Bernard Hopkins vs. Roy Jones II Post Fight Quotes

BERNARD HOPKINS – “It was kind of rough. He’s a warrior. He’s a veteran and a good fighter. I see spots. I have been hit in the back of the head before, but in the gym with head gear on. I was toughing it out. I was seeing spots in the sixth round.

“I felt I got hit in the back of the head and my legs went and I started seeing spots. I was mad. Weeks did a helluva job. He was doing the best he could to keep us both under control. I wanted to keep pressing. I’m a scrappy fighter. I might not be flashy. I might not be pretty, but I am a hard core Philadelphia fighter and blue collar worker like most Americans..

“The rematch was well worth it. It was sweet revenge for me.

“I want David Haye, the heavyweight champion of the world.”


” I feel great. Even at my age I’m still in control. I want to thank god for as healthy as I am today. Pensacola in the house. Thank all I my fans for their support. I kind of got behind. I was trying to knock him out because I was behind. He is a very crafty veteran. He was hitting me behind the head.

“I was worried the first time. I knew if I was fouled too much I would have been disqualified. I wanted to give the fans what they wanted. I tried to do that tonight.”

RICHARD SCHAEFER, CEO of Golden Boy Promotions

“Hopkins was taken to the Southern Hills Hospital for observation immediately following the fight.

“It was a great victory for Bernard Hopkins. Seventeen years in the making. He got the win, the victory he waited for. A lot of people counted Roy out. Roy came to fight and I want to congratulate him for that.”

JOHN WIRT, CEO of Square Ring, Inc.

“Roy is going to the hospital as well. In terms of this fight, it was obviously a longstanding rivalry between two legends of our generation. It is up to Roy. I am sure he will be making that decision down the road in terms of what he wants to do with his career.”



“This is the biggest victory of my career. Rocky is a true champion. I want to thank Square Ring and Golden Boy for this opportunity. Me and Rocky gave them a helluva show. I felt like I had another 10 rounds in me. I was so calm. I was relaxed on the inside. I was going to turn it up in the later rounds. I knew Rocky was coming. I was going to turn it up in the later rounds.”


“I felt the cut was the result of a punch, not an accidental head butt. The cut was by a short left hook. By saying it was an accidental head butt, I was disappointed. I love Jason. We know each other. I am one of the best fighters in the world.

“I felt that the decision was bull. I was going to stop him at the end of the night. We never collided heads. I made sure of it. Jason knew he was going to get knocked out towards the end of the fight.

“I do not consider this losing. I did not lose this fight. I felt that this fight was taken from me. I would like a rematch. Jason should give me that rematch because he knows it was a punch. The cut was underneath his eye. Jason just backed out.”



“It is great to be victorious. The rust was certainly there. 19 months out of the ring took its toll. That will happen. I started really slow. By the third round I felt more like the Latin snake. By the fourth and fifth round, I got it under control. He was always trying to counter. I gave him some good body shots. He can really take a punch. I mixed it up pretty good. I am back. I am with a good promoter now, Golden Boy. I am back.

“This guy came in at the last minute. I couldn’t find any tapes on him.

I knew he was gonna be tough. I had never seen him.

“The cut didn’t bother me. I’m used to cuts. I’m used to getting lacerated.

“It took two rounds for me to get the rust off, but I was so motivated and I just want to get back in there.

“You are going to see a lot more because I am hungry. I am ready to fight the best. I am glad I got the rust off.

“I want to fight the best. Let me get another fight. I will let Richard Schaefer get me another opponent ASAP and then I will be ready.”



“I respect Bernard Hopkins, but if I fought him, I would beat him.

“I am ready for a world title right now because I trained hard. I train every day twice a day. I am ready. It is my time.”

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