Juarez/Marquez Conference Call


OPERATOR: At this time I would like to welcome everyone to the Golden Boy Promotions John Manuel Marquez and Rocky Juarez conference call. All lines have been placed on mute to prevent any background noise. It is now my pleasure to turn the floor over to your host, Kelly Swanson. Kelly, you may begin your conference..

KELLY SWANSON: Thank you, operator. Thank you, everybody, for joining us for this conference call today with John Manuel Marquez and followed by Rocky Juarez who will be coming on the line after Mr. Marquez is finished with his questions.

We’re really excited about this show. And just as a couple reminders for the media, a little homework here, if you haven’t sent in for your credentials you need to contact Magna Media as soon as possible, 702-262-6800 or AOLSON@magnamedia.com .

Just a little programming note as well, next week we will have another conference call we’re scheduling with Sergio Mora and Steve Forbes. There’s a lot of exciting action going back and forth between Golden Boy fighters and Contender Series fighters so they will have a lot to say too.

So please watch your mail over the Labor Day weekend for all updates, releases, and upcoming media alerts on other activities for this site. At this time I’d like to turn the call over and say a special welcome to the Chief Operating Officer of Golden Boy Promotions Dave Itskowitch.

DAVID ITSKOWITCH, CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER, GOLDEN BOY PROMOTIONS: All right. Thank you, Kelly. Thank you, Eric. Thank you all for calling in today. Thank you, Juan, for taking time out of training.

I just wanted to run through some information on the show before I turn it over to John Manuel for what he has to say about the fight and your questions for him.

Again, you know, the show is Saturday, September 15 live on pay-per-view from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. We have four fights featured on television, the first of which is Francisco Bojado is a 2000 Mexican Olympian versus Steve Forbes who is a contender alumni.

The second fight of the night that will appear on television will be IBF featherweight world champion Robert Guerrero versus Martin Honorio. The third fight will be another Golden Boy contender match-up which will be former world champion Kassim Ouma against season one contender winner Sergio Mora.

And of course rounding out the show will be John Manuel Marquez versus Rocky Juarez for John Manuel’s WBC Super Featherweight World Title. And this will be his first offense of that title.

Tickets are priced very reasonably for this fight for a big Vegas show, $300, $200, $100, and $50. They’re available through the MGM Grand Garden Arena Box Office and all Ticketmaster locations. And the pay-per-view will be distributed by HBO pay-per-view. It has a start time of 9 p.m. Eastern time, 6 p.m. Pacific time, and has a suggested retail price of $44.95.

The event itself is, you know, a great night of boxing. You’ve got four fights where you just don’t know what’s going to happen. We’re calling the event fireworks because there’s going to be fireworks in the fights, and it’s also Mexican Independence Day weekend.

So it’s going to be a pretty exciting night top to bottom. And of course the main event is Juan Manuel Marquez versus Rocky Juarez. And rather than having make you guys sit through my shtick anymore, I guess I’ll throw it over to Juan Manuel to say a few words.




ERIC GOMEZ (ph): Let me translate please. Hold on. OK. And the question was how distracting was it for you with the change of opponent for September 15. First you were supposed to fight Jorge Barrios and then they changed and now it’s Rocky Juarez.

The answer from Juan Manuel is it wasn’t too much of a problem, the change of opponent. I was training hard for Jorge Barrios. And I think they’ve got kind of the same style. I mean, they are tough. They go forward. And they did it with plenty of time, month and a half before the fight. So I got plenty of time to adjust some details for Rocky Juarez’s style.



ERIC GOMEZ (ph): The question was do you think the fight with Rocky Juarez is going to be easier than fighting Jorge Barrios?

And Juan Manuel’s answer is no, definitely not. I mean, I never think that way. I mean, I know Rocky Juarez is a tough fighter. He wants the title. He wants – he has been looking for that title or any title for long. And I know he’s going to come for everything and he’s going to come for my title. And I’m going to be ready to defend it.



ERIC GOMEZ: The question was Juan Manuel, now that you’ve gone up in weight in the higher division, has it been hard for you to maintain the weight? Or do you feel comfortable in the 130?

And John Manuel’s answer is no, it’s definitely not. I mean, I’m 126, now to a (ph) 126 pounder. Now that I’m fighting 130, I mean, I don’t have a problem with the weight. I think I’m going to stay in that weight for long.



