Usyk Promoter Krassyuk: “How can it be legal when it’s illegal?”

08/27/2023 - By Vladimir S - Comments

Usyk promoter Alex Krassyuk pulls no punches when discussing the illegal blow topic after the Usyk Dubois fight in Poland yesterday. Speaking to Fight Hub TV Krassyuk said:

“How can it be legal when it’s illegal? I mean when you punch someone with your knee, is it legal? No, it’s not. If you hit him below the belt, is it legal? No, it’s not. It happens all the time in boxing, but when it’s done intentionally, you know what the referee has to do? Take off two points for that.”

Is it that complicated? According to Krassyuk, intentional actions must be penalized; otherwise, it leads to further unfair advantages in the ring.

Maintaining Sport Integrity

Krassyuk’s frustration is visible, and it’s hard to argue against his point.

“Just imagine for one moment if Dubois was declared the winner for hitting someone below the belt. Is that okay? No. Would people respect it? No. Would it bring any benefit to the sport? Definitely no.”

Trainer’s Standpoint: Any Room for Bias?

When trainers like Don Charles assert that the illegal blows were “fake,” Krassyuk sees it as predictable, but not justifiable. Charles, like any trainer, would defend his fighter. But does that make it right?

“I would be surprised if he said like, ‘Oh yeah, that was absolutely a illegal blow.’ He’s the trainer of the fighter he’s working with for the first time. With all respect, it’s better to appeal to common reason.”

If the trainer can’t admit to a foul, who will?

Looking Ahead: The Future Fights

Moving past controversies, Krassyuk also touched on future plans. The Undisputed fight with Tyson Fury is still on the horizon. The only hitch? Waiting for Fury’s confirmation.

“The fight with Tyson Fury hasn’t happened yet for one reason: we never received his ‘yes’ to fight. Once we receive it, we go with it. The split is a subject to be on discussion only if the fight happens, let’s say, in the UK. That’s the only case when we can discuss the split.”

Krassyuk assures fans that they’re doing everything in their power to make the fight happen. It’s the bout everyone is eagerly waiting for, and according to Krassyuk, it’s their “obligation” to deliver.

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