Video: Kentikian vs Raoui, Brähmer vs Plotinsky Weigh-In

Video of the weigh-in session before the world title twinbill from Hamburg Sporthalle this Saturday with WBO light heavyweight champion Jürgen Brähmer against argentinian Mariano Plotinsky and WBA/WBO/WIBF flyweight Champion Susianna Kentikian against Nadia Raoui..

All weights:

WIBF & WBA & WBO World Championship Super Flyweight (10 Rounds): Susianna Kentikian (50,2 kg) vs. Nadia Raoui (49,9 kg)

WBO World Championship Light Heavyweight (12 Rounds): Jürgen Brähmer (79,1) vs. Mariano Nicolas Plotinsky (79,0)

Super Welterweight (4 Rounds): Jack Culcay (69,8) vs. Sylvestre Marianini (tba)

Cruiserweight (6 Rounds): Rachim Tschachkijew (90,6) vs, Slavomir Selicky (90,6)

Heavyweight (6 Rounds): Christian Hammer (111,3) vs. Markus Tomala (102,0)
Super Welterweight (6 Rounds): Arthur Matern (70,5) vs. Jurijs Boreiko (70,0)
Welterweight (6 Rounds): Antonio Moscatiello (67,5) vs. Yacine Medjou (65,1)
Super Middleweight (8 Rounds): Dariusz Sek (tba) vs. Christian Pohle (77,0)

Universum Champions Night” – on April 24 at the Sporthalle Hamburg

The unbeaten „Killer Queen“ from Hamburg will be facing the also unbeaten challenger Nadia Raoui (11-0-1, 3 KOs) who is also a world champion as she helds the fairly minor WIBA belt. It will be another touch challenger for Susi Kentikian but she proved that she is ready for this as she defeated two rivals with Elena Reid and former world champion Julia Sahin in a convincing fashion in 2009.

Susi Kentikian: „I’m always excited and very happy when I have a fight in my hometown. It will be a difficult and tough fight but I’m used to that. Have your fingers crossed – so come and see my fight live!”

The battle for the WBA, WIBF and WBO flyweight belts will be Kentikians first fight as the headlining fighter on ZDF. Susi Kentikian received an honourable awards by the city of Hamburg (the so called Sports Oscar) and was named “Fighter of the year 2009” by the boxing magazine Boxsport.

ZDF will televise the fight between Kentikian vs. Raoui live from 11:30 pm. Additional fights will be announced within the next days.

Tickets for the „Universum Champions Night“ on April 24th 2010 at the Sporthalle Hamburg are available at:

Universum Ticket Hotline: +49-40-696 559 59
CTS-Eventim Hotline: +49-1805-57 00 00

Universum opens video archive

Klaus-Peter Kohl: „We’ve opened our treasure chest for everyone. This is nowhere better for this than YouTube!“

New Universum “Classics” fights now on the Internet

After more than 292 events and 2,144 fights (of which 262 are world championship fights) Universum Box-Promotion has become the first major promoter to open their video archives to all boxing fans. The company has struck a partnership with YouTube for a special video channel that will feature the best fights from the 26 years of the German promotional powerhouse. Already online at the new Universum YouTube channel “UBPboxing” are full length world championship fights of the past Universum champions as well as sensational boxing events.

Universum promoter Klaus-Peter Kohl: „We’ve opened our treasure chest for everyone. There will be something for every boxing fan. There are the great Tiger (Dariusz Michalczewski) fights, fights of the Klitschko brothers, King Arthur Grigorian, Regina Halmich, and many other champions. We’re currently digitizing our fight library and making it available to the fans all over the whole world. This is nowhere better for this than YouTube. We’re very excited about this new partnership. We have cabinets full of archive material. Now any boxing fan can again sit at ringside, only now he can also press pause and rewind. A real treat for me are the matches from our first event on February 24th, 1984. Check it out!“

You can already watch at full length world championship fights of the past Universum champions Dariusz Michalczewski, Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko, Artur Grigorian and Regina Halmich. In addition, complete recent fights from current world champions like Jürgen Brähmer, Sebastian Zbik, Vitali Tajbert, Dimitri Sartison, Susi Kentikian and Marcos Rene Maidana can be enjoyed.

„Sport is a very important and popular category for the more than 300 million YouTube users. With the Universum Channel, they can now once again enjoy an up close experience with the highlights from a quarter century of boxing at any time just by clicking,” said Andreas Briese, Strategic Partnership Development Manager at YouTube.