Hearn: “If He Can Beat Povetkin On March 6, Whyte Against Wilder Is Massive”

Eddie Hearn still wants to see a fight between Dillian Whyte and Deontay Wilder take place. Hearn, who knows, as does Whyte, that everything will be blown out of the window if Whyte loses his March 6 rematch with Alexander Povetkin, told Sky Sports News that a fight between Whyte and Wilder would be “massive.” As fans know, the two heavyweights have had plenty to say to each other over the last couple of years or so, and now Hearn is looking at putting the fight on.

But first Whyte must win that return with Povetkin. If the British contender can get revenge he will be back as the WBC mandatory challenger once again, yet with Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua set to fight each other, perhaps twice, with all the belts at stake, Whyte would have to wait for his shot. And this is where the Wilder fight could go ahead, as Whyte waits for his shot. It would of course be a hugely risky fight for both men, but Hearn is not alone in wanting to see it. Who WOULDN’T want to see this fight!

“I love the Deontay Wilder fight,” Hearn said. “Wilder against Whyte is a fight we’ve talked about for a long time. Dillian called for that fight for about three years and then all of a sudden Deontay Wilder lost, now he’s calling for the Dillian Whyte fight. The focus is for Dillian to beat Povetkin and become mandatory again, but I can’t help thinking that if he can beat Povetkin on March 6, Whyte against Wilder is massive.”

Right now, we fans have no idea what Wilder might do next. Having wasted a whole lot of time trying to get that third fight with Fury by legal means, Wilder is now left with no fight. After so long out of the ring (a year come next month) it might be that the former WBC champ would like to take an “easy” or “safe” comeback foe upon his return. Maybe then, after he has scored another quick KO, Wilder would look at a fight with Whyte.

But again, nobody knows what’s going on in Wilder’s head right now. Will he even fight again? Wilder has gone extremely quiet once again. Interestingly, however, a Sports Illustrated story reports how “discussions” have taken place regarding a possible Wilder Vs. Charles Martin fight. Nothing is anywhere near to concrete yet, but the fight could happen “in the first quarter of 2021,” the S.I piece reports.

Now that is a quite intriguing comeback fight – for both former champions.