Conor Benn vs. Peter Dobson: date, time, how to watch today

By Matchroom Boxing - 02/03/2024 - Comments

Benn and Dobson will brawl at about 3 pm ET / 8  pm UK live on DAZN

Date Clash set for Saturday, Feb 3
Start Time Action unfolds at 8 pm UK, 3 pm ET
Main Event Strut Expected around 10 pm UK, 5 pm ET
Additional Info Show kicks off at 8 pm UK / 3 pm ET.
Available On Live on DAZN. DAZN’s airing it in 200+ territories.
Location It’s going down at The Chelsea, Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas.

Conor Benn is promising a storm of ‘sheer violence’ in his upcoming skirmish at The Chelsea at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, set for Saturday, February 3, and broadcasting globally live on DAZN.

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Benn (22-0 14 KOs), the man they call ‘The Destroyer’, is gearing up for his second U.S. brawl following a 17-month hiatus, fresh off a ten-round tussle victory over Rodolfo Orozco in Orlando last September. He’s currently fine-tuning his arsenal at the Matchroom Churchill Gym in Santa Monica, rubbing shoulders with George Liddard, Jimmy Sains (both sharing his undercard), and John Ryder, who’s set to clash with Jaime Munguia in Phoenix on January 27, live on DAZN.

Dobson (16-0 9 KOs) isn’t shy about his intentions to crash Benn’s party, aiming to throw a wrench in his plans to conquer the 147lbs division and shatter his World title aspirations. But Benn, basking in the glow of headlining in Sin City, is all smiles and swagger.

“Vegas, baby! Headlining in the city of lights – who would’ve thunk it?” Benn jests. “I’ve got a fanbase brewing in the States, and I’m counting on a crowd to jet over for this. I’m taking it all in, step by step. Sure, England’s my turf, and I can’t wait to make a grand return, but for now, I’m soaking up this American adventure.”

Benn’s game plan? Pure, unadulterated demolition. “All he’s got are words, but I’m bringing the thunder. He’s lost in a fog between confidence and delusion. Me? I’m all about the carnage, the ferocity, the malice. I outshine him in every way, and I’m ready to shut down the show in style.”

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And it’s an Essex invasion in Vegas, with Benn leading the charge alongside Liddard, Sains, and Fisher’s ‘Bosh Army’. “It’s a first – four lads from Essex taking Vegas by storm. From Orlando to Sin City, we’re making noise stateside, and I’m all for it.”

Regarding Dobson’s trash talk, Benn shrugs it off with a grin. “I’m Conor Benn, not a chip off the old block. Heard it all before. Let him blabber – it just fuels my fire. I’m going in with one goal: to tear him apart, piece by piece.”

Benn’s strategy is simple: strike fast, strike hard. “I spot an opening, and I pounce. No holding back, no fancy footwork – just pure, knockout power. And if I catch even a glimpse of weakness? He’ll wish he never stepped into the ring with me.”

Benn leaves the scouting to his coach, Tony. “I don’t bother watching my opponents. I trust in my own power, my unyielding spirit. I pack a punch like a horse’s kick – good luck handling that.”

Benn’s face-off with Dobson is the highlight of the Vegas event, where the co-main event features a clash of undefeated middleweights: Austin ‘Ammo’ Williams (15-0 10 KOs) against Connor Coyle (20-0 9 KOs) for the WBA International and IBF North American titles.

The card is stacked with British talent, including Benn’s stablemates Liddard and Sains, and the unbeaten heavyweight Fisher, bringing his ‘Bull Army’ for an international showdown against Ukraine’s Dmytro Bezus (10-1 5 KOs). Light-Heavyweight sensation Khalil Coe (7-0-1 5KOs) squares off against Mexican knockout artist Gerardo Osuna (20-0 18 KOs) in what promises to be a sizzling bout.

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Conor Benn – competes against Peter Dobson in a 12-round welterweight bout

Dobson steps into the ring out of necessity; my passion for the sport drives me. If he were in my position, he wouldn’t choose this path. I’m fully committed to boxing, and his online provocations only fuel my determination. Come Saturday, he’ll understand the true challenge he’s facing.

I plan to confront him directly, ready for an intense exchange. His apprehension grows with every word I speak, but I’m focused on securing a knockout. Despite my privileged background, I’m prepared to prove myself once again.

My track record speaks volumes. I’m not just all talk; my performance in the ring validates my claims. I’ve consistently exceeded expectations and I intend to continue this streak by delivering a decisive victory.

Every fight is approached with the same intensity and dedication as a world title bout, reflecting my commitment to the sport. Saturday will reveal the consequences of his complacency.

Peter Dobson – squares off with Conor Benn in a 12-round welterweight contest

I’ve been poised for this moment, eagerly awaiting the chance to prove my worth. Despite being underestimated, I’ve accepted every challenge presented to me.

Benn’s inexperience is evident in his bold prediction of a first-round victory. None of his previous opponents surpass my skill level, a fact he’ll soon realize.

My journey in boxing has been marked by perseverance, contrasting sharply with Benn’s more privileged path. This fight will demonstrate which background has forged the superior fighter.

If Benn’s aggressive strategy leads to an early confrontation, he might find himself on the losing end. My dedication to boxing, born out of adversity, will be evident in the ring.

Weigh In Results

Vegas Showdown: Main Event and Undercard Highlights

  • Main Event: Conor Benn (150.6lbs, Essex) vs. Peter Dobson (150.6lbs, Bronx, New York). The welterweight showdown is the day’s highlight, taking center stage around 2:30pm PT/10:30pm UK.

Undercard Lineup:

  • WBA International Middleweight Title Clash: Austin Williams (159.8lbs, Houston) faces off against Armel Mbumba-Yassa (159.8lbs, Leverkusen, Germany). A title bout that’s bound to keep fans on the edge of their seats.
  • Heavyweight Powerhouse Duel: Johnny Fisher (242.8lbs, Romford, England) versus Dmytro Bezus (270lbs, Severodonetsk, Ukraine). Expect thunderous punches in this heavyweight battle.
  • Light-Heavyweight Encounter: Khalil Coe (175.8lbs, Jersey City) takes on Gerardo Osuna (175.2lbs, Baja California, Mexico). A match promising speed and strategy as these light-heavyweights clash.
  • Middleweight Encounter: George Liddard (162.4lbs, Essex) goes head to head with Andrew Buchanan (164.4lbs, Hesperia, California). Middleweight agility and skill will be on full display.
  • Middleweight Opening Bout: Jimmy Sains (165.4lbs, Essex) squares off against Alejandro Avalos (161.6lbs, San Antonio, Texas). The event kicks off with this energetic middleweight match.