Tyson Fury: The Lion Doesn’t Care About the Opinions of Sheep!

10/21/2023 - By Vladimir S - Comments

Tyson Fury: “If you listen to mugs and idiots, dream crushers I like to call them, you won’t achieve anything… “

Fury recently spoke about confronting his critics, hater & keyboad warriors. He also addressed the challenges of social media, and how to stay grounded in the chaotic world of professional boxing. The central theme? Ignore the naysayers, focus on your path, and never let anyone dim your ambition. Here is what Fury had to say to Boxing King Media:

“I don’t care what Steve from Stevenage says about me at all… If I had listened to all the naysayers and all haters all these years, I wouldn’t have even turned pro,” Fury boldly states, brushing off criticism as if it’s just dust on his shoulder.

The heavyweight champion, known for his in-ring acumen, is equally deft at dodging the verbal jabs thrown by faceless critics.

“People’s opinions mean squat diddly pop to me… Everyone’s got their own opinion. If you do really something good in your life, there’s always going to be someone who says it’s rubbish because they’re just haters.”

“A lion doesn’t care about the opinions of sheep. They’re just sheep to me. The opinions of the mere mortal man to an absolute Eternal King means nothing.”

But what stands out isn’t just Fury’s ability to shrug off detractors; it’s his perspective on their irrelevance:

“What does it even mean if someone says you’re good, bad, or indifferent? For someone to say, ‘Oh, Tyson can’t fight, he’s rubbish’—that has little weight with me because, one, they’re not paying my bills; two, I don’t care about what they think of me; and three, well, a lion doesn’t care about the opinions of sheep.”

Haters Gonna Hate, Tyson’s Gonna Skate

Fury: “They just hate on other people who are trying to do something and they haven’t got the guts themselves to do it,” he muses, not letting the negativity penetrate his robust mental armor. But Fury understands the danger this negativity poses, acknowledging, “Not everyone’s as strong as me… a lot of negative stuff can bring other people down, but it doesn’t do [anything] to me because it’s just like water off a duck’s back.”

Despite his larger-than-life persona, Fury has a humble side when it comes to his good deeds. He’s not looking for applause or social media likes. He recounts an incident where he helped others financially during the pandemic:

“I’m not somebody who wants a pat on the back for helping somebody off the floor… Why do I need a pat on the back for that?”

He maintains a firm stance on keeping his acts of kindness away from the limelight, emphasizing that these gestures are his private business, not a PR stunt.

“I do quite a few things but don’t get mentioned, but why should they get mentioned? Because that’s my private business, my private life. That’s nothing to do with anybody else.”

Fury passionately expressed his concerns over the dangers of social media, emphasizing the need to develop a thick skin.

Keyboard Warriors vs. Real-life Champions

“Today, with the world’s social media… it’s mainly negative. You see all the social media bullying, and it even leads to young kids hanging themselves. Not everyone’s as strong as me. Negative stuff can bring other people down, but it doesn’t do [anything] to me.”

“When I’m out and about, no one ever comes up to me and says… ‘Tyson, I think you’re rubbish.’ But behind the computer screen, anybody can be anybody.”

Hasn’t it been clear for a while now? The loudest critics often have the smallest backbone.

In his signature unfiltered style, Fury has a blunt message for online trolls: “People online are cowards… if you can’t go up to a man and say it to his face, it means you’re a little [coward], and that’s all online is, cowardly little bastards.”

He reinforces the point by emphasizing the courage it takes to step into the ring, something his critics lack. The ‘Gypsy King’ has no time for those unwilling to ‘fight’ their own battles.

Looking Ahead: No Fear, Just Fury

When quizzed about future fights, Fury’s response is tinged with the bravado fans adore: “Listen, Arslanbek Makhmudov, when I get through all my fights, if he’s still around, I’ll chop him up like a butcher block.”

“No fight for me, just because he’s lifted some weights, it don’t mean a lot to me. Tougher they come, easier they are for me. Absolutely blitz them,” he adds with a grin.

Tyson Fury’s resilience, both in and out of the ring, is clear. He’s a man unswayed by public opinion, focused solely on his craft, his family, and those he cares about. And perhaps, amidst the bravado and the trash talk, there’s a lesson there about authenticity and the courage to walk one’s own path, regardless of the naysayers.

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