Klitschko-Haye: David Haye happy to fight Klitschko in Germany

Former world cruiserweight champion David ‘The Hayemaker’ Haye has offered to box in Germany on a K2 Promotions show in order to revive negotiations for a summer showdown with WBO and IBF world heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko. Originally scheduled to take place on June 20 at Stamford Bridge in London, Haye’s eagerly anticipated duel with Klitschko has hit a series of snags in recent weeks, and now appears on the brink of collapse. Haye’s trainer and manager Adam Booth is willing to sacrifice home territory in the hope of kick-starting the most important and exciting heavyweight contest in years..

“I want to make this absolutely clear, because unfortunately the KMG manager, Bernd Bonte, seems to be taking things too personally and trying to confuse the issue,” begun Booth. “The one-sided interview he did with biased keyboard warrior Dan Rafael (ESPN.com) – a man who has shown a longstanding dislike for David Haye – has distorted some of the facts.

“David will fight Wladimir anywhere they choose, and give them the two rematch options they have requested.

“In regards to the rematches clause, I am baffled as to why Bonte seems to have forgotten our last conversation about this. We said they could have the two rematches they wanted, which effectively means David’s next three fights could be in Germany against either Wladimir or Vitali Klitschko.

“What they’re also demanding is that if David were to win against Wladimir and then have a mandatory challenger obligation (non-Klitschko) he would have to immediately vacate the title he won from Wladimir. This would mean David could win three fights against the Klitschko brothers and still not be in a position to officially call himself heavyweight champion of the world at the end of it.”

Booth continued: “They (the Klitschkos) would make exactly the same money in Germany as they would in England because we have dropped our figure to go to Germany. If they take a proposed fight with Chris Arreola, they will make substantially less. So people can now work this out for themselves.

“The original deal to co-promote the event would never work because of unacceptable terms. However, we’re willing to sacrifice a little on our side just to get this fight made.

“David doesn’t want to dodge Wladimir and just pick and choose his way through boring, fringe contenders. He wants to fight the best and restore some excitement to the heavyweight division. We only hope Wladimir feels the same way.”

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Boxing News Klitschko-Haye: David Haye happy to fight Klitschko in Germany