ERIC GOMEZ: The question was John Manuel, assuming that everything comes fine on September 15 and you win that fight, what is it that you want to do in the future? You want a rematch with Manny Pacquaio?

John Manuel answer is well my mind is set on September 15. I don’t want to think anything in the future, nothing ahead. I know September 15 is going to be a tough fight. And first of all, I just want to take that out of the way and then think on the future. But now everything is – my mind is set on September 15.



ERIC GOMEZ (ph): The question was John Manuel, you’ve been saying that your mind is set for September 15 fight. Well, what are your thoughts about where you wanted Barrera to fight and give you the rematch or accept a rematch and now he’s fighting back here against Pacquaio?

John Manuel’s answer, it is yes, I mean, I’m focusing on September 15. But I really wanted (ph) to take the fight. And there’s nothing I can say. I mean, I’m happy because now my promoters, Golden Boy and for boxing, they’ve promised me the September 15 date, it was mine. And now they fulfill those requirements for those things that they promised me. I’m very happy with Golden Boy, with my promoters. I mean, I wish I could have signed before with them but this – and I’m signed with them now and I’m happy. And I’m just I wanted to thank them because I mean they have – they’ve still come through with everything that they have promised me.



ERIC GOMEZ (ph): The question was John Manuel, what are your worries, whether you’re – are you afraid of anything for Rocky Juarez, his strength or something?

And John Manuel’s answer is no, not at all. I mean, I’m not worried or scared about anything for Rocky Juarez. I mean, I know he’s going to be a tough fight. I know he’s a hard puncher. But I won’t – I don’t want to prove that. I don’t want to taste (ph) that. I mean, I just want to do my boxing. I’m going to do everything I can to win that fight.

EDDIE GOLDMAN (ph): The question I want to ask about Rocky Juarez, he’s lost a couple of big fights that he’s had recently, including both fights to Barrera (ph) though his first fight was very close. It was only a split decision.

What do – what Rocky Juarez do you think you’re going to see? Do you think he’s going to be better than he was when he fought Soto) and Barrera? Also, because he was not supposed to be fighting you in the beginning and he was a late replacement for Barrios, do you think that’s going to inspire him to be a little bit better than he’s been over these last couple of fights, these last couple big fights?



ERIC GOMEZ (ph): I can tell you that I’m just going to – I’m expecting that the best there is from him. I know he had two great fights with Barrera and I know he’s going to be well motivated because, I mean, he’s giving the shot for the title. I won’t speculate anything in the ring. I mean, I just want to – I don’t want to think that this is the style that he’s going to put up tonight (ph) or whatever. On the ring September 15, I’m just going to expect that Rocky Juarez comes to fight and try to win the title that night. But obviously I’m going to defend it very hard.

EDDIE GOLDMAN (ph): And one other quick question, do you think that finally the boxing media and maybe the general sports media is starting to understand that weight divisions like Super Featherweight are among the top one or two best weight classes in the sport today?


ERIC GOMEZ (ph): I guess we’ll let (ph) say that I appreciate that you people, reporters, writers, and the media notice that we fighters have a lower weight, lower divisions, we put up great fights. I mean, we come to fight in the ring and we put up great fighting shows for the people. And I just want to appreciate that the people, you people, have noticed that.

DAN RAFAEL, ESPN: Thank you. Juan, do you think with the victory against Barrera , you know, you – let me rephrase that. You and Barrera and Morales always of the three Mexican fighters, top guys in your divisions, but you were sort of always the one that was more overshadowed by them. Now you have beaten Barrera. Do you feel as though that you are out of that shadow a little bit now with the great win you had earlier this year?



ERIC GOMEZ: Well, what I can tell you is that if I was under the shadows of Barrera and Morales and I would like to say that it was thanks to my older, the previous promoter that I had. I mean, they’d get me under that shadow of those guys. But now that I signed with Romanza (ph) Boxing and Golden Boy Promotions, now people have seen now that I’m good. And I proved who’s on the (ph) market. I cannot say that I’m better than Barrera. I cannot say that I’m better than Morales or really as important than these two guys. What I can tell you is that I do my job in the ring. I train hard for every fight. And I train every day to prove who’s John Manuel Marquez.

DAN RAFAEL (ph): Can you ask him then just how important was it then to finally get a match against one of his two countrymen to prove at very least that he is on the same level as those guys, if not better.



