Tyson Fury vs. Deontay Wilder III Preview: Repeat for Fury or Revenge for Wilder?

10/08/2021 - By Rich Lopez - Comments

Big fight weekend ahead of us on Saturday as we prepare for Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder III. To be honest, this was not the fight everybody wanted to see in the heavyweight division.

The fight in demand was Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua. However, an arbitrator ruled that Fury had to grant Wilder his guaranteed rematch back in May.

This has delayed the Fury and Joshua fight and maybe that fight will never happen. About two weeks ago, Oleksandr Usyk scored an upset over Anthony Joshua which shook up the heavyweight division.

Don’t plan on seeing the Fury and Joshua fight anytime soon, which brings us back to Fury and Wilder. The fight has been plagued with drama since their last fight.

Fury stopped Wilder in the rematch back in February of 2020 and neither fighter has fought since. This fight has been delayed for way too long and it’s been dragged out.

In addition, there has been nonsense claims from Wilder and some of his fans. Wilder has made many excuses to why he lost to Fury in their second fight.

Wilder has blamed his loss to his ring entrance suit and a premature stoppage by former trainer Mark Breland. What was more absurd, Wilder also felt that Fury had loaded gloves in the fight.

However, with all the drama, it seems many people will be tuning in to this weekend’s fight.

Tyson Fury vs. Deontay Wilder III Preview: Repeat for Fury or Revenge for Wilder?

When there is drama or bad blood between fighters, people tune in. Also, there is a solid undercard to satisfy the hardcore fans too.

Now that the fight is set, will it be a repeat for Fury or revenge for Wilder?

Both fighters are ending a 20 month layoff coming into the fight. Will it affect either fighter? That remains to be seen.

Since their last fight, Wilder has switched to a new trainer in Malik Scott, who most notably was a former opponent of Wilder.

They both fought each other back in 2014 where Wilder stopped Scott in the first round. Now that they are a team for this fight, they promise a new and improved Wilder.

The fact is, even with a new trainer, nothing about Wilder’s game will change. Wilder is already 35 years old and is not a growing fighter anymore. However, this is part of the storyline they are using.

With that being said, most of the boxing media are picking Fury to win this fight clearly. In the first fight, we clearly saw Fury outbox Wilder.

Even though the fight was a draw, it was a clear robbery and Fury should have won the fight. Wilder scored two knockdowns in the fight (9th and 12th) but fights are scored by rounds.

In the second fight, Fury imposed his size and strength and battered Wilder all over the ring. The result was a seventh round stoppage in favor of Fury.

In both fights, we have seen Fury clearly beat Wilder. Of course the intrigue for this third installment (besides the drama) is this is heavyweight boxing and one punch can change the fight.

Besides Fury being the bigger man and the better overall boxer between the two fighters, Wilder will still have the puncher’s chance. There have been prior fights in Wilder’s career where he is losing or getting outboxed, but he ends up winning by knockout.

For this fight, Fury just needs to do the same thing he did in their second fight. He needs to back up Wilder with his longer reach and use his size and strength to his advantage again.

Wilder simply cannot fight going back. Wilder is a fighter that needs his distance so he can land that power right hand.

Fury can take the approach of boxing and moving more, but he would be open to more punches from Wilder. I don’t think Fury will take that approach in this fight, as Wilder will be dangerous every round.

The keys for Wilder to win this fight are simple: apply pressure and start quicker. This means he will need to try for a knockout in the early rounds. I believe this is his only shot.

Tyson Fury vs. Deontay Wilder III Preview: Repeat for Fury or Revenge for Wilder?

With that being said, I do think Wilder will fight better than the second fight. Wilder was embarrassed and humiliated in that fight.

I think he will do everything in his power to perform better. Fury should be able to avoid the power shots of Wilder and adjust.

I see the fight going a little longer with Fury winning a late-round stoppage or a decision. Once again, it would not be surprising if Wilder wins. He does have the power to end the fight with one punch.

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