Tyson Fury Says Deontay Wilder Would “KO Bum Anthony Joshua Inside Three Rounds”

By James Slater - 02/06/2022 - Comments

Despite the fact that both men have been defeated, and despite the fact that they should have fought, at least once, many months ago, a fight between Deontay Wilder and Anthony Joshua would be huge if it took place this year, or next year. We have yet to see what Wilder will do next, having been beaten in a modern day classic with Tyson Fury. While AJ is still, we think, heading into that return fight with Oleksandr Usyk.

But if Wilder does fight again, and if the fight can be made – finally, even with zero belts at stake – the guaranteed explosion of a short and sweet slugfest with Joshua would have fans running to tune in. But Fury says he doesn’t give Joshua much of a chance against the man he shared the ring with three times; writing today on social media how Wilder would make very short work of Joshua.

“I’d say @BronzeBomber would KO the bum inside 3 rounds,” Fury wrote.

Fury has said numerous times how Wilder “knocks out anyone in the world aside from me.” Maybe he does. But will Wilder fight again? The 36 year old has been very quiet as of late, with no public appearances from him in some time. But fans want to see if Wilder can indeed beat any elite heavyweight not named Tyson Fury. Did Fury simply have Wilder’s number, or did Fury “expose” Wilder? We don’t know.

Maybe we will never know. For even if Wilder does fight again, will the damage he took in that hellish third war with Fury show itself? Will Wilder be, as the uncaring phrase puts is, “damaged goods” in any comeback attempt? Only time will tell. But fans may well appreciate Wilder a lot more now than they did before October 9 of last year. The sheer guts Wilder showed that night matched his awe-inspiring punching power.

Would Joshua be able to take the kind of right hand that decked Fury in that sizzling fourth round of their third fight? Would any active heavyweight be able to take that shot? Fans would no doubt pay good money to find out.