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gonzalesTeam Julio Gonzalez Boxing – As many of you know, on March 10th we lost a champion and a true warrior. But we also lost a father, a son, a brother, a friend and one of the kindest souls our god has ever created. Julio Gonzalez was the type of guy who would always, weather permitting, be without his shirt on. That’s because he loved life and enjoyed the warmth of the sun and everything life had to offer. But rather, he was that guy that would always give the shirt off his back for you or anyone that needed it. He was a defender of the people and always looked to protect people in need without ever seeking anything in return. A man that had a kind enough heart to give you whatever money he had even if he didn’t have any. He always placed people ahead of him because he loved people and wanted them to smile the way he smiled, undeniably. He always wanted to share his experiences with his loved ones or new friends he had just made. As one of his best friends I can tell you he saved my butt on many occasions and protected my wife too. Julio in many ways was like a super hero; once you asked him to come, he was there. His love for life changed me many years ago and allowed me to see it from a much different angle, much like his punches in the ring – to love and be strong and while doing so never compromise your integrity and always be true to yourself and others. This is the toughest thing we’ve been through and our greatest loss. We love you more than the word itself can describe and will protect and take care of your family and children, my brother. Rest in Peace, Champ..

In effort to provide for his children’s future education and family expenses, we have setup the “Julio Gonzalez Memorial Foundation”. Donations can be mailed to : JULIO GONZALEZ MEMORIAL FOUNDATION 30 Via Lucca, Suite F404 Irvine, CA. 92612 or you may contact Jesse Somberg at 714-458-1331 or

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