Champs Corner: De La Hoya – Forbes; Hopkins – Calzaghe


30.04.08 – By Ron Champ Miller: Hello fight fans! Your humble correspondent is back…Well what can I say? I was wrong about Joe Calzaghe. He showed why he is one of the best fighters today and has been for a long time. I really thought his competition was questionable. His first fight outside of the states going up in weight against a legend. Boy was I wrong…..

It did look good for Hopkins bettors after the 1st minute though. But after a few rounds, Joe adjusted. Perhaps Bernard overspent himself trying to end it early and not pace himself (as he did against Jermain Taylor). As the fight went on, you could tell Bernard’s legs werent there. Though the scorecards were close, he lost this fight. However I will say this. If this fight happened a few yrs ago, I think Bernard takes it. That’s not sour grapes, that’s a fact, imo. I still think there was value with Bernard. It was a good price. What else can I say? You win some, you lose some more. I bet the Spurs at 7-1 to win all, for whatever’s that’s worth.

So both will fight on, I’m sure. Hopkins – Jones II is a possibility. Well more probable is Calzaghe-Jones. That would be ugly. I don’t think Roy can hang with Joe, now. Obviously if this fight happened in Roy’s prime I think he beats Joe rather easily (I have always said that). Now? Joe by stoppage.

Looking ahead to this weekend’s matchup in California. Oscar Delahoya v Stevie Forbes. Can’t take the dog, and the price is too high for the favorite. So I will just take this in. It might go 12, though.

I can’t see Forbes winning this fight. I thought about it, but the deck is really stacked against him. Even if it goes the distance, they will give the decision to Oscar, like they did when Felix Sturm beat him. Its a no win situation for Stevie. I hope he enjoy’s his biggest payday though. He deserves it. Perhaps retirement, though Steve is such a gym rat.

Oscar? Well he will obviously go on. Mayweather II in the Fall, maybe Trinidad-DLH II next yr? I’ve been waiting for that for a while. And this time the “right” man will get the decision.

Well that’s it, fight fans!!! Keep you hands up, and keep punching for the stars!!!