Tyson Fury wants Jake Paul rematch against Tommy

02/26/2023 - By Rob Smith - Comments

Tyson Fury says he’d like to see a rematch between Jake Paul and his promoter Tommy Fury despite Jake clearly losing the fight on Sunday night by a somewhat one-sided eight round split decision in Saudi Arabia.

Jake (6-1, 4 KOs) has already said that the plans on taking the rematch with Tommy (9-0, 4 KOs), but fans will see it as a pointless money grab after what they witnessed on Sunday night. It will be harder to sell the Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury rematch unless the fans have short memories because this fight wasn’t all that competitive.

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Jake & Tommy will need to talk a lot more trash in the built up to get fans to be interested in seeing the rematch because it’s obvious that Fury has got his number and will easily beat him again.

It would be nice to see Tommy fight a contender in the top 15 in his next fight rather than a rematch with Tommy.

It would be fun to see Tommy take on an old Sergey Kovalev, Mike Perez, Mairis Briedis, or Mateusz Masternak. If Tommy is ever going to be anything other than a domestic-level cruiserweight, he at least needs to try and fight a contender at some point.

He’s been a pro for a long time, and it seems like he’s just focusing on Youtuber stuff instead of showing actual ambition.

Tommy countered Jake all night, moving, clinching, roughing him up with rabbit punches, and holding & hitting. Paul lacked the hand speed, high combination punching, and how to deal with a fighter that is holding excessively as Tommy was doing. A good cruiserweight would easily dealt with Tommy’s movement, and taken advantage of his lack of power and his tiring.

It’s understandable why Fury would wnt Tommy to get a rematch with the famous 26-year-old Youtuber Jake because he won’t make that kind of coin against anyone else in the cruiserweight division.

To make any money fighting in the cruiserweight division, Tommy would need to fight for a world title against WBO champion Lawrence Okollie. That would be a bad idea for Tommy because he’s not ready for someone like that.

Tommy isn’t a top-tier fighter, so the best he can do is readily accept a rematch with Jake Paul and hope that he gives him another fight beyond that.

The judge’s scores were 75-74 for Jake, 76-73, and 76-73 for Tommy.

I’d like to see a rematch, yes,” said Tyson Fury to Fight Hub TV when asked if he wants to see a rematch between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury.

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