Results / Photos: Cyrus Pattinson stops Jenkins

By Matchroom Boxing - 03/18/2023 - Comments

In a thrilling fight that had both men putting everything on the line, Cyrus Pattinson emerged victorious, stopping Chris Jenkins in the ninth round in Newcastle. Pattinson improved to 6-0 (4 KO), while Jenkins fell to 23-7-3 (8 KO), as he was looking to regain his lost British and/or Commonwealth titles.

The 28-year-old Pattinson showed he had the grit and determination to withstand a tough fight into later rounds, having previously never gone past the sixth. Jenkins, 34, fought like his entire career was on the line, giving his all in the ring, but ultimately he was unable to withstand Pattinson’s assault.

From the opening bell, the fight was an all-action affair, with both men constantly punching and making adjustments to break the other down. Pattinson finally found his opening in the seventh round, and he continued to dominate until Jenkins’ corner threw in the towel in round nine.

While it may not have had the high drama or atmosphere of some fights, this was a proper domestic dust-up in the UK, and it was good to see Matchroom putting on a show like this with two fighters who gave it their all. Fans who missed the fight should make sure to catch a replay as soon as possible.

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