Video: Felix Trinidad vs Shane Mosley – Dream Fights

Imagine prime Felix Tito Trinidad vs prime Sugar Shane Mosley?

This is the latest edition of the Dream Fight series, and a hypothetical fantasy match-up between Felix and Shane actually one that could have happened. It would have been back in November 2004. Trinidad was planning to make a comeback, and he and Mosley had tentatively reached an agreement. There was one man standing in the way – Ronald Winky Wright. The rest is history. Winky derailed plans of a Trinidad vs Mosley showdown, and Trinidad instead made his triumphant return against Ricardo Mayorga. Mosley would again lose in an immediate rematch against Winky, and Trinidad himself was promptly sent back into retirement following his lopsided loss at the hands of the very same Winky Wright.

But by that time in 2004-05, both Trinidad and Mosley were well past their best fighting days. The more interesting scenario where the fight could have conceivably happened would have been in the year 2000, when Mosley and Trinidad were both undefeated and considered among the best of the best in the sport. But Tito moved to 154 in March of that year, three months before Shane had his breakout win at 147 against Oscar De La Hoya. The timing was never quite right in terms of their respective career trajectories.

The more interesting proposition would have been when both boxers were undefeated pound for pound elites in the sport. If we could have somehow gotten a Trinidad-Mosley fight sometime before Felix lost to Bernard and Shane lost to Vernon – it could have been something special.

If this Trinidad-Mosley fantasy fight were to ever have happened, it theoretically could have taken place at both 147 and 154, and where it happens might well better help determine the outcome.

So who would win a Dream Fight between prime Felix Trinidad and prime Shane Mosley?

This edition of Rummy’s Corner will attempt to answer that question, while providing a quick look back at some of the tremendous achievements of Tito and Sugar Shane. For one man’s opinion, please watch and enjoy the video.