Elite Boxing Group: The New Era of Heavyweight Boxing

31.05.06 – Since he started the Elite Boxing Group over a decade ago, power manager Ivaylo Gotzev has established a reputation for spotting talented, young prospects and developing them into world champions. Dating back to the end of their amateur days, Gotzev has adeptly handled the careers of WBO Heavyweight Champion Sergei “The White Wolf” Lyakhovich, 23-1 (14 KO’s) and future heavyweight king Samuel “The Nigerian Nightmare” Peter, 26-1 (22 KO’s), turning them both into stars..

So now that he has his two latest discoveries where he wants them, Gotzev says the next step is to secure the kind of fights for them that will get the general public excited about heavyweight boxing again.

“We’re here and ready to go,” says Gotzev to the promoters he is waiting to hear from. “In Sergei, I’ve got the most exciting new champion in boxing. He took the title from Lamon Brewster in a complete war that was the best heavyweight fight of the last ten years. And Samuel,” he continues, “is the man with the punch that generates heart-pounding action that people crave to see again. I’ll put either of my guys in against any of the champions or top-rated contenders in the world. Now it’s up to the various promoters to do the same.”

Not content to accept boxing’s status quo, Gotzev has emerged as a leader among the growing number of people in boxing who say they’re tired of watching the same old recycled names in the kinds of fights that a young, hungry warrior would give his all to be in. “It’s a matter of fact, the networks want to put on the best fights and we want the same. Let the new era begin. I say let my two guys go in and clear out the mess. The Elite Boxing Group is ready.”