Arum to match Chavez Jr. against Antonio Margarito in 2012 after Rubio fight


By Michael Collins: There is next to no chance that WBC middleweight champion Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. (44-0-1, 31 KO’s) will be facing Sergio Martinez in his next fight or his fight after that, according to Chavez’s promoter Bob Arum.

It doesn’t matter than the WBC ordered Chavez Jr. to fight Martinez or that they reminded him that he’s supposed to him next. That’s not what’s not going to happen, and don’t worry about Chavez Jr. being possibly stripped by the World Boxing Council because he clearly won’t.

Arum told RingTV that he wants Chavez Jr. to get in a fight after the Rubio against one of the middleweight contenders, and after that he will look to match him up against Antonio Margarito (38-8, 27 KO’s) after that in the summer. Margarito hasn’t won a fight since May 2010, and has lost three out of his last four fights. To say that Margarito is a shot fighter would be fair estimate of where he’s at right now.

Arum said this to RingTV: “I would like to do a [Sergio] Martinez fight at the end of the year…I would probably do a fight in early April or May for Chavez on HBO and then maybe a fight against Margarito, and then Martinez. The problem with [Miguel] Cotto and [Saul] Alvarez is that they want to have Chavez come down to a ridiculously low weight. That’s no possible.”

Well, it is possible but Arum is probably afraid Chavez Jr. will be too weakened to fight. As it is, Chavez Jr. is dehydrating to a huge degree by taking off 20 pounds of water and then putting it back in his system after he rehydrates. This is obviously really hard on your body to do this but he’s getting away with it right now. Can’t say Chavez Jr. will be able to do this is in the future to the same degree as he is now without weakening significantly.

There’s little chance of Martinez getting a fight with Chavez Jr. in 2012, and you can guess that by looking at all the fights that Arum has lined up for him. Chavez Jr. is fighting this Saturday against Marco Antonio Rubio, and then after that in May or June if Arum is lucky. And that we’re looking at September or October for Margarito. There just isn’t any time for Chavez Jr. to fight Martinez unless Chavez knocks out Rubio early and knocks out his next opponent in the early rounds as well.