News: Duva “Shocked” by Team De La Rosa; CES Promoting 3 shows in 3 states

Promoter Dino Duva of Duva Boxing says he was “shocked” to read that representatives of his undefeated welterweight prospect, James De La Rosa (19-0, 12 KOs), are proclaiming the young fighter’s promotional free agency. “It is news to me that he’s a free agent,” revealed Duva. “I read his press release with disbelief. Duva Boxing and Cavazos Boxing have an exclusive promotional agreement with James De La Rosa and I don’t understand how they can claim to be a free agent. In fact, it’s my understanding that Cavazos Boxing have James scheduled for a fight in Texas in September or October..”

Duva contends (and Team De La Rosa admits) he’s done a great job promoting the 21-year-old Texan and will be contacting the fighter and his manager directly to get to the bottom of the situation. “We feel we’ve done a superb job promoting James. We ran into a few roadblocks the last several months due to other people interfering with his career, but we still have a valid and existing contract.”

By no means a newcomer to the business of boxing, the seasoned Duva says he’s still 100% committed to De La Rosa’s career and wishes for a speedy resolution to the unexpected turn of events. “We love James, but it appears he may be getting damaging and confusing advice. I will be talking to him and his manager immediately, to try and get things back on track in an amicable way. I have absolutely no idea what their announcement of free agency is about and I had no advance knowledge that this would be happening. I hope when I speak to them they will agree James is not a free agent because I am ready to promote James all the way to becoming the superstar I believe he has the potential to be.

However, if we are not able to resolve this amicably immediately, and/or there’s something underhanded relating to this announcement, and someone has interfered with my contract, I will vigorously defend my position, challenge theirs legally and hold anyone responsible for damages incurred.”

CES Promoting 3 shows in 3 states Within 10 days in September

PROVIDENCE (July 30, 2009) – Jimmy Burchfield’s Classic Entertainment and Sports, Inc. (CES) has announced that it will promote three professional boxing cards, in three different states, within 10 days of each other in September.

CES, in association with the State of New York, in conjunction with the International Boxing Hall of Fame, will run a show Wednesday, Sept. 2 at the New York State Fair in Syracuse. Two days later (Friday, Sept. 4), CES returns home to Twin River Event Center in Lincoln (RI) and a week after that show, (Friday, Sept. 11) “The Radisson Hotel Plymouth Harbor Fight Series” continues at Plymouth (MA) Memorial Hall.

“It’s a great challenge but we have a talented staff that will share responsibilities,” Burchfield explained. “Different staff people will be delegated specific duties for each show. We’ve done it before. We’re honored and proud to be promoting this special show. There will be a lot of boxing celebrities there. The shows at Twin River and Plymouth Memorial Hall will feature some of the top talent in New England.”

A press conference will be held next Thursday (August 6, 1 PM/ET) at the Fair Grounds in Syracuse to formally announce the card.

For more information about CES, its 2009 schedule or fighters, go on line to or call 401.724.2253.

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Boxing News News: Duva “Shocked” by Team De La Rosa; CES Promoting 3 shows in 3 states