Oscar De La Hoya – “Ricky Hatton Belongs At 140 Pounds.” Says He Won’t fight Him

by James Slater: Not too long ago, the possibility of Oscar De La Hoya and Ricky Hatton meeting in the ring was publicly discussed. Many fans cried out in relative disgust, claming “The Golden Boy” would be simply too big for “The Hitman.” Well, in a recent interview with Setanta Sports, Oscar has gone on record as saying he pretty much agrees with such thinking..

“I’m a naturally bigger guy in a different weight class so I would rule it out,” De La Hoya told Setanta when speaking on the possibility of a bout with Hatton. “Ricky’s doing a tremendous job at 140 pounds where he feels comfortable. Where he can do a lot of great things. I would rule it out [a potential De La Hoya-Hatton clash]. Ricky’s fighting at 140. That’s where he feels most comfortable and that’s where he belongs. I wouldn’t advise him to go up to 147. Those few pounds make a big difference.”

There is little doubt the majority of fight fans would agree with the 35-year-old living legend. But what about Oscar’s own weight these days? What is the lowest poundage he can get down to right now?

“With me, I can make 147 pounds with no problem,” De La Hoya said. “Can I make 140? If I try I probably can. [But] I don’t think it’s going to be possible because I’m retiring this year.”
On the point of whether he can make 140, the fans will likely disagree with Oscar. No way would he be able to get down that low, not and be effective in a fight, anyway. But now that a fight with Hatton can be ruled out, who will De La Hoya’s final bouts come against?

Oscar told Setanta about his plans for his final year in boxing.

“My plan is to have three fights,” Oscar said. “Who knows if I’ll just do two because I have my fight with Floyd [Mayweather Jnr] in September and I’m going to devote my life to that training camp mentally and physically. I know it’s going to be draining and take a lot out of me so we’ll have to see. I do want to do a fight in December against who I don’t know, but like I’ve always done throughout my whole career it will be against a tough opponent, one of the best pound-for-pound fighters.”

Will De La Hoya indeed face anyone after his rematch with Mayweather? Stay tuned!

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Boxing News Oscar De La Hoya – “Ricky Hatton Belongs At 140 Pounds.” Says He Won’t fight Him