Wrecking Ball Belshaw Returns With A Win

01.06.08 – Ciaran Harrison: On a beautiful sunny evening in the plush surroundings of THE Shorts Social club BELFAST, Ireland, Irish heavyweight prospect Scott “Ding Ding” Belshaw made a spectacular return to winning ways, with a brutal one punch finish that any heavyweight in the world would be proud of..

Scott, hailing from Lisburn [a town next to Belfast], entered this contest against 30 year old Latvian Edgar Kalnar having lost his undefeated record last time out at the hands of Daniel Peret. A loss Scott attributes to personal problems[a close friend of Scott’s had been murdered outside a nightclub in Belfast prior to that defeat]. But the 6ft 7″ “man mountain” Belshaw was determined to put that shock defeat well and truly behind him,and attain the prospect label again.

Both boxers entered the ring to rapturous applause, and both looked equally fired up during ring announcements. This was not going to be a contest for the faint hearted. Belshaw started the first round behind a ramrod left jab, a punch he has neglected in the past. Although he quickly switched his attack to Kalmar’s body, thumping in sickening left and right hooks. One of these hooks strayed to the eastern European kidneys. Edgar complained, then bent over in agony. Experienced referee Sean Russell allowed the Latvian recovery time,before the bout resumed.The combatants then exchanged hurtful blows as the first round ended.

Round two continued in the same vein, with Belshaw applying steady pressure, and Kalnar’s countering whenever possible. Round three seen a change of tactic from the 22 year old Belshaw, as he decided to “go for broke” in an attempt to finish the fight in style. But he soon became reckless and crude, as wild swinging punches were followed by further wild swinging punches. The Latvian stood his ground and gamely exchanged his own brand of mean punches.

This match-up was scheduled over 4rds, and it looked as if it would run it’s course, until “big Scott” landed a perfect right hand flush on his opponents chin 30 seconds into the final session.

Kalnar hit the ring apron with a loud thud, a noise that was heard all around this small venue. Referee Russell dispensed with the formality of a count, as the stricken boxer lay on his back in obvious distress. The paramedics quickly entered the ring and administered oxygen to the fallen fighter, before he was helped from the ring.Kalnar was taken to a nearby hospital as a precautionary measure.

The Irishman’s record improved to 8wins [7KOs] against that one solitary loss. A fight between Belshaw and recent prizefighter winner and fellow countryman Martin Rogan for the Irish title has been mooted. It’s a contest that both these exciting fighters want, and a fight Irish boxing needs.