Results: Mario Barrios Topples Yordenis Ugas in Welterweight Showdown!

By Vladimir S - 09/30/2023 - Comments

Former world champions Yordenis Ugas and Mario “El Azteca” Barrios showcased their talents and provided a sneak peek into their upcoming fight for the Interim WBC Welterweight Title. This took place during a media session in Las Vegas on Tuesday. The bout is set to feature on the Canelo vs. Charlo SHOWTIME PPV event, on Saturday, September 30, at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Ugas and Barrios are set to take center stage, each aiming to secure the championship title once more. Ugas, the former WBA Welterweight Champion, is set to fight Barrios, the ex-140-pound champion. Both fighters have notable mentors preparing them for this bout; Ugas trains under the experienced Ismael Salas, while Barrios is under the guidance of the 2022 Ring Magazine Trainer of the Year, Bob Santos.

Those interested in witnessing this live can purchase tickets via, an event that’s endorsed by Canelo Promotions and TGB Promotions.


“I approach each round with the utmost focus, ensuring no round is taken lightly. Every round should flow in the direction I envision.

“I don’t claim to predict outcomes, but I ensure that I face top-contender fighters, give my all every round, and let the results unfold.

“Being in significant fight environments isn’t new to me, but sharing the card with a superstar like Canelo is genuinely thrilling. I take immense pride in this and promise to give my best for the audience.

“Returning to fight in Las Vegas is exhilarating. With a 5-0 record in Las Vegas and this being my third fight at T-Mobile Arena, it feels like home. Las Vegas has always been special for me.

“The aftermath of the Errol Spence Jr. fight was both a physical and emotional challenge. Carrying the weight of that loss wasn’t easy. But now, it’s time for redemption and moving forward. Post-surgery, my eye has healed, making me feel primed and ready.

“Returning to the gym was a joy, doing what I’ve been passionate about my whole life. Training resumed in December, with sparring following shortly.

“My attention is solely on my upcoming fight. Crawford’s decisions regarding the WBC belt don’t concern me. My aim is to stay on my path.”

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“I promise to maintain the intensity I’m known for in every fight. The weight feels right now, making me even more confident.

“I’m putting in my utmost efforts in preparation. We’ve devised a solid strategy for the fight against Ugas. Despite its challenges, such fights intrigue me. Pushing my limits in the ring is what I strive for.

“So far, everything has been stellar. Staying in Las Vegas for the past months has kept me primed. Both mentally and physically, I feel at my peak.

“Relocating to Las Vegas felt essential. The training here has made me sharper and more determined. The benefits of training here are countless.

“Victory in this fight would be a significant milestone for my career. It would place me amongst the elite welterweights and inch me closer to the more important world title fights.

“I’m delighted to be in Las Vegas alongside Bob Santos. Our rapport has always been strong, and having him helm the coaching role again feels right. We foresee numerous accomplishments in the coming years.”


“One thing I’m certainly not short on is experience. I’ve been contesting with the world’s finest welterweights for the last seven years, and come Saturday, the world will witness the fruit of my seasoned journey.

“I hold profound respect for every Mexican boxer. I salute them, acknowledging that Barrios will indeed be a formidable adversary. He’s expected to put up a strong fight.”


“My prime years are just around the corner, and I intend to achieve as much as possible. I’m confident that Las Vegas is the place where I can realize my ambitions.

“Due to my stature, maintaining 140 pounds was getting increasingly challenging. The welterweight division is where I foresee achieving the most, and I’m thrilled for what the coming years hold.

“Ugas is a remarkable boxer. He’s faced and triumphed over some top-contender welterweights, including the legendary Manny Pacquiao. His fight against Errol Spence Jr. showcased his ability to bring challenges, so we are preparing for all he has to offer.”


A showdown with a former world champ is always a spectacle. I’m game.

“For seven solid years, I’ve faced some tough cookies. This Saturday, I plan to shut up the naysayers.

“We both have a track record of impressive bouts. We’re no strangers to tough fights.

“Life’s thrown me curveballs, and I’ve always hit back. Tune in on Saturday to catch my next swing.

“While I wear my championship belt with pride, my heart beats for the Cuban community. This bout’s not just about the title; it’s for my people back home.”


“The excitement’s through the roof! This lineup’s packed with bouts that’ll get hearts racing. Clear your schedules.

“We’ve been grinding away in Vegas, and I’m itching to step into the ring this weekend.

“A victory isn’t just a win; it’s a stepping stone to bigger things, possibly even a shot at the world title. And challenges? I thrive on them.

“I know Ugas won’t be an easy win. But hey, easy is boring. I’m ready to showcase my mettle.

“Training’s been intense, and now, it’s showtime.

“We’re not just fighters; we’re representatives. While I stand for Mexicans and indigenous roots, every punch has a story. Our bout’s gonna be epic.”