Estrada beats Valle, Valdez stops Wilson – Boxing Results

By Vanessa Giebel - 03/29/2024 - Comments

The tension’s boiling over as Liam Wilson gears up to throw hands with Oscar Valdez, a beast in the ring with titles in two divisions, this weekend in Glendale. The battle just got a shot of adrenaline with the World Boxing Organisation stamping it as a showdown for the interim super featherweight world crown.

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With Emanuel Navarrete eyeing a jump in division, the victor in the Valdez-Wilson rumble will ascend as a key warrior in a division teeming with heavy hitters like O’Shaquie Foster and Joe Cordina.

The WBO’s word is, if Navarrete clinches the lightweight crown and hangs onto it, the interim champ from this fight gets crowned the full-on boss of the junior lightweight division.

The co-main event is nothing short of a blockbuster, with Seniesa “Super Bad” Estrada and Yokasta Valle throwing down the gauntlet in a fight that’s been brewing longer than your grandpa’s moonshine. With all four belts hanging in the balance, this 12-rounder is set to cement the victor’s place in the annals of minimumweight royalty, brought to you by the fine folks at Golden Boy and MarvNation Promotions.

Let’s not forget the warriors who’ve tread this path before. Valdez, with his heart on his sleeve and fists of fury, has represented his homeland with distinction, only to stumble against the likes of Stevenson and Navarrete. Meanwhile, Wilson, our man from Down Under, has had his rollercoaster ride, knocking on victory’s door only to be greeted by the cold hand of defeat, but never one to back down from a challenge.

Then there’s the tale of two queens: Estrada, a force across three divisions, eyeing the crown of undisputed glory, and Valle, a warrior who’s weathered storms to claim her stake in the minimumweight throne.

And because no fight night is complete without a cast of hungry contenders and rising stars, the undercard is stacked with talent itching to make their mark, from knockout artist Raymond “Danger” Muratalla to heavyweight powerhouse Richard Torrez Jr., and not forgetting the young lion, Emiliano Fernando Vargas, ready to roar.

Seniesa Estrada

“For me, this fight carries a personal significance for numerous reasons. My competitive nature and my burning desire to claim the undisputed title fuel my drive. Ever since my early days with Golden Boy Promotions, I’ve been pushing for this fight. It’s the key to fulfilling my ambition of becoming undisputed in the ring, and my enthusiasm is at its peak. I’m eagerly awaiting March 29th, ready to seize the moment.”

“The fact that I was under Golden Boy Promotions is well-known. Valle has repeatedly claimed in interviews that I’ve been avoiding her, which couldn’t be further from the truth. The initiative to arrange this fight has always come from my end, right from the outset. It was me who brought her to the attention of Golden Boy Promotions. My intention has been clear from the beginning.”

Liam Wilson:

“Since the Navarrete clash, I’ve been in the ring twice. I’m stepping into this with a whole new level of prep. Hitting the same spot, but this time, I’ve got the vibe of the place down. Can’t wait for March 29, it’s going to be electric.”

“He’s definitely aiming to make a statement this time. Wants to flaunt that champion vibe, show he’s still got the fire. Predicting his moves? Tricky. But the guy’s got skills across the board. You don’t snag those belts in two divisions by being a one-trick pony.”

“Figuring out his plan is like trying to catch smoke. Used to love a good scrap, but recently, he’s been all about that dance and dodge. So, while I’m gearing up for any curveball, I’m more than ready to mix it up.”

“He’s been through the grinder, no doubt. And me? I tend to match that energy. If things go sideways, I’m right there in the thick of it. But I’m bringing my A-game, sticking to the strategy, yet I’m all in for a brawl if it comes down to it.”

Yokasta Valle

“This fight is a clash of champions, with no personal grudges involved. My eyes are set on becoming the undisputed champion; that’s my ultimate goal. Seniesa holds two titles that I aim for, not out of rivalry against her, but for the glory of the titles themselves. After years of dedication and climbing through the divisions, from 108 to 105 pounds, my dream of becoming undisputed is within reach. The anticipation is thrilling.”

“I envision every aspect of my fights, from the entrance music to the roar of the crowd. With hope, the next announcement I hear will be ‘And new undisputed champion, Yokasta Valle from Costa Rica,’ marking the pinnacle of my journey.”

Mexican Olympian Lindolfo Delgado steps up to throw down in the junior welterweight division. Delgado’s lacing up for a fiery 10-round tussle with fellow countryman Carlos “El Tiburon” Sanchez, lighting up the Desert Diamond Arena in Glendale, Arizona, this Friday, March 29. This clash is setting the stage, warming up the crowd for the headline act where Oscar Valdez and Liam Wilson will be duking it out in the junior lightweight division.

Delgado, with the Olympic rings in his corner and a hunger to climb the ranks, is eyeing a spot among the junior welterweight elite. And Sanchez, known as “The Shark,” isn’t just there to make up the numbers; he’s diving in with the bite to match his bark, promising to turn this fight into a battle worth watching.

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  • Mark the Date: Friday, March 29
  • Starting Bell: 11 p.m. ET / 8 p.m. PT for the main scrum; undercard festivities kick off at 6:10 p.m. ET / 3:10 p.m. PT
  • Where to Watch: Only on ESPN+
  • Venue: Desert Diamond Arena, Glendale, Arizona

Fight Night Start: ESPN+ streaming begins at 6:10 p.m. ET (USA) / 11:10 p.m. BST (UK)

Main Fight:

  • Oscar Valdez vs. Liam Wilson: 12 rounds for the Vacant WBO Interim Junior Lightweight World Title


  • Seniesa Estrada vs. Yokasta Valle: 10 rounds for the Undisputed Minimumweight Championship
  • Raymond Muratalla vs. Xolisani Ndongeni: 10 rounds, Lightweight Division

Undercard Fights:

  • Lindolfo Delgado vs. Carlos Sanchez: 10 rounds in the Junior Welterweight Division
  • Richard Torrez Jr. vs. Don Haynesworth: 8 rounds, Heavyweight Clash
  • Sergio Rodriguez vs. Sanny Duversonne: 6 rounds, Middleweight Bout
  • Emiliano Fernando Vargas vs. Nelson Hampton: 6 rounds, Lightweight Matchup
  • Alan Garcia vs. Gonzalo Fuenzalida: 6 rounds, Lightweight Fight
  • Art Barrera Jr. vs. Keven Soto: 4 rounds, Junior Welterweight Battle
  • Ricardo Ruvalcaba vs. Avner Hernandez-Molina: 6 rounds, Junior Welterweight Tussle