Tyson Fury – Wladimir Klitschko Postponed

By James Slater - 06/24/2016 - Comments

By now, fight fans may have read or heard about heavyweight champ Tyson Fury’s claims that his rematch with Wladimir Klitschko, set for July 9, will be postponed due to an ankle injury Fury says he suffered whilst out running ten days ago. So far, we have not heard from anyone else – not Peter Fury, Tyson’s trainer, nor have we heard anyone from the Klitschko camp react to the news. But Fury sounds truly disappointed to have had to have broken this news.

It seems that nothing goes smooth whenever Fury and Klitschko try and fight. The first meeting, which finally went ahead in November of last year, was supposed to have taken place at an earlier date, only for Klitschko to suffer a calf injury. Now here we are with Fury injuring himself and as a result seeing something like his sixth or seventh big-fight postponement in a career that is seemingly littered with frustrating postponements.

The word is the new date for Fury-Klitschko II might be as far away as October, with the same venue, The Manchester Arena playing host, on either the 8th or the 29th. That will be almost a year since the first fight took place. Fans are eager to see the rematch for a number of reasons: was Fury just plain lucky last time? Is Klitschko finished? Will there be a KO or a decisive ending to the bout this time?

Now, in light of Fury’s news, fans know they will have to wait quite a while longer to get their answers. Both men had been training hard, with Fury shedding all that excess weight he was carrying as recently as early May. Klitschko is certain to be mightily disappointed, as he knows he will be just a little bit older by the time his chance at redemption finally comes.

Let’s just hope neither fighter gets injured in the run-up to the new date, when all the hard training will start all over again. This particular heavyweight rivalry has already taken too much time to get decided.

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