It Won’t be Blinky, Pinky, Inkey, or Clyde that Gobble Up “Pac man” it will be Ricky!


By Jason Sardelis: As history and “Rocky” always reminds us, never count out the underdog and Mosley/ Margarito is our latest reminder. As prestigious as Pacquiao’s career is keep that in mind he has three losses mixed in his 53 fights. Two of those fights ended by knockout. Margarito had four, three of those early on in his career. Did any of those show a weakness? Ask Shane!

Pacquiao’s career became front page in 2003 with an 11th round Tko of Marco Antonio Barrera, at 125lbs. His notoriety jumped ten fold when he fought to a draw with Juan Manuel Marquez, who he had on the deck three times in the first round.

In his twelfth fight February, 1996, in his homeland the Philippines, Pacquiao suffered his first loss to Rustico, Torrecampo 14-8-5, 7 Ko’s. The loss was by KO loss in a brawl in which both fighters were trading shots and Torrecampo landed a heavy shot to the face of Pacquiao putting him on the deck. Unable to beat the count Pacquiao was counted out at 1:32 of round three.

His second loss came in 1999, his 28th fight his last fight at 112lbs. Coming in one pound heavy the “Pac Man” lost his WBC world flyweight title to Thailand’s Medgoen “3-K Battery” Singsurat 18-0, 11 Ko’s by third round Ko. Pacquiao trailing 20-18 when Singsurat fighting in a “Hatton style” stalked and backed “Pacman” to the ropes drilling him with a vicious right hand to the body dropping him to the canvas where he remained, prompting referee Jose Guadalupe Garcia to call the fight.

Pacquaio suffered his third loss to Mexican great Erik Morales by unanimous decision 115-113 times three in his first fight at 130lbs. The “Pac Man” put nine straight wins together after his loss to Morales only to revenge the loss stopping Morales in ten then again in three completing their infamous trilogy. The “PacMan” beat Barrera in a return match then Oscar Larios by decision before fighting a tough return fight with Juan Manuel Marquez where he won a tough close split decision after dropping Marquez in the second round.

The Phillipine star added Ko’s of Jorge Solis and David Diaz before stopping the “Golden Boy” Oscar De La Hoya in eight at a career high 145lbs.

What Pacquiao will find meeting Hatton depends on which Ricky Hatton shows up? Will it be Ricky the “Hitman” Hatton who beat Kostya Tszyu in a brutal war in 2005 or the complacent Hatton who beat Juan Lazcano recovering from his loss to Mayweather? My call is for true old fashion war. The old Hatton shows up and the only question, will he have enough?

Hatton must fight this fight with the same intensity as he did Kosta Tszyu. He must use all the tools in his arsenal. He must come on from the opening bell and pressure, pressure pressure! He must move left and start and finish with his left hand. Use that jab in space moving in and don’t move out. Turn him, step around him, tie him up make him work to get space and by all means make the referee break them. Floyd Mayweather Sr. has him moving his head he should use it to keep Pacquiao reaching. Hatton’s hook to the body will be the key. Pacquiao must be aware of it all the time it will eventually give Hatton other opportunities.

Hatton’s biggest tool is his legs his bouncing movement and his leverage. He can use the footwork “Pretty Boy” Floyd used against Zab Judah. Don’t let your hands go until you feel his right foot then hook. Then when it comes, and it will, Hatton needs to land a big right and finish it with his hook. Hatton is the heavier puncher so to neutralize his speed punch when he punches. It should be a war I don’t think Pacquiao will box too long. Hatton may try to box for a while but he will find success being the “Old” Ricky Hatton.

The “Hitman” can do his usual grab on until his opponent grabs then bang with both hands while the “Pac Man holds on. He must rough Pacquiao up inside, push him, bump him, lean on him, use his size and maul him throwing the uppercut inside. Hatton does have some speed he will rip his punches outside then inside eventually breaking down the “PacMan’s” body and gobble him up. Forget about the four ghosts Blinky, Pinky, Inkey, and Clyde its Ricky!