Corrales-Castillo Showtime Press Conference Quotes


31.03.05 – In a highly anticipated match-up, the two best 135-pound boxers in the world will square off when two-time World Boxing Council (WBC) Lightweight Champion Jose Luis Castillo takes on World Boxing Organization (WBO) Champion Diego “Chico” Corrales in a world title unification bout Saturday, May 7, 2005, on SHOWTIME at 9 p.m. ET/PT (delayed on the West Coast)..


“I expect a slugfest. I know Corrales will be tough.”

“At this level, there are no easy fights. I want to fight the best here and then move on to 140 (pounds).”

“After the Mayweather fight, I thought I was done with boxing. But they kept asking me to fight these 10-round fights and finally I did. I was tired of boxing. I know I won the first fight with Mayweather. But the fact is, I stayed active and that kept me focused.”


“One of the best things in life is to look over in the other corner and see that look on Joe Goosen’s face after one of his fighters loses to one of my fighters.”


“This is the fight everybody is anticipating. I know what I am getting myself into. I am going to do what I always do, which is go to war.”

“I hate being idle. I love being in the ring. Especially watching Castillo’s last two fights because those were supposed to be mine.”

“I predict a good fight with blood, sweat and tears. One of us will walk away and one will not.”

“Castillo will have to watch me every second. I think he will be very tough, but some of the toughest shells have to be cracked.”


“The rest did Diego well. We are feeling good and it is showing in the workouts. He is putting in three-a-days. He is sparring 12 rounds. This is the type of fight where you will want to see a second and a third one between them.