Video: Rocky Marciano – Top 5 Notable Wins

Rocky Marciano is the featured boxer in this edition of the Top 5 Notable Wins series, and with The Brockton Blockbuster, to this very day, he holds the unique distinction of being the only heavyweight champion to retire and remain retired with an undefeated record.

Marciano first won the heavyweight championship on September 23, 1952 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, when Marciano scored a dramatic come from behind victory with a 13th round knockout against Jersey Joe Walcott. Over the next three years, Mariano made six successful defenses of his title before retiring. He retired with a record of 49-0, and ever since his retirement the unblemished record remains a hot subject for boxing fans.

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This edition of Rummy’s Corner will provide a brief chronological recap of Rocky Marciano’s top five most notable victories during his Hall of Fame career. This is the fifth video edition of the new ongoing series that will evaluate the top five notable victories of some of the most famous and successful pugilists who ever laced up the gloves and stepped inside the squared circle. There are no shortage of great champions in boxing history, and the early focus of this new series will continue to primarily focus on heavyweight greats of the past. But we will also ultimately be exploring a slew of other champions from various different weight classes.

Determining the Top 5 most notable wins in a boxer’s career something that is not always something where everyone will agree, since individual taste and personal preference factor in heavily. These five wins alone certainly do not define the totality of Marciano’s greatness – but these wins sure do go a long way towards helping define it.To get one man’s opinion on the 5 most notable victories in the career of the great Rocky Marciano, please watch and enjoy the video. And if you missed the previous editions that focused on Muhammad Ali, George Foreman, Joe Frazier, and Joe Louis, please check those out as well, and please stay tuned for future editions of the “Top 5 Notable Wins” series.