European Boxing Congress in Vitoria, Spain / July 8-11

12.06.04 – Only 26 days remaining and everything is getting ready at the “Palacio de Europa” conference palace for the EUROPEAN BOXING Congress to take place between July 8th and 11th 2004. Delegates from 27 countries of the Continent will come to this important meeting although the attendance of some people from overseas like Florida (USA), Mongolia .or even a complete delegation of the Ghana Boxing Commission have already confirmed their assistance.

The Congress will have a complete agenda including Ring Official Seminar headed by EBA members Torben Seemann (Denmark) and John Coyle (England), Medical Seminar, World & European Rating Committee meetings and EBA General Assembly. But everything will not be working “staff” of course:

Friday 9th: there will be a beautiful excursion to the “RIOJA” wine area where some of the most delicious red and white wines in the World are produced (including visits to cellars 1.000 years old ..)

Saturday 10th: the Gala and Awards dinner at the Royal Museum Artium together with some of the most important European Promoters (Universum, Team Palle, Sauerland, Michel Acaries, etc ..) with a generous combination of regional foods and afterwards a “live” orchestra until mid-night.

Sunday 11th: (very early morning) visit live at the World famous “San Fermin” running of bulls (some over 800 kgrs.) through the street of Pamplona

+ much free time during the whole weekend at the beautiful city of Vitoria

The EBA will take care of all pick-ups / deliveries from / to the airports (Bilbao-Vitoria) thanks to the collaboration of MERCEDES-BENZ, as this company holds in Vitoria one of its largest factories in the World and will work as sponsor of the European Congress. However due to the number of assistants and coordination works we will only be able to guarantee this service to the applications received at least 5 DAYS before the beginning of the EURO Congress.

For further information and registration forms please contact European official website

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Boxing News European Boxing Congress in Vitoria, Spain / July 8-11