Estrada beats Valle, Valdez stops Wilson – Boxing Results

By Vanessa Giebel - 03/29/2024 - Comments

Seniesa Estrada, with an unbeaten record of 26-0 and 9 KOs, clinched a win over her arch-rival Yokasta Valle, whose record fell to 30-3 with 9 KOs. Estrada’s triumph through a unanimous decision, with all judges marking the scorecards at 97-93, marked the first-ever unification of all titles in the 105-pound division.

From the start Estrada’s unconventional tactics threw Valle off her game. An early clash led to Valle sporting a cut above her right eye, while Estrada capitalized by mixing up her stance and jabbing from a distance.

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Valle wasn’t one to back down easily, ramping up her aggression by the fourth round and landing a hefty right hook that seemed to shake Estrada. Despite Valle’s intensified assault, particularly in close quarters, Estrada recalibrated and resumed her long-range attacks, her punches landing with deadly accuracy while she occasionally mocked Valle.

In a last-ditch effort, Valle surged in the final round, but it wasn’t enough to win.

Post-fight, Estrada couldn’t hide her elation, “I feel on top of the world. Wanted this for ages – to be the undisputed champ. It’s done, and my dream’s realized. Over the moon, truly.

“I knew she’d come at me hard. That’s her way. But I was ready to strip her of her strengths.

“The drive to be the best is in my blood. Training’s been hell – body’s been a wreck, back’s been killing me, hands are shot. But I soldiered on. That’s what champs do. Aim for greatness.”

Valle, on the other hand, felt wronged, “That early headbutt? Felt like a dirty move. Had me battling more than just her punches.”

Oscar Valdez, once a reigning champ across two divisions, silenced the doubters tonight by stopping Liam Wilson in the seventh round, clinching the WBO Interim junior lightweight title. The battle unfolded at the Desert Diamond Arena in Glendale, Arizona, where Valdez showcased his undiminished power.

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The fight’s early moments saw Valdez gauging the distance, but soon he took command, firing jabs, dodging returns, and seeking openings for his lethal left hooks.

Wilson held his own from afar, yet Valdez cunningly drew him within striking distance. The sixth round saw them exchanging blows, with Valdez landing punishing hooks to Wilson’s body and head.

By the seventh, Valdez’s relentless assault overwhelmed Wilson, leading to the fight’s cessation at 2:48 by referee Mark Nelson.

Valdez reflected on his victory, “This win is monumental. Against all odds and skepticism, here I stand. To those who doubted, let my triumph be your answer.”

He also offered words of encouragement to Wilson, “Don’t hang your gloves up yet. I’ve been down and out too, but here I am. Wilson, you were close to grasping victory, and I respect you and your team immensely.”

Wilson conceded, “The fight didn’t pan out as hoped. I let my heart lead, sidelining my strategy. Yet, this ring showdown was what I’ve always yearned for. It’s back to the drawing board for me, but mark my words, I’ll return stronger.”

Junior Welterweight: Raymond “Danger” Muratalla, with a record as spotless as a freshly polished silver platter, gracefully danced his way to a unanimous points victory over the sturdy Xolisani Ndongeni. Muratalla, cool as a cucumber, flicked jabs and unfurled a symphony of one-twos and cheeky hooks to the midsection, making it quite clear that Ndongeni, though as tough as an old boot, was in for a long night. The judges, with their keen eyes, tallied the dance 99-91, 98-92, and 97-93 in favor of Muratalla.

Junior Welterweight: Now, Lindolfo Delgado, a chap who doesn’t rush his tea, proved yet again that good things come to those who wait. The Olympian, with the patience of a saint, eventually found his moment against Carlos Sanchez, delivering a counter right hand that surely had Sanchez seeing stars before concluding the affair with a resounding right hook. Clock stopped at 48 seconds into the seventh, and just like that, it was curtains for Sanchez.

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Heavyweight: Richard Torrez Jr., the Yank with a punch like a freight train, maintained his impeccable record of sending opponents to the land of nod, this time dispatching Don Haynesworth posthaste. Halfway through the round, as if struck by a sudden epiphany, Torrez unleashed hell, compelling the referee to step in at 2:19 and save Haynesworth from further decorum.

Middleweight: Phoenix’s own knight in shining armor, Sergio Rodriguez, engaged in a spirited tussle with Sanny Duversonne. Rodriguez, ever the aggressor, found Duversonne to be quite the slippery fish, answering every advance and making it a proper scrap. The judges, after a good ponder, declared Rodriguez the victor with scores of 60-54 and a pair of 59-55s.

Lightweight: Emiliano Fernando Vargas, in what was billed as his sternest test to date, emerged victorious against the valiant Nelson Hampton. Vargas, quick as a whip and strong as an ox, displayed his arsenal, but Hampton, no mere spectator, fired back with counters aplenty, making Vargas earn his keep. The judges unanimously agreed on a score of 60-54 across the board.

Lightweight: Alan “Kid Kansas” Garcia, fresh off inking a deal with Top Rank, showcased why he’s the talk of the town by stopping Gonzalo Fuenzalida in their bout. The curtain fell at 1:58 in the second, with Garcia proving he’s not just a flash in the pan.

Junior Welterweight: Art Barrera Jr., schooled in the art of pugilism by the esteemed Robert Garcia, demonstrated his burgeoning prowess by dispatching Kevin Soto with a left hook that’s sure to be the talk of Linwood. The bout was halted at 2:17 in the second, marking another notch on Barrera’s belt.

Lastly, in the junior welterweight division, Ricardo Ruvalcaba handed Avner Hernandez Molina a rather rude introduction to the canvas with a fifth-round TKO, stopping the clock at 1:44. Molina, now acquainted with the bitter taste of defeat, will surely be back to the drawing board.

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