ERIC GOMEZ: Yes, obviously I would like to fight the best and the best Mexican fighter just to prove who’s the best. And I would like to fight obviously Eric Morales (ph) even though he’s in 135. But even at that weight I can fight him and just to prove who’s the best. Everybody knows that I’m just waiting for the opportunity to fight Pacquiao because I mean we’ve got something standing (ph) since 2004. But like I said, I mean, everything, my mind, I’m totally 100 percent concentrated in Rocky Juarez September 15.



ERIC GOMEZ: The question was John Manuel, were you frustrated because Barrera didn’t want to take on the rematch with you?

John Manuel’s answer is no, I wasn’t frustrated. I mean, I know from fighting Rocky Juarez it is a great fight. It is going to be a great show. And I show it. I demonstrate that when I fought Bari Latia (ph) who’s the best. And I did it last March. And now I want to show Manny Pacquaio who’s the best. So that’s why I want to fight him. But Rocky Juarez is a great opponent. And he is going to be a great fight, a tough fight.



ERIC GOMEZ: The question was what were your thoughts, what did you think about the fight with Rocky Juarez and Barrera, the first one. Do you think that the decision was fair?

And John Manuel answered well, it was a tough fight. It was a close fight. And the decision could go either way. And but now what I can say is when I was watching the fight live I was there, I just was watching both of the fighters because they wanted to absorb what is it that they had and what they were presenting to the fans (ph) to their opponents. And now I just can tell you that I’m expecting a Rocky Juarez well motivated because when he has the opportunity to fight for a title, he comes well prepared. And this September 15 won’t be the exception. He’s going to be ready for the fight. He’s going to be ready to try to take the belt away from me. But I’m going to be ready and motivated to defend the title.

DAN RAFAEL: Hi there. I was wondering if since Juan has faced both Barrera and beat him and had the very close excellent fight with Pacquaio, what are his thoughts about their match up? He’s the expert since he’s faced both guys. Who does he think will win and how?



ERIC GOMEZ: Well, what I can tell you is that it’s going to be a tough fight. It is going to be a great fight. Obviously Barrera is a smart fighter. And Pacquaio, he has speed, the strength, the punch. And I don’t know. I mean, it’s going to be a tough fight. I don’t know who’s going to win.

But what it is fortunately is that the plans that the public (ph) is going to be a winner because they’re going to see a great fight, too.

DAN RAFAEL: The fact that Juan’s brother sort of – you know, he was upset a couple of weeks ago in his loss in the rematch he had against Vasquez. First of all, can Juan say how his brother is doing since that loss? And also, if that is a little bit of an eye-opener or a motivator for him to make sure that he’s on his best game because he knows certainly anything can happen.



ERIC GOMEZ (ph): OK. John Manuel’s answer is my brother is doing great. I mean, he is a little bit upset because the referee stopped the fight and not a good timing for them (ph) to stop the fight. But he learned. He learned from that loss. And I’m learning, too, because, I mean, now it shows me that I’ve got to be alert and with all my fight senses in the ring. And that’s why I’m preparing myself the way I’m preparing because I know everything can happen in the ring and I don’t want to – for a fit (ph), you know.

KELLY SWANSON: Yes. Thank you so much. He’s done all his calls. He did a great job, and we appreciate his time. Thanks so much. We now have Rocky Juarez and Dave, if you’d like to make the introduction for Rocky. And we will continue on for Rocky Juarez. If there’s a question in Spanish, Rocky, you can answer it in Spanish and then Eric Gomez will translate both the question and the answer. Thank you.

DAVID ITSKOWITCH: OK. You know, Rocky Juarez I guess has joined the call. Rocky’s from Houston, Texas. He is a 2000 U.S. Olympian. He won a silver medal at the Sydney Games. And he’s going to be looking to win a world title. He’s had a, you know, had a few cracks at it already. And, you know, those fights have been close fights that haven’t gone his way. And, you know, this is a lifelong dream of his to win a world title.

And, you know, his opportunity comes on September 15th. And without any further adieu, Rocky Juarez.

ROCKY JUAREZ: Hey. How’s it going? Thanks a lot. Thanks for having me.

KELLY SWANSON: OK. Great. OK, operator, open it up to questions. We’ll get going right away.



