Juan Manuel Marquez’s possible path to glory

By Timothy Hall: Juan Manuel Marquez is in the twilight of his career. Whether you respect Marquez as a boxer or not, objectivity will not allow you to deny him a place as one of the very best of his era. An era that saw him take the fighter of the decade- Manny Pacquiao- to the edge of defeat. A run that saw him collect titles in three separate weight classes. A career that saw him gain a victory over countryman and fellow All-time-great Marco Antonio Barrera. Blood, sweet, and tears- Marquez’s body has produced it over more than 16 years of boxing. War after war, Mr. Marquez has been in them and mostly survived.

But now Marquez, knowing the inevitable is approaching before long, is looking for a challenge or two in order to cap an illustrious career, and line his pockets with much deserved purses.

I think this puts Marquez on a clear path, a path that has two specific fights in order. First, his bank account and conscience would benefit greatly from a fight With countryman Erick Morales. Should this fight be arranged it will have completed the circle of contemporary Mexican greats who have fought each other. Marquez vs Morales will be a hit with fans, and a sure seller on Pay-Per-View. In the longer scheme of things it is a fight Marquez would be heavily favored to win, and produce just the right momentum heading into his final test.

The term “Unfinished business” rarely is ever more appropriate than when it’s used to describe a third fight between Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez. In two fights, we Come to see Pacquiao edge Marquez with early knockdowns. Beyond those Knockdowns, Pacquiao saw himself outboxed by Marquez in the majority of the 24 rounds they put in. All told, these fights indicate the necessity for a third fight and the desire of fans to see it.

This is Marquez’s path: Morales, Pacquiao. If he wins, which he surely is capable of doing, Marquez will have gained more than he bargained for in a career that saw him avoided by the best early on and laboring in relative obscurity for years.

In the process he brings closure by fighting a fight that should have taken place long ago, and beating a man who he may have beaten twice but never given credit for.

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Boxing News Juan Manuel Marquez’s possible path to glory