/MMA

By Vivek Wallace: 10-Minute documentary looking at one of the biggest problems facing the sport and the “Fix” soon to be implemented to help change it.

Weeks ago, Pacquiao vs Bradley became the billboard poster image of what most find to be wrong with the sport today. Agendas, politics, and corruption continue to find a way to destroy a sport rich in culture, yet poor in transparency. In the aftermath, the million dollar question has been how can we fix this visibly broken element of the sport? This million dollar question has apparently been met head on with an answer, as Punch-Tech Sports has designed a product that unquestionably addresses what most view as the sports most chief concern.

This innovative set of gloves, (used for both MMA fighters and Boxers on the amateur and professional levels), comes equipped with a wireless micro-chip sensor the size of a dime. The strategical placement allows governing bodies, trainers, and beyond to not only track punches landed with a 95% accuracy rate, but also measure the level of power thrust from each punch. As if that’s not incredible enough, the wireless technology used is so advanced that the everyday fight fan can actually download an app on their smart phone and literally track these stats as the respective matches go on, and have an informed and well educated opinion on who the potential winner of any given bout will be. This type of transparency has eluded the sport for decades, yet couldn’t have arrived at a greater time.

Fighters and fight fans have learned a long time ago that there’s only one way to get favorable results in the boxing ring…..and that’s by taking the fight out of the judges hands. This product not only takes the fight out of the judges hands, but it effectively places it in yours! Fight fans around the globe are urged to not only drop a few ducketts in the bucket to help launch this movement, but subsequently join the cause and put a pause to those breaking laws….as what we’ve seen is nothing short of criminal! But a new day has come…….

( For more information visit http://www.indiegogo.com/punchtechsports?c=gallery )

(For direct information contact Vivek “Vito” Wallace at 954.292.7346, vivekwallace@ymail.com, or Facebook)

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Boxing News Punch-Tech Sports’ Wireless Punch Tracking Gloves Set to Revolutionize Boxing/MMA