ERIC GOMEZ: Yes. I’ll translate it now. It’s Eric Gomez. So the first question, it was two questions. The first question was what have you learned from your three losses, Rocky? And what is it going to take for you to win a world title? And basically what Rocky responded, he said, look, the three losses I learned so much from those three losses in which, you know, obviously I felt that I won the first Boraro (ph) fight. I lost DeSoto (ph). It was a close fight. All three fights I felt were close. I wasn’t hurt. I never got knocked down. I wasn’t knocked out. They were decision losses. But I learned so much from them.

Now I’m with Ronnie Shields (ph). I’ve been with him for about a year. I’m learning so much from Ronnie Shields (ph). And I’m going to be well prepared. This fight with Marquez is very tough, but I’m going to be well prepared. And I think I’m going to have a little more experience coming into this fight.

DAN RAFAEL: Thank you, Eric, for translating English. I appreciate that. Rocky, obviously everybody who knows that Barrera was supposed to be the opponent for John Manuel and you were going to challenge from one of the featherweight titles on the undercard, can you just talk a little bit about how it came about that you got offered the main event to move up on the card and also about what went into your decision-making process and how long it took you to decide to go for the higher profile fight at the main event as opposed to staying at 126 where you said you were going back to following the loss of Tobrara (ph) to make the move again?

ROCKY JUAREZ: Well, it’s been about almost three weeks that they – my manager said – I think it was actually on Sunday about two p.m. that he called and told me that Barrios (ph) was unable to fight for the – because of a – due to a detached problem with his eye.

So he asked me was I willing to take the fight. And at the moment I was jumping up and down like yes. But I had to look at it overall and actually talk it over with my coach, Ronnie (ph) and then talk to my previous coach, Ray Onteraros (ph) and decide what we were going to do and, you know, just figure out the figures on the fight.

So overall I knew I was going to take the fight. You know, I knew it was a great opportunity to be competing against Marquez. And it didn’t take us no more than 24 hours to decide on the fight.

DAN RAFAEL: And you were happy with that team (ph)? You had said afterwards – the reason I’m asking the question in the way I am is I remember at the press conference after you lost the second fight with Barrera, you know, you talked about you were going back to featherweight. You seemed pretty determined to do that.

Your next two fights took place in the featherweight division or below 130 anyway, and it seemed as though that’s where you belonged. And you never did get to win a title at featherweight. And obviously fighting Guerrero (ph) would have been that opportunity.

Is there any sort of, you know, disappointment that that didn’t take place or might you come back to 126 in the future, win or lose against Barrera? I mean, against Marquez?

ROCKY JUAREZ: Against Marquez, who knows, you know? I believe, you know, I’ve been at the featherweight division 125, 126 pounds, let’s just say, for nine years since the age of 18.

So I believe, you know, whether I jump up four pounds to 130 or stay at 126 pounds it’s really not going to make a difference. I think I proved that in two Boraro (ph) fights. So I don’t think it’s really going to make a difference.

But I do feel that the opportunity that came with fighting Marquez was just an opportunity that I couldn’t pass up. And definitely, you know, if I had a bigger name, other than Robert Guerrero (ph), if I owned a headliner now for the pay-per-view fight, it’s something that I couldn’t pass up.

So I was very happy when they gave me this opportunity and I was willing to take it without having to go into (ph) it and knowing that, you know, Marquez had the same amount of time to prepare himself for me as I had to prepare myself for him.

ROBERT MORALES, LOS ANGELES DAILY NEWS: Hey, Rocky. Hey listen, when I heard that you were going to fight Marquez, something came to mind that brought back memories of a fight with (ph) Reuben Castillo (ph) who fought in the ’80s.

Now check it out, he fought for four world championships. And the guys he fought were Julio Cesar Chavez (ph), Alexis Argello, Juan LaPorta (ph), and Salvadore Sanchez. And needless to say he lost all four fights.

Are you concerned, Rocky – and now you’re fighting Marquez. You fought Barrera twice, and I’m not counting the other fight that you had because it was an interim title fight. So let’s just go with Marquez and the two with Barrera.

Is there a concern that you could be this world-class fighter, you know, go through your entire career never winning a world championship because you’re fighting the very best superstars out there when you do fight for titles?

ROCKY JUAREZ: Well it never comes to mind that I’m not going to win the title. You know, I do look at it like – I do look at it as, you know, I’m fighting the best. So whether or not, win or lose, as long as I go out there and perform the best that I can, I feel that that’s just going to make, you know – it seems that means more to me than, you know, the outcome.

