Kell Brook destroys Jo Jo Dan in world-class showing – Ringside Report

Kell Brook retained his IBF World welterweight title in blistering fashion tonight, demolishing brave Romanian challenger Jo Jo Dan inside 4 rounds.

Brook sent out a chilling message to the rest of the welterweight division by flooring Dan four times in front of a rapturous home support to finally consummate the championship he won superbly 7 months ago.

From the moment ‘All of the Lights’ erupted throughout the arena and the beloved champion rose from the bowels of his fortress, he looked up to the sky and you felt the weight of a tumultuous 6 months lift from his shoulders.

This was the Kell Brook from Carson City in August and Jo Jo Dan had absolutely no answer to him.

From the first bell he was on the front foot taking advantage of Dan’s low slung right hand to establish a stiff jab, setting the tone for a straight right hand, which threw the challenger back towards the ropes in a preview of what was to follow.

He couldn’t miss with the right hand and the 2nd round saw the authority increase in his punching. Dan was down before long, when tagged with one such right hand that was followed with a crushing hook.

He was down again moments later; the right hand again doing the damage once more. How he managed to see the round out is testament to the bravery his corner would mercifully save him from before the end.

Kell Brook was imperious, his timing absolutely world class, wasting few shots in a display of efficiency that confirms him as an elite fighter if that was not already assured.

The end was nigh, when Dan touched down for the third time in the 4th round following a barrage of punches finished with a left hand.

The best was saved for last, when Dan, a doomed man leapt in with desperation only for Brook to slide and land the check left hook straight out of the Mayweather handbook to lay him out for the 4th time.

Dan returned to his stool after beating the count, but it is where would stay, his corner doing the right thing and removing their man from what was an incredible beating.

The Canadian based fighter, now 34-3 (18KO’s), returns to the drawing board knowing he came up against a truly special fighter tonight.

Kell Brook, now 34-0 (23KO’s), looks ready for anyone, with talk post fight of a showdown with Amir Khan in the summer, which would have the country and the world at large drooling.

Wonderful performance from an inspiring champion who will now enjoy the proper celebrations his achievements have deserved.