What Next For Carl Froch?

Fans are still buzzing over last night’s terrific, all-action rematch battle between Carl Froch and Mikkel Kessler. The two intense yet (usually) respectful warriors met again three years on from their first classic, and the revenge win “The Cobra” scored over “The Viking Warrior” has left U.K fans feeling A: very proud B: very lucky to have such a great, fight-anyone-at anytime throwback of a fighter and C: very excited about who their very own modern day Rocky Marciano may face in the roped battlefield next.

Already, there is talk of a third, sure to thrill encounter between Froch and Kessler, as well as talk of a rematch between Froch and the man who was too tricky for him a couple of years or so again, Andre Ward. Either fight would be absolutely massive on either side of the Atlantic (or anywhere in Europe in the case of the rubber-match) and it’s probably fair enough for Froch, for far too long underappreciated, to take his pick.

In terms of sheer action, a third rumble between Froch and Kessler would be the best fight, but in terms of legacy and his placing in the history books, Froch needs to beat the sublime Ward.

Froch is so tough, mentally and physically, that a revenge mission over Ward cannot be looked at as suicide mission, even though “S.O.G” would have to be made the betting favourite. But last night, Froch’s left jab looked an improved weapon, and this punch would perhaps give Ward problems. But will Ward come to the UK, or will Froch again have to pack his bags and travel to the States?

Right now, temporarily forgetting about who he will fight next, Froch – surely the man with the hardest chin in all of boxing – is entitled to enjoy his latest, most satisfying victory, and also soak up the praise he is rightfully receiving.

Today’s top-10 Pound-for-Pound rankings:

1: Floyd Mayweather

2: Andre Ward

3: Juan Manuel Marquez

4: Guillermo Rigondeaux

5: Wladimir Klitschko

6: Tim Bradley

7: Sergio Martinez

8: Manny Pacquiao

9: Carl Froch

10: Saul Alvarez

Today’s U.K top-10 Pound-for-Pound:

1: Carl Froch

2: David Haye

3: Ricky Burns

4: Martin Murray

5: Amir Khan

6: Jamie McDonnell

7: Nathan Cleverly

8: Kell Brook

9: Matthew Macklin

10: Carl Frampton