Vasyl Lomachenko-Guillermo Rigondeaux? Lomachenko says he would “destroy him like a tank!”

If superb boxing masters Vasyl Lomachenko and Guillermo Rigondeax ever did somehow meet, in what would have to be a catch-weight affair, what with Lomachenko being such a naturally bigger man – we would see, arguably, the two finest boxers in the world today going against each other.

Rigondeaux has expressed interest in getting it on with Lomachenko for some time, the two having plenty to say on social media. Lomachenko, already a world champ at featherweight and super-featherweight, is talking about going up again, to 135. Rigondeaux still operates at super-bantamweight as we know. Despite this, the unbeaten, avoided Cuban has called Lomachenko out more than once.

Speaking with FightHub, Lomachenko – who faces Miguel Marriaga, 25-2, on August 5 – said there would be only one winner if he and “El Chacal” met; and it wouldn’t end well for the Cuban lefty.

“Personally, I would like to fight Mikey Garcia, as well, I support what the fans want,” the gifted Ukrainian said as filmed by FightHub. “Fans [are] talking a lot about my bout and Rigondeaux bout. I would love to fight him if it’s somehow possible we can make that fight. First of all let me tell you, I am not asking to fight him. I don’t need him, he is asking to fight me. He wants, but he has to understand, if he’s gonna step in the ring I’m gonna destroy him just like a tank.”

Skill-wise, talent-wise, even potential greatness-wise, these two are possibly about even, but the size difference obviously gives Lomachenko a big edge. At 5’6” to Rigo’s 5’4,” Lomachenko would look down on his rival (interestingly, Rigo has a longer reach, as per BoxRec, at 68-inches to “Hi-Tech’s” 65.5”)

Would the fight sell, say at a catch-weight of 128 pounds or so? Definitely. Will it happen? Maybe, but don’t get too excited.

But if Lomachenko gets the other massively intriguing fight he spoke about, against Mikey Garcia, fans would take that one as a replacement, for sure. But here, it would be Lomachenko’s considerable talents that would have to overcome a considerable size and height disadvantage.