Following Serrano’s Lead, Chantelle Cameron Wants Her Rematch With Katie Taylor To Be 12 Three-Minute Rounds

By James Slater - 09/07/2023 - Comments

As fans know, unified 140 pound female champ Chantelle Cameron will box a rematch with Katie Taylor, the reigning unified champion at lightweight, in November. The two fought this summer, with Cameron winning a decision in Ireland. Now aiming to repeat her win, or to even go one better and get a stoppage this time, Cameron also wants the rematch to be fought over 12 three-minute rounds.

Yesterday, it was reported how Amanda Serrano’s upcoming October 27 fight against Danila Ramos will be scheduled for 12 rounds, with three-minute rounds. Now, Cameron, inspired by Serrano and Ramos, has “thrown it out there” that she wants the November 25 return with Taylor to be 12 rounds with three-minute rounds.

“Throwing it out there after seeing that announcement Serrano Vs Ramos fighting 12×3 minute rounds,” Cameron wrote on social media. “I say me [Vs. Katie Taylor] should follow that and and fight 3-minute rounds for the rematch. Spice it up a little.”

Serrano, who actually lobbied to have her big fight with Taylor scheduled for 12 rounds, with three-minute rounds, responded to what Cameron had to say:

“I tried, hun,” Serrano wrote, referring to the way she tried to get her fight with Taylor bumped up to 12 rounds with three-minute sessions. “She didn’t want it. Not all are cut out of the task. Good luck.”

How different a number of women’s boxing matches may well have been had they been scheduled for 12 rounds with three-minute rounds, we will never know. But it seems the pacing of the fights and the number of punches thrown will be different in a 12 round fight compared to a 10 rounder. And being able to fight hard during that extra minute in each round and over the course of those two additional rounds will of course have a big effect on both ladies.

Whether or not Taylor takes Cameron up on her offer the way she did not take Serrano up on her offer will prove interesting. Not all female fighters are in support of 12 rounds with three-minute rounds, but things do appear to be changing.

Cameron is the current favourite to repeat her win over Taylor in November, but would the “spicing things up” element of the fight being changed to a 12 rounder with three-minute rounds change this? Maybe Taylor, as great as she is, would be suited to the longer rounds and the longer fight in general?