Zurdo Ramirez vs Joe Smith Jr this Saturday Live on DAZN

By Vladimir S - 10/03/2023 - Comments

Las Vegas is the boxing capital of the world, and this Saturday, it’s hosting a good one! If you thought drama only unfolded inside the ring, think again. Gilberto “Zurdo” Ramirez learned the hard way.

You might recall, Ramirez had a minor problem – alright, a significant problem – back in March. He was all set for a showdown with Gabe Rosado but had a little disagreement with the scales, coming in overweight. Naturally, the fight was called off, and boy, did his reputation take a dive.

But like a true boxer, Ramirez is bouncing back. This weekend, he’s stepping into the ring with Joe  Smith, Jr. The venue? The spectacular Chelsea inside The Cosmopolitan, with the action live on DAZN.

Ramirez confessed, “That whole Rosado episode? Not my proudest moment. First time missing weight, and it hurt. My fans, my crew, everyone waiting for the fight – I owe them an apology.”

But Ramirez isn’t one to dwell on past flubs. He’s channeling that energy, setting his sights on the present and future. “It’s all about the comeback, right? Mistakes were made, but I’ve learned, and I’m here to prove it,” he declared.

For those keeping score, both Ramirez and Smith are stepping into unfamiliar territory – the cruiserweight division. And while it’s set at 190-pounds, it’s so much more than just a weight game. This is a make-or-break fight, with the victor gaining prime positioning in the cruiserweight division. For the loser? Well, let’s just say the path gets a little murkier.

But Ramirez isn’t just showing up to play defense. He’s on the offensive, making amends for the past. “I’ve learned my lesson and made changes. Trust me; no scale will get the better of me again. I’m doubling down on my training, mentally and physically. I’ll let my fists do the talking and prove I’ve grown.”

Both Ramirez and Smith have faced off against some common opponents in the past. They shared the ring with the likes of Bivol, Maxim Vlasov, Jesse Hart, and Sullivan Barrera. While both had a mix of wins and losses against these opponents, does this give Ramirez a slight edge over Smith?

With a chuckle, Ramirez said, “Not really. Each fight’s its own beast. Joe’s a champ, and I’m sure he’s bringing his A-game.”