I think going out there and performing and fighting the best out there is something that I’m going to prove to myself that I fought the best. And I do feel that, you know, come September 15th that I’m going to win. You know, I never doubted by ability to become champion. And it’s just, you know, it’s an opportunity against great champions the way I’m fighting is just terrific for me.

RICH BERGERON, FIGHT NEWS UNLIMITED: Well, it seems lately like the lighter-weights are making the most excitement in boxing lately. I’m just wondering how you plan to add to that excitement against Marquez and how a little of (ph) advantage as far as experience goes.

ROCKY JUAREZ: Well, you know, I think Marquez is actually the oldest. You know, no disrespect to him but he is actually the oldest featherweight in the division I believe as of now but who holds a belt.

So I think with my youth I’m going to have the advantage as far as in speed. And I feel that, you know, I guess my hunger. You know, Marquez has been champion and he definitely has a ton of experience. But, you know, just the same as when I took Apollo Boraro (ph), I never doubted my ability to perform against the best out there.

So I’m looking forward to it. I mean, I really don’t have too much to say. But I’m looking forward to it and, you know, that come September 15 it’s going to be a great fight.

RICH BERGERON (ph): So you think age is more of a disadvantage than an advantage in this case?

ROCKY JUAREZ: Well, I believe so. I mean, you would have to think, you know, it’s youth versus experience. And it’s definitely going to go on behalf on youth. I know he has the experience as the same as Boraro (ph) had the experience against me. I thought that my youth was a big factor in the fight.

JOHN WHISTLER (ph), SAN ANTONIO EXPRESS: Hey, you mentioned earlier that you learned a lot from your three world title fights. Specifically what was that? Was it do you need to start quicker, finish stronger, be in better condition? What can you take from those that you can apply to this fight?

ROCKY JUAREZ: Well, I thought that, you know, in my previous fights when I let go my punches, you know, I usually always end the fight with knockouts. It’s when I’m throwing. So it’s just I felt that, you know, later in my career I began realizing that I had a one-punch knockout ability. And I believe that I was just looking for that one shot.

So we’re trying to learn – we’re trying to get back to just throwing punches and letting the knockout come, you know, rather than thinking about it. So what I believe I’ve learned in the price with the losses against Boraro (ph) was that I need to start off quicker, you know, not wait until the – not catch up, not look to catch up in the later rounds but to start off quick.

I know I trained hard and I’m always conditioned to go 12 rounds. So why not just start off from the beginning from the first round and fight my hardest to the tough (ph).

JOHN WHISTLER (ph): Yes. OK. One other thing – and I had heard that – it sounds like this is wrong, though. I had heard that you had told Ronnie, because he also trains Holyfield, that he needed to decide whether he was going to train you or Evander. That’s not true?

ROCKY JUAREZ: No. Not true.

JOHN WHISTLER: So he’s going to do both then? He’s going to train…

ROCKY JUAREZ: Yes. Well – yes, he trains both of us actually. We both work on different schedules.

JOHN WHISTLER: OK. Who will be your cut man then?

ROCKY JUAREZ: My coach Raos Evaros (ph) will be my cut man.


ROCKY JUAREZ: My coach who I was with for 14 years has been my cut man for the last two fights I fought with Golden Boy.

JOHN WHISTLER: OK. You’re not going to use Sousa anymore?

ROCKY JUAREZ: No. I’ve been using my coach, Raos Evaros (ph).

JOHN WHISTLER: Oh, I see, because you needed him in your corner, nothing against Sousa? Or did you – was it…

ROCKY JUAREZ: No. Nothing against Sousa. No. Definitely not. I mean, Sousa was a – I like Sousa. And it’s just I felt like – you know, I always thought that the cut man was the second most important for – or the first most important person in the corner.

And I believe that by having my coach Raos Evaros (ph), who I’ve been with since the beginning of my career, was something that I had to keep on. I mean, I was once told never take away what’s gotten you where you are today. So by having him in my corner and having his voice in my corner and, you know, having two minds work together like Ronnie (ph) and Raos Evaros (ph) to work as one, I think it’s going to benefit me for all my fights to come.

JASON GONZALEZ: Hey, Rocky. I wanted to ask you, being a Mexican-American, what would it mean to you to be able to redeem yourself on the night of the Mexican Independence?

