Results: Chris Eubank defeats Liam Smith In Manchester

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In a rematch that was all about settling unfinished business, Chris Eubank Jr stopped Liam “Beefy” Smith cold in the 10th round, right there in Manchester. The opening rounds? Pure chess match. Both boxers clearly wary, sizing each other up from a safe distance. Then Eubank flipped the script in Round 4, dropping Smith with a jaw-shattering uppercut. Smith stayed in the game, scraping through the middle rounds, but let’s be real—he was playing defense from that moment on, finally taking the L in Round 10.

If anyone had doubts about who had the upper hand between the two, last night put those to bed. Eubank owned the ring this time, no question. And with both guys showing they’re elite in the 160lb game, talks of a trilogy are already buzzing.

Post-fight, Eubank Jr was all class. He told Sky Sports, “Shoutout to Liam and his squad. They always bring it, 100%. What happened tonight? That’s what should’ve gone down in Round 1 of this rivalry. I’m all about this boxing life, and now I’m setting my sights on some real heavy hitters.”

As for Smith? “Cutting weight did me in,” he said. “Chris was on another level tonight. Can’t argue with that.”

At just 21, rising boxing sensation Adam Azim snagged his 9th pro win, dominating a tough and seasoned opponent in Aram Fanyan through a one-sided unanimous decision. On one judge’s scorecard, Azim swept every round.

The early rounds were closely contested. Fanyan was no pushover; he was letting combos fly against the hard-hitting Azim. He showcased slick footwork and head movement, skillfully dodging Azim’s cannon-like straight rights, which have earned him brutal KOs in the past.

But as the fight progressed into its latter half, Azim started to turn up the heat. He dominated each round, while Fanyan, the resilient Ukrainian, just couldn’t be put down despite facing Azim’s immense power—a force that’s put six guys on the mat in earlier bouts.

Young and seemingly unstoppable, Adam Azim has the boxing world buzzing about his sky-high potential. The only lingering question: Is there anything out there that can slow this kid down?

After the bout, Adam Azim spoke to Sky Sports, saying, “He was solid, no doubt. Look, I’m only 21 and went toe-to-toe with a guy who’s got 25 fights under his belt. Not many would take that risk at my age. Today, I showed I can go the distance, land some heavy blows, and adjust my game. So, it’s a win-win for me.”

Frazer Clarke, the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Medalist and a rising star in the Heavyweight division, scored his sixth KO in a career that’s still untouched by defeat. This time, he squared off against Dave Allen, a cagey and seasoned boxer, in a fight that was anything but a snooze fest.

Clarke had the upper hand mainly thanks to a jab that hit like a freight train and his advantageous physical dimensions. But don’t think for a second that Allen was just there for the show. The man was as relentless as they come, trying to drag the match into deep waters where Clarke might run out of gas.

Most of Clarke’s artillery was aimed at the body, but he did veer into some controversial territory. A couple of low blows cost him two points, and that could have turned the tide—except it was Allen who ended up throwing in the towel. The damage Clarke inflicted, especially on Allen’s jaw, was the final straw. So Big Fraze gets to chalk up another win and keep climbing the heavyweight ladder.

After the final bell, Clarke chatted with Sky Sports and summed up his night: “Look, it wasn’t a performance for the history books, but if you’re gonna learn on the fly, Dave Allen is your guy. I wasn’t dancing like Fred Astaire out there, but I had my moments. The guy can take a punch; I knew that coming in.

“As for those low blows, it’s a fight, not a ballet. I keep it clean, and if I did clip the belt, I’m sorry. It wasn’t on purpose.”

Jack Cullen put on the performance of his life to claim the British and Commonwealth Super Middleweight Championships, defeating a rugged and seasoned Mark Heffron in a matchup many pundits had him pegged to lose.

The initial rounds were marked by caution, with Heffron eager to advance but continually thwarted by Cullen’s effective use of his height advantage. Although Heffron managed to find some openings for body shots in the second and third rounds, Cullen had his moments as well, most notably a thudding right hand at the close of round two that shook Heffron.

Just as the third round was nearing its end, Cullen unleashed a blistering left hook that floored Heffron. Despite Heffron quickly getting back to his feet, the referee had no option but to call the fight and declare a new champion in the division.

Mikaela Mayer showcased her boxing skills with a dominant 10-round win in her debut at 140lbs, facing a tenacious Silvia Bortot. Unlike some opponents who might have tried to avoid exchanges, Bortot was willing to engage from the get-go, trading punches in the center of the ring.

However, as the rounds progressed, Bortot’s initial aggression started to wane. Mayer capitalized on this with precise counter-punching and agile lateral movement. Despite being worn down, Bortot displayed remarkable resilience to hang in there until the final bell, following 10 rounds of non-stop action.

Mayer’s victory primes her for a return to World Championship contention in this new weight class. A likely next opponent appears to be BOXXER’s Natasha Jonas, a world champ at 147lbs.

Post-bout, Mikaela Mayer spoke to Sky Sports, stating, “I’m not interested in easy fights; I’ve got some big matchups on my horizon, and one of them is right there—Natasha Jonas!

“I’m already gearing up for that bout. It’s a significant leap to move from 130lbs to 147lbs, but I’m ready to make that jump and take on Tasha Jonas without hesitation.”

Full Card Results:

Chris Eubank Jr Def. Liam Smith – TKO Rd 10 (1:45)

Adam Azim Def. Aram Fanyan – UD (98-92, 100-90, 99-91)

Frazer Clarke Def. Dave Allen – RTD Rd 6 – (3:00)

Jack Cullen Def. Mark Heffron – TKO Rd 3 (2:43)

Mikaela Mayer Def. Silvia Bortot – PTS (100-90)

Florian Marku Def. Dylan Moran – TKO Rd 1 (0:54)

Lauren Price Def. Lolita Muzeya – TD (Rd 6) 60-53

Frankie Stringer Def. Engel Gomez – PTS 60-54

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