Why Floyd Mayweather will Win Part II

04/29/2015 - By Robert Jackson - Comments

In an earlier article almost 2 months ago this writer outlined in simple terms why Floyd Mayweather would win. After a few weeks of training, back and forth trash talk between the two camps, a clear winner is coming into focus – prefight. After all, fights have been won before the two combatants ever entered the ring.

In the first article I surmised that ‘weight’ not ‘pressure’ affects Mayweather most and that against Pacquiao, Mayweather won’t be at a weight disadvantage on fight night. I also said that “styles make fights”, and disputed the claim that “punchers are born not made”.

During the weeks building up to the fight both camps engaged in psychological warfare calling each other out in various ways, but most vocal was Team Pacquiao especially trainer Freddie Roach. Usually it is Mayweather who is talking the most trash, but this time Floyd has been very quiet. Roach like a blow-by-blow announcer let the world know what he thought and more importantly what was going on in the Pacquiao camp. Roach complained about the $1800 cost of a cream used to alleviate Manny Pacquiao’s leg cramps. Roach announced he was closing down the Wild Card gym to allow Pacquiao a respite from the media and guests so Pacquiao could focus on preparation. Roach even kicked comedian Dave Chapelle out of the gym. Pacquiao S&C coach Justin Fortune expressed his displeasure towards Pacquiao missing a conditioning workout saying “Suck it up, Mayweather is a good fighter, there are consequences”.

Bob Arum did his own part to stir the pot, saying that Floyd was getting beat up in sparring, and that Zab Judah was the one doing the beating, Roach second this idea. Later Freddie Roach chimed in that Zab Judah was an old man, basically a nobody. Floyd Sr rebuttled saying that the Pacquiao fight would be ‘easy work’ for Lil Floyd. Then Dashon Johnson a 15-19-3 pro-boxer and MMA fighter recently released from the UFC was brought into the Pacquiao camp to emulate Floyd Mayweather while sparring. All the while Mayweather went about his workmanlike workouts, late night runs and supplemental drills with Alex Ariza. Mayweather did his usual 2 hour media day workout. Pacquiao gave interviews during his media day but did little actual gymwork probably not wanting to expose anything to the Mayweather camp.

Many naysayers are questioning the changes Floyd Mayweather’s made to his preparation in a negative way. Most are asking why the changes? Others are speculating that these changes which include swimming, chopping wood, lifting weights under the watchful eye of Alex Ariza and using a kryochamber to decompress after long workouts are a sign of desperation and FEAR! Floyd’s haters are missing the fact that these routines are SUPPLEMENTAL to hitting mitts with Uncle Roger, hitting the speed bag and heavy bag, and jumping rope – the usual Mayweather workout. This writer would agree with the haters if Floyd WAS NOT doing the usual things he does in training camp, replacing them with an ALL NEW training regimen, but this is not the case.

Floyd will win because contrary to the mistruths told by his opposition (and believed by his haters), Floyd did everything to make this fight. Meeting Pacquiao at a Miami Heat basketball game was no random draw of fate, it was calculated. As was meeting with Pacquiao in his hotel afterwards. During the staredown at the press conference Manny Pacquiao was the first to disengage. Quoting Mike Tyson regarding the staredown “I keep my eyes upon my opponent, even if he’s ready and pumped and can’t wait to get his hands on me as well, I keep my eyes on him, I keep my eyes on him, I keep my eyes on him, then once I see a chink in his armor, boom, one of his eyes may move and then I know I have him, and then when he comes to the center of the ring he still looks at me with his piercing look as if he’s not afraid, but he already made that mistake when he looked down for that 1/10 of a second, I know I have him, he’ll fight hard for the first 2 or 3 rounds but I know I already broke his spirit”. This is why Floyd Mayweather will win!

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