ROCKY JUAREZ: Well, I think with my other fights (ph) I’ve gained really more fans, you know, so many fans out there that, you know. OK. I believe, you know, fighting Barrera gave so many fans in those two fights that, you know, my fans are going to stick behind me. And I think by fighting on the Mexican Independence Day, you know, we have two Mexicans. You know, I’m Mexican-American. I was born here. I represented the United States in the Olympics. But, you know, I’m very proud of my culture. And I look at myself as a Mexican, a true Mexican, but just a Mexican that was born in America. You know, just the same as De La Hoya likes to think of himself.

But, you know, it’s just the solid (ph) goals. I mean, if you’re not from Mexico, born from Mexico, that Mexicans are going to go for – actually they’re just going to go for the fighters they actually like, I mean, regardless if they’re Mexican-American or true born and raised in Mexico.

So come September 15, I’m sure there’s going to be both Marquez fans out there rooting for Marquez and as well as waters (ph) fans rooting for me.

EDDIE GOLDMAN, SECONDSOUT RADIO: Hey, Rocky. How’s everything going today? The question I want to ask, have you watched tape of some of his close fights with either Chris John or Manny Pacquaio? And if so, have you learned anything from that that you can apply for yourself?

ROCKY JUAREZ: Definitely. Other than when I’m fighting or I’m at the gym, you know, I’m a person who definitely enjoys watching boxing. You know, ever since I was young and before I even started boxing, I’ve always enjoyed watching boxing.

And just now that same difference, you know, when he fought Pacquaio, I really don’t look too much on the fact – look at the Pacquaio fight for the fact that I’m not southpaw. But I do have the CD of Chris John. And I like looking at the fight with Marco Barrera and him.

But throughout Marquez’s career, I mean, Marquez has been fighting for, you know, since the beginning of my boxing career, I mean professional career. And I mean, I’ve been keeping up with him ever since he started – since I started – for about seven years.

EDDIE GOLDMAN: Can you tell us what advantages you think you have over him? Do you think he might be overlooking you a little bit since you originally weren’t the first opponent, since you’re moving up from the 26 to 30, anything like that?

ROCKY JUAREZ: No. I don’t think he’s looking over me. I know Marquez is trying real hard. I mean, to become world champion you have to constantly stay in the gym and dedicate yourself in the gym and never look over any fighter because I think, you know, he was there when I fought Boraro (ph) the first fight.

And I think seeing the way I dominated that fight, he – and then fighting Barrera for himself knew that Barrera was a tough fighter, man, He was definitely not a legendary living icon. And he fought them first hand and knows that, you know, well, hell, he actually gave him a tough head (ph) of a fight and Boraro (ph) decided to box in the second fight, you know?

I know this is going to be a tough fight. So I know Marquez is not looking over me. And I’m sure he’s training very hard to retain his title.

EDDIE GOLDMAN: Do you expect to be more aggressive this fight than you were in the second Boraro (ph) fight?

ROCKY JUAREZ: Well, we expect to fight our style. We have – we’re expecting to go in there and win, you know. We know Marquez is a counter puncher. He’s very straight, has very good straight punches and very good uppercuts who’s been down a few times.

But, you know, he definitely shows a heart to get up and come back from those knockdowns. So, you know, we know what to expect. We know it’s going to be a tough fight. Marquez is always in condition and is a good puncher and very, what’s the word, very slick. I guess that’s the word I’m looking for, very smart, very smart in the ring, intelligent. He boxes well and we know it’s going to be a tough fight

ROCKY JUAREZ: Thank you. Great job, Eric.

KELLY SWANSON: All right. Thank you, Eric. Yes, absolutely, Rocky. You got me on that one.

KELLY SWANSON: OK. Great. Thank you so much, Rocky. We appreciate you taking the time out to answer these wonderful questions. And again, everybody, looking forward to your coverage. This event is coming up soon. We have a great event, four fights pay-per-view, all competitive. So thank you. Dave Itskowitch, is there anything you’d like to say before we hang up?

DAVID ITSKOWITCH: Just to say thank you and, you know, get the word out to the public, you know, great seats and reasonable prices for a great night of boxing. And if you can’t make it to Vegas, HBO pay-per-view is distributing, nine o’clock, six o’clock, and the suggested retail of $44.95.

OPERATOR: Thank you. This does conclude today’s Golden Boy Promotions John Manuel Marquez and Rocky Juarez conference call. You may disconnect your lines at this time, and have a wonderful day.

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