Usyk Vs. Fury: Who Wins?

09/27/2021 - By James Slater - Comments

Let’s get one thing straight: Tyson Fury cannot think, or he should not be thinking about fighting, anyone else in the world until after October 9 and his must-win return fight with the obsessively motivated Deontay Wilder. Fury has the odds stacked in his favour going into the third fight, yet we all know how dangerous Wilder is (and now that Anthony Joshua has been knocked off, what price the double, with Fury soon to become the other British world heavyweight champ to be dethroned?)

But Fury has certainly been thinking about a possible fight between himself and newly crowned WBA/IBF/WBO heavyweight ruler Oleksandr Usyk. Fury, the reigning WBC champ, posted a Twitter question not too long after Usyk’s brilliant win over Joshua, asking the simple question: Who do YOU think would win between @Tyson_Fury & @Usykaa?

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It’s a great question, and it’s one we may wind up getting an answer to in the not-too-distant future. There is a ways to go before Usyk, the southpaw boxing genius, can get in there with Fury, the big, self-proclaimed best of all time. Fury has to get past Wilder again and then Usyk will have to win his return with AJ. But if both men do win, they could fight in what would be a hugely fascinating showdown some time in 2022. And who does win if and when these two quite unique fighting men do collide?

The first thing that comes to mind is the psychological warfare issue. Would any of Fury’s mind games work on the seemingly unfathomable Usyk? Very possibly not. Usyk is one of the oddest, most interesting heavyweight champions of all time as far as personality goes. But what about the physical dimensions of the two men? Are you still wondering if Usyk is big enough to deal with a monster like Fury, even after what Usyk did to the also-huge Joshua? Maybe you are; Fury is of course a listed 6’9” and he comes into the ring at approx 270 pounds. Usyk, at a perhaps generously listed 6’3,” and approx 221, would be giving a whole lot away if and when he fought Fury. But would it be too much for the super-fast, super-conditioned, super-clever Usyk to overcome?

Usyk would be able to hit Fury, his speed and expert timing would see to that; but would he be able to hurt him? Fury would be able to hit Usyk, but would he be able to get Usyk out of there? If not, Fury could find himself having a testing time with the Ukrainian southpaw. Again, it’s a truly fascinating fight; between the two best heavyweights on the planet right now. But will Usyk and Fury remain as the two best heavyweights in the world come, say, the summer of next year?

If so, and if Usyk and Fury do get it on, we will be in store for some truly unmissable fight.

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26 thoughts on “Usyk Vs. Fury: Who Wins?”

  1. What makes you think fury has a good chin? He spent more time on the canvas than on his feet in the first fight and in the second he was so scared he loaded his gloves, spiked Deontay Wilders water, and got plenty of help from the boxing establishment enabling fury to make it look to casuals like you that he could do what he wished he could do. The WBC should find and strip Tyson of the belt and he should be imprisoned for attempted murder.

  2. J D,
    Oleksandr Usyk is smaller than Anthony Joshua and he proved to be a better boxer. Just because fury is bigger than Usyk, doesn’t at all prove anything except maybe he can lean back to avoid head shots.
    Anthony Joshua, Dillian Whyte and fury never fought Luis Ortiz. This is proof they avoid the best in the division. Usyk will clean house on both Anthony Joshua and fury and both Luis Ortiz and Deontay Wilder will beat Usyk.

  3. J D,
    Why don’t you wanna talk about Deontay Wilder? He’s the best fighter and most avoided. The most decorated and honored by the Canastonia New York international boxing Hall of fame committee members, and they’re the really knowledgeable boxing experts. Your boy, fury has been caught cheating so much the British boxing board of control has suspended permanently indefinitely suspended fury’s license

  4. Nath Bell,
    Deontay Wilder is such a real life superstar that he would never even consider getting on line and saying what I am saying. And he damn sure wouldn’t consider doing the things fury has done to both cheat and evade the fights.
    No I am not Deontay Wilder

    • Why are there so many total casuals making comments?
      AJ tried to box a boxer and didn’t utilise his key strengths, add to that his “fox in the headlights” mentality when hit(aka Bruno), its not really surprising he lost.

      Fury is a different kettle of fish, huge, heavy and skilled, with speed and chin to boot, he will dominate Usyk.

      AJ wasn’t even Usyks hardest fight was he?

      Let’s not bother talking about Wilder lol

  5. Lou,
    After viewing some film clips I have changed my mind. Oleksandr Usyk will defeat both fury and Anthony Joshua. Deontay Wilder beats them all.

  6. The real reason fury, Whyte and Anthony Joshua have never been in the ring with Luis Ortiz is because look what Oleksandr Usyk string bean looking ass did to Anthony Joshua. King Kong Ortiz is a much more formidable opponent than is Usyk.

  7. The real question is which fighter will Luis king Kong Ortiz defeat the quickest Usyk or fury?

  8. Oleksandr Usyk and fury are the two most boring fighters there is, get them together and everyone.will be disappointed.

  9. The heavyweight WBC belt is the one that is in question. We, the people, we saw what happened. Not all of us.white people like dirty tricks and tactics.
    Down with fury and down with cheating cheater’s.
    We want Deontay Wilder to beat the other guy
    Deontay Wilder is the people’s champion.

  10. Deontay Wilder defeats Anthony Joshua for undisputed champion. After defeating fury in the trilogy, and Anthony Joshua having defeated Usyk in the rematch.

  11. Deontay Wilder is indeed the fight maker. He benevolently brought fury back from a surely failed and debunked career. Rejuvenated his entire life and set the stage for the biggest comeback in history, and Tyson didn’t disappoint.
    Now, after attempting to be Houdini, Tyson will be forced to pay the piper. No more extensions and postponements. No more privileges and exemptions.

  12. Deontay Wilder, the best heavyweight champion that ever lived without question, the people’s champion, the anointed one, the one who has to be cheated to be beaten, will rescue the WBC belt, Sofia, from the tower she is being kept in after being abducted by the Shrek look a like ogre with the help of sorcery water spiking, glove tampering and manipulating the horse hair padding by repositioning advantage, floppy gloves flopping around all over the place, camera’s rolling, bribed referee’s.
    Besides, Anthony Joshua will defeat Oleksandr Usyk in the rematch. And Deontay Wilder will be in the undisputed championship matchup with Anthony Joshua, the world will be treated to a heavyweight match of epic proportions.

  13. Why ask such a meaningless question? Surely you don’t want a response. Why would Usyk fight fury when he won’t have the belt?

  14. Ever since the Shrek look a like ogre was allowed to participate in the rematch with the true heavyweight king, Deontay the bronze bomber Wilder, while high on enhancers and steroids and with the loaded with gloves, Ricky hatten can’t wait to get away with pulling down the gloves allowing for striking with the wrist area where there’s no padding again.

    • Ricky the Pillsbury doughboy Hatten didn’t get away with pulling down the gloves for the drug cheat, he was pinched, caught, busted, exposed worldwide humiliation god save the queen.

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