Will Tom Zbikowski return to boxing?

The hard hitting cruiserweight Tom Zbikowski (4-0, 3 KO’s) was Zbikowski was reportedly cut by the NFL football team the Chicago Bears during the preseason recently, and it’s unclear whether Zbikowski will be picked up by any of the other teams in the National Football League at this point.

Zbikowski, 28, is also a very good professional boxer with 3 knockouts in 4 fights. Zbikowski in his four fights before he turned pro, Zbikowski looked very impressive and appeared to have the makings of a potential high quality fighter.

His football career ended his potential boxing career, and it’s not surprising that Zbikowski opted to take the good money contracts in the NFL rather than the unknown of fighting in the pro ranks. However, with Zbikowski having been cut by the Bears and with his future in football being unclear, it might be interesting to see what

Zbikowski showed amazing power and excellent skills in his four fights as a pro. With him having been out of the sport for only 2 years, Zbikowski should be able to easily pick things up with his career and resume his boxing career where he left off. If Zbikowski can get 20 quick fights behind him in the next 2 years, he should be able to start challenging for titles by the time he’s 30-years-old. That’s not too old for the cruiserweight division.

The upper weights like cruiserweight and heavyweight have fighters that are well into their 30s and in some cases their 40s. The thing that Zbikowski has going for him is he’s been playing football and has been keeping himself in good shape for the past 2 years. He’s not been the typical fighter that leaves the sport of boxing ans then just sits around doing little. Zbikowski has been involved in sports and stayed in shape.

At 5’11”, 200 lbs., Zbikowski is the perfect size for cruiserweight. He doesn’t have to lose a ton of weight in order for him to pick things back up and resume his boxing career in the cruiserweight division.