UFC Star Eddie Alvarez Hopes He’ll Be Oscar De La Hoya’s Comeback Foe: We’re In Serious Talks

We might be a big step closer to finding the identity of Oscar De La Hoya’s comeback opponent. As fans know, 48-year-old De La Hoya is to return to action on July 3rd, fighting on a P-P-V card on Triller.

De La Hoya announced his return a short while back, with the former multi-weight champion coming back after an absence of over 12 years. De La Hoya suffered a bad beating at the hands of Manny Pacquiao when he had what was thought to be his final ring appearance.

But De La Hoya wants to do it again, and former UFC lightweight champ Eddie Alvarez is hoping he will be in the opposite corner when “The Golden Boy” returns.

Speaking with ESPN, Alvarez said he has been in “serious talks” with De La Hoya’s people, and Alvarez says a fight between him and De La Hoya could be announced as soon as this week.

“Recently, we’ve been hearing from Oscar De La Hoya’s guys,” Alvarez of Philadelphia said. “Look, I’m fixated on the ONE Championship belt (in MMA). I mean, I am laser-focused on making history and getting my world title.

But I feel like there’s going to be a lull; the champion is going to sit for a while. If that happens, Oscar De La Hoya and them guys have been reaching out, and hell, I would love to get in there and mix it up with him.

That would be a hell of a fight. I actually think I would do pretty damn good against him, so I would be crazy excited about that if them guys figure that out. They are serious talks. They are serious, like wanting to get a deal done this week seriously.”

So another boxer Vs. MMA match-up could be upon us. So although De La Hoya will have that long, long layoff to contend with – and who knows what De La Hoya has left at almost 50 – he will be facing a guy who will be having his boxing debut. That’s if this fight actually happens. But the way 37-year-old Alvarez is talking, it’s entirely possible.

From a curiosity aspect alone, this fight would likely do well at the Box Office. How much of that massive star power has Oscar got left here in 2021?